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Below are the answers to the monst Frequently Asked Questions grouped by subject matter.
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New to Hydrogen on Demand

Is Hydrogen on Demand Safe?

New to Hydrogen on Demand

With Hydrogen On Demand we are using the hydrogen immediately as it is being produced. Hydrogen On Demand is a lot safer than vehicles using stored hydrogen, natural gas or propane vehicles.

Is Hydrogen on Demand Dangerous Is An Often Asked Hydrogen Gas Question?

With Hydrogen On Demand we are using the hydrogen immediately as it is being produced. Hydrogen On Demand is a lot safer than vehicles using stored hydrogen, natural gas or propane vehicles.
It is important to wire your HHO system so that your generator only makes hydrogen while the vehicle is running. Please see HHO Safety Matters.

Will Hydrogen On Demand Work With Gas and Diesel Engines?

Yes. Infact diesel engines seem to get a little bit better MPG gain.

How Does Hydrogen On Demand Work?

Please see How Hydrogen On Demand Works.

How Much HHO Gas Is Needed For My Vehicle?

As far as how much hydrogen gas is needed for a particular size of engine. Here at Hydrogen Water Cars we suggest 1/4 to 1/2 LPM per liter size engine. So, for example a 4 liter engine would require 1 - 2 LPM, a 6 liter engine requires 1 1/2 to 3 LPM.

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Hydrogen Gas?

Yes, there is definitely a point where after a certain amount of HHO gas, it doesn't change the equation much, in fact if you keep increasing the amount of gas, you will climax and plateau and your MPG will actually start to decline.

Will Adding A Hydrogen Generator Affect My Vehicle's Warranty?

No, to better understand the answer to this HHO FAQ The Federal Trade Commission has passed the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act to protect you.

Does Hydrogen On Demand Hurt The Environment?

No, quite the opposite. There is no carbon monoxide or other greenhouse gases being produced. Hydrogen gas burns clean, the by product of its combustion is water.

Hydrogen On Demand will lower your emissions substantially. Take a white towel to your exhaust before you install your hydrogen generator and then after, you will see and smell a significant difference.

What Will My Miles Per Gallon Improvement Be?

The most popular of all HHO FAQ's. Every vehicle is different. If a company promises you a certain MPG savings, run the other way. Our installers and customers see anywhere from 25% to 130% increase in MPG. There are alot of factors for the differences. How healthy the vehicle is prior to adding a hydrogen generator is important.

You Need 2 things To Be Successful With Hydrogen On Demand;
1) You have to get the right amount of hydrogen from an efficient hydrogen generator.
2) If it is fuel injected, you will need to use enhancers to "tune" your computer to adjust for the extra oxygen in HHO Gas. Please visit hydrogen car conversion for more information.

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HHO Dryer 
I need HHO Device for apply in one Toyota 4 Runner, 8 cilynders, 2005 year; 4700cc. Like know price quotation of the kit & hhow i can make payment. Our …

School Bus Application 
I work for a school and I am doing a little off work research about these systems. Do you have an application setup designed to fit on a bus? Or could …

Hummer H3 
Am I able to increase fuel mileage on a H3 Hummer that has constant 4 wheel drive?

amount of potassium /ratio 
How much pot hydrox should I use to water. Ratio?

2000 Ford Excursion v8 - Conversion 
Hi. I have a 2000 Excursion with a v8 motor. It's only getting 12.5 mpg right now and I'm looking into what I can do to improve that. I've read through …

search FAQ 
Is there a way to search the FAQs without scrolling through each message?

2003 dodge ram 2500 with v10 8 litre 
do you have a kit to fit this truck

2016 Dodge ram 1500 
Do you have one for my truck with fuel injection. 5.7 engine.

WW shipping? 
I would like to know if you have worldwide shipping, cuz I live overseas and I would like to get it for my car

Best system 
What is the best route to take for improving mpg on my 2006 Lincoln Mark LT

Water proof 
Are the electronics water proof? I would like to install on a Jeep Wrangler. I run most of the summer without a top, and encounter rain storms.

how many sold for xc 90 volvo 
will it fit under hood of xc90

woumded warrior jeep  
do u make a kit with instruction for on 92 jeep Cherokee

Hho generator size 
Does the size generator you need per liter change between gas, diesel or turbo diesel

Can def fuild  
Be used as a caustic...maybe low amps put may pack a punch...

1998 chevrolet 1500 getting to much fuel

94 suburban diesel 
Can my vehicle be older and still use hydrogen or does it have to be retrofitted?

Ford E350 2001 5.7L V8 
What would I need to convert my van with the best efficiency and what range of price should I look for. Thank you. Bernard

Volo Performance Model B2 change vehicle? 
I have one of your HydroGen units I got for a 2009 Chevy 6.2L Silverado Pickup Truck. I have since sold the vehicle and want to install the unit in my …

Have a 2008 2l corrolla,computer chip available?regards

Using a tuner 
Am I able to use a tuner such as a Banks handheld flash tuner to make adjustments for HHO? Can HHO be used with a turbo?

1991 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL 
Will the kit work on a 1991 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL?

Do it yourself  
Is there a place, school ,shop, training any were in the San Fernando valley, Van Nuys California 91406 I would like to learn how to convert my 1999 dodge …

Plates or coil wire 
Are coiled stainless steel cables better than flat plates in producing gases

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Undersized unit: 
If I have an undersized unit for a large engine, one tenth size. Will it harm the engine to use it or simply give significantly less performance improvement? …

1998 GMC K3500 
I have a 7.4l gas engine. Dual batteries. I tow several different trailers and haul a camper. Will the D-7 kit be all I need?

Best amps for results 
I have non computer or sensor 5.9 Cummins diesel..what is the optimal amp range to produce the best MPG increase..I have a PMW so can adjust easily

which one will i need? 
hello, i have a 1994 ford escort. 1.9 efi. and a 1989 3/4 ton 5.7 fi pickup.4x4. thanks in advance. eric

6.7 L 6 Cylinder Cummings Deisel Engine 
I have a Ram 3500 Crew Cab Dually truck with thetitled Engine. Obviously its bigger than 5.9, but does NOT have 8 or 10 cylinders, so which kit do I get?????? …

Winter use in Canada.  
I have a 2000 Toyota Tundra SR5 V8. I'm looking to convert to to HHO however I live in Canada and it can get very cold in the winter. -35' C (NOT FAHRENHEIT) …

Installation Instructions 
Could I get a copy of the installation instructions? I want to see if this is something I can do myself on a 2001 Ford F150. I believe the V8 is smaller …

Power boost? 
Will I get a noticeable power boost out of my 4.3 liter V6 in a Chevrolet? Is this a tradition or can I convert my entire truck I'm very ecologically minded. …

Converting an 07 4.3 liter Vortec Chevy 
Since the newest, is it the best conversion? Where do I find the initial Fuel, and how much does it cost of the retrofit

Golightly009@gmail.com 01 civic lx coupe 
I have a civic. What would be a bundle price and the gains expected

Alternator sizing 
Does the current demand of a D7 system stress or overload the stock alternator capacity

Efie and a map or maf; and HHO Chip  
Greetings. I have read all the questions..and responses to educate myself...not that savvy and have a great mechanic who has installed hydrogen generators... …

2014 F150 
I get 12-14 MPG, what would be an expected MPG after install?

Big block 
Is your System good do a Big Block Engine?

will a pump enhance gas production or is gravity enough

Cropping Efficiency 
I am in Coleambally Australia and we require a method of inviting efficiency from some of our water bore engines. They are assorted sizes delivering Various …

HHO Gas 
How much amps is it ok to run in an automotive engine? I drive a 2010 Tacoma w/4.0l eng. ...............message ends..............................

Intake introduction point. 
At what point in the intake air system should the HHO gas be introduced? Is it better to introduce the gas at the intake manifold or closer to the filter …

Mitsubishi Mirage 
Will one of your kits work with a 1.2L 3 cylinder engine? Just curious if anyone has reported the effectiveness of the kit with a newer model, 2015+

Gas Engine... 
I have a 2011 Chevy Impala...V6. What would be an average increase in fuel efficiency? And...what unit should I be looking at and what is the cost... …

Wet tank size?  
I am beginning to build my first HHO generator. I was looking around and all I find is very small containers used for their generator tank. Why could a …

eco boost 
I have a 2012 Ford 3.5 eco boost F150. Just wondering how your system will work on it?

eco boost 
I have a 2012 Ford 3.5 eco boost F150. Just wondering how your system will work on it?

HHO Install in Florida 
Hello everyone just looking for a licensed mechanic that does HHO install in the state of Florida. Please email me prophecy61@gmail or respond to my comment. …

Tuning hho input 
I installed 31 plates hho with PWM, bubbler etc in '94 pajero 2.8 TD.12 moths later better performance, reduction of smoke but 0 increase in economy. I …

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quantity of kit 
hi i want to know if its possible to install 2 hydrogen kit in a car of 1600cc? will it do more fuel economy?

Installed In New Jersey 
Is there someone in Burlington county or near Burlington county NJ who installs HHO Dryer?

1989 Chevy full size van 350 v8 
Since it's a 1989 with injected throttle body. Any chips for it? Or will hho work on this van with no additional add ons?

truck install 
I have a 2006 international 4300 and with these HHO systems how do you lean out these engines so they dont burn more fuel


Tuning the system 
Do you have to tune the PWM to get the best MPG or do you just set it one time? Are there instructions included for operating the PWM at the correct settings? …

What HHO kit for my truck 
What kit do I need for my 2003 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel and my 2001 Chevy 2500 Diesel trucks. Please email me back with some info on these kits @ Email-Reomved …

Fuel type / flex fuel kit 
I am installing a flex fuel kit, flex fuel burns faster, its cheaper but with more fill ups, it doesn't seem to be a significant saver due to the bigger …

ford f250 5.4l v8 
Ok, your welcome to put together a quote for a system on the above vehicle. Also looking at the difficulty, do you have instructions you can forward …

winter and summer operation and how much elecrolight 
hello I live in Colorado I just purchased a hho hit with a 1 liter Reservoir I am wondering how much electrolyte I should use for summer operation and …

gas mpg increse 

Off the Grid Cottage Generator 
Do you sell a kit for use on a gasoline powered electrical generator? Can it be used to fuel it fully?

How do you accomplish not needing a heater in the winter?

With hydrogen fuel cell kit for my car would I be using regular gasoline also or just hydrogen gas

Mileage increases town verses highway? 
It is my understanding that the best mileage increases are with town driving, and not so much with freeway driving. I was told that the generators only …

Will your commercial unit that you put into a motor home work in a 2011 Ford Ranger?

Winter use 
How do you use a system during winter months?

Australian Ford Engines 
Hi, Im in Australia. I have a 2007 Ford Falcon. Model BF using the Barra 190 engine which is manufactured here in Australia. It is fuel injected gas (petrol). …

Curiously enough.  
I have a Chevy 5.7 liter/350. How many lpm do I need for a 50% increase in mpg. Some say 13.75.

Oxygen/Hydrogen/Fuel Mix with a turbo? 
So I read one of your answers saying "Yes" you can put this with a turbocharged engine, 4cyl as long as you put the hydrogen in the intake system before …

Honda Accord 2007 sedan 2.4 L 
What is the best system you recommend to get the most efficient

Effi or map sensor work with tuner? 
I realize that the hho chip will interfere with a tuner. I have done a dpf /egr deletion on my 2008 6.0 liter truck. It is a diesel. Will the effi or map …

EFIE component  
I am from egypt and i want to install EFIE but i cant find him ,i want to know the component and sensors in it to build it as i am a mechanical engineer …

engine type  
Vehicles that use gasoline can use the system my car VW Passat 1600 cc model 2000

tractor trailer with HHO install 
do i need to know if you need to resset your computer on the tractor when you have install your HHO Generator to it

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hho chip 
If I use the HHO Chip and I still want more MPG gains can I use a effi and or a map enhancer along with the Chip for more improved MPG's?

dpf and egr delete done. D7 HHO kit??? 
I have a 2008 6.0L with a new exhaust pipe and DPF/EGR deletion done. I have a minimax Tuner. I was wanting to use the hho chip. will this work with my …

What will i need in my car to see biggest gains. 
Hi, i drive a 2007 BMW 520D E61 touring LCI. Since owning the car its been modified quite a lot. i have done EGR delete, DPF delete, changed my turbo …

optimal hho generator for Mercedes-benz S class 2006 y. 
Hi, I am interested in hho products. My car is Mercedes-Benz S class 350, 2006 year made, can I use HHO system with confidence (without harm to electronic …

Are your products DRY or WET cell tech? 
Are your products DRY or WET cell tech?

What is the appropriate amperage  
What is the appropriate amperage for a 5.7L tundra? Thanks

what type of electrolyte is recommended 
What type and where can I find the electrolyte to purchase to use with this system? Do you have a money back guarantee to save gas mileage?


Nissan Patrol GR1 
Hi there, I have a Nissan Patrol GR 1 from 1990 2.8 litre diesel. What hho kit do I need? How exactly the MAP/MAF Modificator works? Thank you!

? HHO Not recommended for engines fitted with an intercooler.

water tank size 
I have a 2.5 liter engine (Nissan Altima), what capacity should my tank be?

to generate electricity 
about how much hho, or hydrogen gas is required to run a single cylinder 8 h.p. engine at 3600 r.p.m. for a givin length of time. I.e., a minute. An hour. …

Atmospheric Air 
Do we need to allow Atmospheric Air through intake manifold? As HHO fuel cell runs on battery consumes it more battery than normal use while driving,so …

Winter Temperatures 
What happens to the water in the Hydrogen cell if left in below freezing? Will I need to install a plug in heater to rap the hydrogen vet?

Does your HHO system work on 2 stoke 
Would this work or make a difference in a two stroke carb engine?

Lack of water 
What happens if your hho generator runs out of water? Will anything overheat?

hydrogen production rate 
How much hydrogen produce in 1a 220v current

I have a D7 kit. Where can I but a replacement drain cap and quick disconnect coupling for the reservoir. Mine is worn out.

Sir I have a cell that has 110X110 millimetres inside the gasket,7 plates and is drawing about 5.5 amps max. I have been told this is all i can expect?? …

ccpwm no load dual wet cell 
Why on ccpwm using dual wet cell I get no load. It tries to run. I clear error, no amps. Initially, Most of the time no amps %100 duty. Then out of no …

Safety question 
What happens if I get into a wreck and the generator cracks or is otherwise compromised while it is still running?

Mechanical Diesel engine  
Hello I run a 3406b caterpillar (mechanical fuel pump) no computer. Will your system work well with my application? If so, it would be the d20? …

Can you put fuel injected carbuerators on a 1995 z06  
I want to know if they'll work on a 1995 z06

HHO performance 
Hey i am testing a dry cell on 661 cc single cylinder diesel engine. My question is how much time do i have to run engine on kit to get proper results

Hi i am interested on buying one D 7 Hydrogen kit, Can you tell me this kit replaces 100% the fuel for water, and if thats true can you tell me how it …

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size of hydrogen generator 
what size of hydrogen generator i need for my cummins six 450 diesel

1 ton 5.8L carburated.. would it work well enough to be worth it? 
I would like to buy a pre computer pick up truck. Would a 1 ton with a 350 motor be "worth it"? Or should I go for something smaller?

hho add ons 
I am thinking about buying a hhn cells brand hygrogen kit to my 1.8 2012 Corolla. It comes with a 3 quart tank for tht mixture, a bubbler, a genoator that …

HHO generator 
Price in Australian $$ for a Detroit 60 series 14 litre Freight liner

Lots of questions 
What besides water must you add Do you have professional installers if so how much to install I live in CA how often must you change out parts based …

8cylinder full conversion 
Hi, I am about to built a hobbygar with full conversion.I want to build a car that fully works with hydrogen. Is this kit enough for starting engine and …

whaer to buy and insall 
is their a portable one made for trucks

Can a vehicle run on HHO only - meaning no gasoline? 
Is it possible that a vehicle can run on HHO only, without any gasoline or diesel?

freezing up 
How well does this work Canadian winters I have 2014 DODGE JOURNEY V/6

Hi there, Does this system work in the winter - temperatures?

hho ampherage 
how much amphere to be produced for 4.7L car? pls advise..thnks

HHO Generator System 
I am interested in purchasing one for a caterpillar 3126b engine it is a 300hp 1999

2001 F150 regular cab 4x4 sport 5.4L 
What do kit i need for my truck is 5.4L v8 regular cab 4x4 and i travel i have a average 12 mpg and i want improve but i don't want loose power what kit …

What exactly is an HHO enhancer? 
I have a 3.5L engine what size HHO generator should i use and whats alil more description of how much HHO enhancer is needed?


HHO kit in India 
Can this HHO kit be used in my 2004 1.8 Toyota Corolla? Is this kit available in india and do you have someone here to install the same.

I have a 2014 Hyundai Elantra and I'm wondering how will I know what settings will optimize my mpg once I've installed the enhancers with the hho generator? …

Do i need a generator to run with the D-7. I have an Audi RS5 that i would like to run on hyrdo

Kit for boat. 
Would this kit work on a boat? Two Engines GMC 4.3L Year 1989 Carburetor No fancy electronics

1993 Ford Ranger 
2.3L 5 Spd. What electronics would I need. Could I continue using my JET Performance chip and add on HHO?

requirement of fuel 
Is fuel is required for the vehicle which has been installed by the HHO fuel cell (for car desiel /for bike petrol)

hydrogen generator 7.5l 460 ford gas engine  
We need more information. Approximately $700. Please call 541-808-2503 Thank You

HHO on Diesel engines for power plants 
Hello, can anyone help me conc. HHO on Diesel engines for power plants 20 kva and above = 2 L engines and above. I have been working on this for about …

Conversion kit 
I have an 06 Tundra 4.7 and would like to know if you have a system for it ?

When adding a bubbler, do I need to add the same fluid as in the Reservoir, ( KOH Mixture) of just plain distilled water. Thanks

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two bottles. 
I want to go with two bottles system,do I have to use a bigger fuse on two bottle. I am using 15 amp fuse for one.thanks leo

My water color is turning brown, why?

DEF useage and fuel useage in new trucks 
Will HHO injection affect the amount of DEF that my semi uses? If there is less carbon hitting the particulate filter it should use less? Or is that just …

Location for mounting system 
1. How far can hydrogen generator be mounted from engine intake? Would like to mount generator & reservoir in bed of pickup due to restriction under hood …

Amperage setpoint 
I have the D7 kit being installed on an 89 Chevy 454 with throttlebody injection and would like to know what my amperage setpoint should be or at least …

Wet HHO Cell 
I am using stainless steel plates (SS316L but no proof) i wonder why the water turns into sludge like in brown color after switching the power on. I am …

I change the water every 3 thousand Miles, but my question is how often do i replace the metal plates

hho kit 
necesito un kit para instalarlo a una chevy tahoe 2012 5.3l v8 cual es el recomendable para este automovil Email REMOVED for Privacy I need a kit …

how do you solve the problem with the O2 sensor on the car? 
how do you solve the problem with the O2 sensor on the car? That has been a problem in the past.

HHO on two stroke outboard engine 
What about HHO on a two stroke Yamaha 115hp (1993 with 2000cc) outboard engine? Is possible το match the hho after burning oil mixture? Is any chance …

5.3L Vortec 
I have a 2001 Suburban 1500 5.3L Vortec automatic, has anyone put HHO on this particular model? If so, could you explain how to go about this? We are …

Does the HHO kit add a load to the battery. Some say it will kill the battery.

Do I need to adjust the carburetor in anyway to make it cope with the hho ?

1989 7.4L Chevy 
What enhancers would I need with the D7 kit for my 1989 Chevy 454 with throttle body injection? It only has one O2 sensor in the drivers side exhaust manifold. …

oxygen sensors 
Will the oxygen sensors be affected and do I need to replace or remove them?

Who can install the professionally in my area in North carolina, shallote


Valves and Valve Seats 
Will the addition of hydrogen mean that the valve seats need to be replaced with hardened seats as you would with propane conversion.

Can an engine run on just HHO? 
Is it possible for engines to run only on HHO? If not vehicles, maybe generators or small engines? And have you ever tried supplementing 2 stroke engines? …

how and where 
So I plan on buying a car, adding a supercharger and exhaust. A Mercedes c63 2012-14. I want to have this done as well, can I have it done? Also how …

Isuzu Rodeo v6 3.2L complete kit 
please advise me for a complete hydrogen kit for my car, notice that i am out of states, located in Israel. probably ill have to do the installation …

How often does the system need refilled?

Mixture ratio and capacity 
What's the proper mixture ratio and tank capacity to use to get the correct amount of hydrogen for a 4.9l inline 6 motor? I have a 94 f150 that I'm interested …

Mercury Sable 2001 
Hello, I am interested in finding out if you're kit will work with my vehicle, Mercury Sable 2001. If so, what will I need? Also, how much work needs …

2012 Mercedes Benz c250 with 1.8L turbo 
Will it work on my car? And which kit do i need to get?

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What increase in MPG can be expected on 2.5 liter engine over here in UK. I appreciate all other advantages with HHO units

I'm looking at adding one of your D7's to my 2012 mustang GT. It already has a performance tune, will the fs2 cause any interference with my tune that's …

Engine cleaner 
I've seen the engine carbon cleaners that pump hydrogen into the cars intake for about 30 mins, so it stands to logic that installing an HHO generator …

What Size Unit? 
I have a 2007 1500 Dodge Ram w/ the 4.7l V8 FFV. What size system is recommended? Would the D-7 be inefficient or too large?

Do your kits come with instructions on installation? or, do you have a list of mechanics in my area that can install?

Auto tuner on an aftermarket fuel injection programmer 
Will a fuel injection system with an auto tune module using wide band O2 sensors adjust for an hydrogen on demand system? I understand that it may be brand …

Does this work with 3 cylinder smart car? 
Does the hydrogen on demand system work with 3 cylinder smart cars?

HHO for F150 v6 2002 
What kit can I use for f150 v6 2002 ext cab

Copper plates Generator 
Can we use copper plates for makking HHO Generator dry/wet cell Kit? If No, Why...

How many cups of electrolytes do I need for a litre of water?

2015 ram 1500 
Hello, I was wondering how this would work with a 2015 RAM 5.7 v8 1500 with the ECO system. The worry I have is the ECO system only using half the motor …

hydrogen filter / bubler - what is the difference? 
not sure how to ask... been trying to research hydrogen assist kits... there are many out there. some use bubblers... some use filters and some have back …

hho generators 
I've got 3 21 plate generators fitted to my 4.2lt Toyota Land Cruiser diesel....and a map/maf enhancer but still not getting any improved fuel economy. …

A 57 LITRE diesel generator 
Please quote on the size cell we would need to attach to a 57 litre diesel generator (we have 8) to halve the diesel fuel cost. What dimensnions and how …

Performance, Space, and Ice Prevention for a 2003 Subaru Forrester 
Do you know anything about the expected performance in a 4 cylinder 2003 Subaru Forrester? The engine area is compact, what are the required modifications …

Truck problems 
How can you tell when your truck is empty out of gas? And what would the trip be at.

100% on demand 
I would like to use only 100% HHO on demand with out having to mix with gasoline. Do you offer a kit for this purpose? Will your kit work with 30 gal. …

hho and the 1.5 sky active mazda engine 
I just purchased a 2016 Scion i A and it is great, @ 46 to 47 average mpg on regular gas with normal driving without the AC on so far. With just 106hp …

Hho chip/maf sensor 
Does my vehicle need the map/maf sensor enhancer as well as the hho chip my vehicle is a 1998 ford expedition 4.6

hho for ford 
Can i fit one of your hho systems to my ford ghia estate 1753cc year2000 here in the united kingdom and if so which one would yo suggest?

Battery size 
I have chevrolt colordo 2004 3.5L The battery zise is 75 Amp. Is it enough for the HHO system Thanks in advance

HHO Generator 
Hi, which hho generator do i need to buy for 1996 mercedes c220 2.2L engine

D-20 kit 
How many liters per minute products D-20 kit, how is the efficiency on D13 Volvo Nor Cummins D13 diesel engines.

2015 chevy Silverado 
Do you have a system for a 2015 2500HD 6.0 Silverado gas motor?? Which one is it if so.

Ford 92 351 engine, with AOD 
got something for this rig? ?$$$ (email address removed)

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1994 Nissan Quest California 
What kit do I need for my 1994 Nissan Quest and is there an authorized installer in Southern California?

HHO and an old diesel 
Is there a need to retard timing and do you need to reduce the diesel input from the pump?. I have a 1986 6.5 litre turbo, no computer. Does the input …

Does HHO gas recombine back into water? 
What happens to the HHO gas that's left in the system when you turn the car off? Does it remain in the gaseous state or recombine back into water?

Emissions testing and PWM controller installation 
In MD emissions testing is performed by plugging into my OBDII port. In order to run without the HHO system would simply turning off the system with the …

Is catalyst only needed once? 
Once the proper amount of catalyst has been used to get the amperage correct for my application, 2011 Subaru Impreza, will I only need to add distilled …

what are all the consumables what maintenance will be needed and how often i drive a 2004 gmc gasoline v8 truck and drive quite a lot wondering how often …

will catalytic converter fail due to unburnt fuel , will i get fuel pre-ignition  
I was wondering since there is no computer control on the amount of hydrogen being produced and its a trail and error in adjusting the amperage to the …


on demand in a 2.3 ford ranger 
got a on demand for a 4cy,1 and half quart resivoir,my ranger is 2.3 4cyl, and has 8 sparkplugs,, will this hurt my engine if my engine has combustion …

how much pressure can a hho wet cell system withstand? generator and bubbler

HHO draw 
Hi,I have installed a hho kit in my 2.0 hdi engined citroen & it all looks like it's working fine (PWM on 4.5 amps,dryer bubbling well,hho tube routed …

Will this affect the operation or volume of diesel exhaust fluid use on my 2011 F 250 6.7 Diesel ford truck

HHO Chip for '05' VW Touran 
Will your Chip work on my '05' VW Touran?

Brazil's distributorship 
My name is Caio Maia and I am a dual citizen USA/Brazil. I am interested in become a distributor of your products here in Brasil. Please inform if you …

off grid portable generators 
I'm using from 50 to 500cc portable gas generators to run my house off grid. These are 2 and 4 stroke engines can i go 100 percent hho?

type of water to use 
Hi,i am just about to purchase a HHO system for my car,and i just want to know if can I use spring water in my HHO system,or do I have to use de-ionized …

HHo for diesel generator 
Can I use your HHO device for 100 KVA diesel generator?

sir can i run my car by hho with out efie and fs2

Dry cell or wet cell for my veichle  
I want to fit a HHO generation Kit in my veichle.. What should I use dry cell or wet cell? as wet cell is less efficient as per web articles but requires …

hho vs water 
i am inside water in hho generator but water colors will be changed so plz help me

dry cell 
i want to measure a output of hho which is how much hydrogen generation. pls tell me as there any hydrogen flow meter

dodge d150 
Have you heard of an hho installed on n d150! 1993 dodge d150 3.9 no computer fuel injected!

HHO Dryer filter cleaning 
What is the process for cleaning the dryer filters?

will hho pwm kit damage bike alternator while running 
will hho pwm kit damage bike alternator while bike is running

2.4L amp setting 
I purchased a unit 4 years ago. I have been able to maintain 8-10% mpg+. I am now trying control of up stream o2 output. Can you recommend a max setting …

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HHO mpg 
I have a 2007 f150 5.4 4x4 do I need to make any adjustments to the motor before installing HHO on demand

instalation instructions 
Where can I get the instalation instructions for a narrow band EFIE

Catalyst steel 
I want to use generator with HHO!But I don't know about Catalyst steel,which kinds of steel can I use?

diesel and hho 
Hello, Where do you connect the hho on a diesel engine, before or after the turbo intake? Is it easier to increase m.p.g. on a diesel because the …

Hho for my truck 
I have a 2001 tundra v8 4.7 liter what would u recommend for me Best recommendations please

Older vehicles  
Can your kits work on older vehicles and motor homes that have a carburetor? Or TPI and throttle body injections? And if it's carbureted and has no chip …

heat and consumption 
In my research I see systems needing to mount their reservoirs behind the grill for major cooling purposes while yours appears to be in a sealed box mounted …

What is the weight of the semi truck box with hydrogen cell and all equipment installed?

power increase 
Can Hydrogen increase the horsepower?

How much potassium hydroxide needed 
Wondering how much solution you use for a tank of fuel on a semi. Have a series 60 Detroit 12.7 liter. Running 2 150gal fuel tanks. Was hoping to at least …

I am very interested in HHO setup for my truck. As I hear it can add power and it makes a cleaner and bigger explosion I am concerned. The engine …

Ford F-150 XLT 5L engine, 2011 
I am willing to purchse your hydrogen kit for my pickup truck, just wondering if any regular mechanic can do the installation? How much (pecentually) will …

500hp v8  
Is their a hho kit available for a big block 440 with 500hp.

How much Potassium Hydroide per gallon of water? Thanks, Gregg

Over production of hydrogen  
if it is prodused more hydrogen that actually not requires the engine, What will happen it will blow or i am in bit confusion

smog inspection 
How will this effect the visual aspect of the Californis smog test?

what kit is needed for a 2001 v10 f250 
What kit would I need for a f250, I mean is that how many liters per minute would I need and amps to get an added 20 mpg?

2002 volvo s60 2.4t 
Can i use the hho chip and the map sensor together?

2002 volvo s60 2.4t 
Would this kit work with a volvo 2.4 turbo?

Current setting for 24 volt 
If the optimal amps for a 12 volt system is 10 amps, what is the amps for a 24 volt system.?

Energy balance 
Do we get more than we use from the battery to make hydrogen or less?

I desire to minimize my car consumption. With distilled water and potassium hydroxide plus others, HHO is a resultant. I need to be detailed on how and …

how and where is the hydrogen fuel introduced in a vehicle using diesel and then petrol.

how big cell for my car 
hi i got a car its a 1.0 liter 58 mils pr gallon car with 12 w and 540 ah. how big cell shut i put in and how manny litters of gas do i have to produce …

quanto hho? 
voi dite 1/8 lpm di idrossido per litro cilindrata ,questa è valida anche per un motore diesel vecchia generazione 10.litri con pompa iniezione meccanica? …

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PWM, yay or nay? 
I'm just about ready to install an HHO system on my vehicle. Do I or do I not need a PWM? What are the pros and cons? If so, what type would be best for …

qual o kit adequado ? 
boa tarde , moro no brasil e gostaria de saber qual o kit adequado para um volvo fh12 400 hp e se vocês enviam para o brasil . obrigado. augusto. …

Honda Civic timing question 
If I install this on my 2000 civic sir with a modified motor what should I do to the tuning? Or with my hon data tuning software what should I do to maximize …

Winter Time Engine Freeze Question 
My understanding is that once the engine combusts the hydrogen, there is steam and water produced through the exhaust. I was just wondering if there …

GMC 6.6 L diesel engine 
what should the MAP and MIT be appr for the best results, when using a programmable computer chip

vapor in hho 
how do i reduce or eliminate the vapor produced with my HHO production?

ia only hho required for combustion 
Will the engine require other additional fuel along with hho ?

where to get it installed? 
I am looking to buy a car that has been already modified is there any install company's in phoenix arizona area?

2002 Toyota 4runner 
What kind of mpg increase could I expect? Which HHO generator should I get and what kind of warranty/guarantee comes with it? 2002 Toyota 4runner 3.4L …

302 Ford carb conversion 
I would like to know about how to install this system on my 1967 F-100 with a carb on a 302 and what other parts will be need to complete the installation. …

Maf sensor 
Why would maf sensor keep blowing ots fuse on 5.7 litre chevy

Should I add anything in water to ganaret more gas

gas injection into a manafold 
do you have to install a gas distributor into the airflow? And if so, do you have to modify the intake? And I have a older Tayota with OBD I whitch has …

hho generator 
how is the thickness of plates and what the thickness of gasket, I meant the space between each plate,

VW Diesel Touareg 
what kit do you recommend for VW Touareg V10 TDI 2006? thank you

Have a 2015 1.6 engine ford escape. What is needed to change computer for hho?

water turning brown. 
I made a hho wet cell, i m using 316L and KOH , after some time brown stuff starts to apper on water surface, plz guide me.

buying a covertor 
Hey I have a vauxhaull zafira 2000 is there a convertor for this?

why changing of water not at regular interval 
in HHO kit Water must be change that i know but why not at regular interval. sometime it is require to change at 500km and sometimes at 300km why?

ratio of catylist to water 
I bought a boat that has a generator but i cant seem to find the amount of potassium hydroxide to distilled water formula. Any help would be great. I looked …

Sodium Hydroxide 
I and probably a lot of people using HHO systems would like to know is --- what is the difference in Sodium Hydroxide food grade verses Sodium Hydroxide …

Efie and Chip 
Can you use both an Efie and mileage chip? I have both but they are not connected yet for I want to be sure which is the safe way to go. Thanks, Duane …

LPM is measured at what pressure 
Typical gaseous fuels like "Ng-Natural Gas or LP-Liquid propane) delivery system are set to 6-7 in/h2o or 12-14 in/h2o. Your product specification refers …

Why Potassium Hydroxide  
Why do you recommend Potassium Hydroxide or Sodium Hydroxide as the electrolyte and not Sodium Bicarbonate? Is there a chemical imbalance that Sodium …

hydrogen kit 
what kit do i need for a 1992 ford f-150 with a 5.8 liter engine and do i need a chip for it?

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Series two jar hydrogen auto system 
I was told that this system produces better results in my Ford 1982 100 series pickup. If this is true approx what could I expect the millage be per gal …

I need a Hy drogen generator 
I HAVE A DODGE RAM 1500 5.7 L 2007 what HG recommend for that?

Where to hook up HHO line? 
I have a 2000 VW TDI Golf 1.9L and I recently got an HHO kit. I am familiar with everything under the hood for the most part considering a friend and …

Dear Sir, Do we need EFIE for diesel car or truck. prem

2015 VW Golf tdi chiped 
I already have an "express chip" (England made) In my 2l golf tdi 2015. Can i mix it with your S-7 hydrogen car kit?

How much production of HHO would I need to run a 208 cc 4 stroke electrical generator at 3600 rpm????????

Converting a Marine Engine 
Hello... I have a Crusader engine 454 with 350 HP. A friend says that we can convert it to run on hydrogen. I've been looking online and can't find any …

MAF Sensor 
If the HHO is being introduced to the intake downstream of the MAF sensor, why would a sensor enhancer be needed?

volo chip 
for small engine use volo chip, but for heave-duty diesel truks kit is not include this one. How is ECM on this engine recognize HHO generator?

Will the D-7 Hydrogen Generator Kit work on my 2000 ford f-350 with a 7.3 diesel engine?

Generator intake questions 
I have a 2001 chevy 2500hd gas 6.0 liter unit I have a K&M air cleaner kit filter and intake pipe I installed the generator hose on a 0.25" barbed fitting …

HHo Pwn  
Hello I like to if someone make a box and put everything inside the box i mean PWM as well can you tell me what is the drawback putting pwm inside the …

will water freeze in Canada's winter 
how do I keep the water from freezing, in -17C to -20C winters. How much will it cost to run in Canada

316L only 
The heading said you would discus the use of titanium but I couldn't find any information in any of your articles. Only that the only metal to use is 316L …

Hi, the plates in my cell have a bronze brown colour on one side of them, I read this is normal, I was wondering if this stain keeps getting worse does …

If I add HHO gas to a 2011 GMC 5.3 will I need to add a EFIE? I only plan to add a starter kit wet cell just to see how it works. I already have a …

amount of KOH needed 
Can I based my quantity required for KOH on ammpherage reading ? Am getting only 4 amps. am expecting to average of 16amps.

water water 
How often do i change the water and what can i safely do with the waste water


how much koh i need in distilled water? 
What happens if to much koh input in distilled water?

How to increase HHO Gas production 
Hello Sir, I have purchased a HHO kit which contains 4 inch 13 plates dry cell with 4 neutral plates of 3 stacks, I'm providing near about 15amps to the …

hho/h2 in vehicles 
Hi, i got a obd1 vehicle and was wondering if i could use it yo work with hho... What do i need to do? Should i ser the ECU into TDC mide or reset it? …

koh ratio to distilled water ? 
Hi do I have to mix koh by equivalent weight ?? So if 1 litre of water weighs 1 kilo (1000 grammes)... Then what weight of koh should I start with and …

dry cells verses wet cells 
Which would be more efficient , a 41 plate dry cell or a 41 plate wet cell

guage of stainless 
what gauge is the stainless steel used in dry cells ?

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HHO water turns to brown  
Hello My HHO water turns to brown whithin couple of minutes and some brown particles are moving around the water I'm using distilled water with koh, …

dry hho 
could an air dryer containing methyl hydrate be used in the hho out line to dry the hho gas ?

KOH per litre of de-ionised water 
What is the best weight in grammes for adding KOH to de-ionised water for HHO generators?

I live in Brazil as do I purchase the product?

additives for winter conditions 
What compounds do I add to a HHO generator to keep it from freezing in winter conditions?

HHO Problems 
I built a small hho generator, it seems to be working. However; after a few minutes the bubbler stops bubbling and the generator seems to get vapor lock …

HHO Burner 
I have several 25 million B.T.U. burners that run on diesel, propane and natural gas. I use this equipment for heating water for the oil industry. My heater …

1. Does an hho affect the horsepower of my car either negatively or positively? 2. If I have a supercharger on my car will it make a difference in level …

LPM to run a 4.3 liter V6 
How many Liters Per Minute to ENHANCE my mileage on a 4.3 liter V6

heating a hho generator 
Can a hydrogen generator be heated to 195 to keep from freezing in winter conditions.

water for hho dry cell kit 
witch type of water should use in hho dry cell? normal drinking water or distilled water or any other type...

Water Use 
How often do you have to refill water in generator?

land cruiser 
If a land cruiser can run 450 miles how many gallons would it need?

Teach your cars' computer 
Global Energy Devices says it will tell me how to reset the cars computer to learn to run on HHO. Is this possible?

How do I get rid of condensation in the winter that is in the line going to intake?

can you run on 100% hho gas 
there are a few pieces to this question. #1 can you run on 100% hho provided the hho generator is properly cooled and there is sufficient electricity to …

Will it work for a 68 mustang 289 engine 
Will it work for a 68 mustang 289 engine. and what is the spected save on gas. another question is how come you dont offer to be fully used hidogen …

Exclusive right to sales and marketing 
Dear sirs how are you today? My name is Ahmed El-Sheikh, I would like total you we are company based in Cairo Egypt and also we have a branch in England …

two stroke engines 
Will this work with a 2 stroke outboard engine that mixes it's own oil? Is it practicle on a 21 foot boat on the ocean?

I have problems with my Afterburnunit on my Nissan patrol 89 dual fuel it keeps the revs way up how do I fix it and where do I look for it?

Would the HHO kit work in a Mercedes benz ML 320 and which efie will need?

1990 Dodge Ram Diesel 4WD Pickup 
What kit do I need. There is no computer so I presume I would not need that MAP thing?

What keeps the water solution from freezing in the winter?

Kit cell Hydrogen for 10000cc to 200000cc 
How long can work continuous cell Hydrogen?

Mazda cx7 
Hi, I"m interested but let me no haw can I drive in the winter ? I'm leaving in Canada - Montreal and how much will be price? email : removed …

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Diesel Generator 
I will pay a qualified individual to build a hydrogen generating system to enhance diesel fuel to operate my diesel generator. The system must be complete …

How long it will run? need any replacement. 
How long it will run? need any replacement.I want fit the kit for one time, is it possible? What is the maintenance required for HHO kit. Please let me …

HHO proper mixture 
What is the proper mix of KOH

max amprage from altanator 
what is the maximum amperage you can or should use from your alternator and battery? for instance if you have a 100 amp alternator. what would be ideal …

I have a 2014 VW Passat TDI 2L 
Hi there, I have a 2014 VW Passat TDI 2L. Which system would you recommend to use for my car? Also i live in Canada the is any border fees involved? How …

long/term engine viability  
Due to combustion temperatures and cylinder wash/down what is the long/term viability to this retrofit?

Stop flow of HHO 
What occurs if the system runs out of distilled water? Does this harm the unit? Does the HHO Chip and/or the system adapt, putting the engine back into …

deionized water vs distilled water 
Is deionized water works better then distilled water and produces more hydrogen?

Affect of nuber of plate 
How does affect number of plates on productio..? And does the more plates mean more amps ..?

Your article lists additional gen parts needed to checks for under to 12 things to know about generators. On the product page it says the S-7 kits come …

How many liters of water do i need for a KM 
How many liters of water do i need for a KM?

run time 
How long will a gallon of water last before I have to add more water?

overcoming sensors in new trucks 
I would like to know if there is any way to reconfigure the sensor system a new trucks. I am using HH will gas generators in older trucks but I cannot …

Just bought your pwm but didn't come with pinout or diagram for each wire I am guessing red and black go to the battery with fuse in between green and …

100% conversion 
Is it possible or atleast 90% likely to convert a small motored car like a 2.0 or 2.2 liter to run on 100% HHO ?

hho kit  
I have it all installed what do I mix and how much Do I fill system with water then the mix or what

Dodge 3.8L 2005 
What is the optimal HHO production for enhancing a 2005 Dodge Caravan 3.8L engine? I realize I also need EFIEs for each O2 sensor. Just what can I expect …

do I need to change CARBURETOR in my bike?

Volo fs2 and map enhancer 
I have success with a volo fs2, has it been tried to use a map enhancer with the Volo fs2?

Extra O2 and ECU tune related issue 
Can You answer what will happen if we put source of HHO generator (mixature of H2 and O2 gases) in line of air intake AFTER MAF sensor?

Deionized water 
Can deionized water be used instead of distilled water in hydrogen on demand systems? Regards, Ian

where do i go to get one installed? 
I live around kc so looking for a good mechanic and or dealer around there.

how many miles can a liter of hho run.?

efie wiring 
What color are o2 wires at cpu of a '01 Tacoma trd 3.4 please?

Small V8 fits both categories. 
I have 4.6L (4600cc) V8. Should I choose the S-7 or the D-7?

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Amps/Sodium Hydroxide mixture 
Most responses to perfecting the mixture seem to be answered with how many amps are produced. I am trying to dial in my mixture. The instructions say to …

Will any of these kits work with straight open loop LPG & improve economy, by how much?

Return Policy 
I am interested in purchasing one of these kits. I would like to know about the return policy. Just in case of any problems.

Do winters affect the kits, as far as distilled water freezing?

hho generator  
will wrapping many coils of energisedd wire aroung my generator improve hho prodction ? and is there any difference between the different hydrogen …

I HAVE UPDATED MY POST: I want to buy or convert a 7000 watt diesel electric power generator to run on hydrogen diesel mixture only. I would also be …

Hello there, I have recently purchased your S-7 hho kit and was wondering what kind of amps I should be making in my hydrogen generator for optimal running …

HHO Dryer Cells 
I have Chevy 1990 V8 350 5.7 .I will like to know if i need too modified injector carburetor too accommodate HHO Dryer Cells?

Map sensor  
Hi I came across your sight after I had already brought a hydrogen generator unfortunately ! While installing it I found out I had a frequency based map …

How to install Hydrogen Generator 
I would like to know how to install the hydrogen generator. Joseph

convert a 7000 watt electric power generator  
I want to buy or convert a 7000 watt electric power generator to run on 100% hydrogen. can this be achieved? I would also be willing to buy or pay someone …

plug to air intake 
Where should i fit the hho tube in the air intake.. where should i find it .. my car is kia picanto 2011 1.1 litre injection

2003 Ford Escape, 3.0L V6 
What components/system/kit do I need? How much $? What percentage mileage increase can I expect? I currently get 13-15mpg/city and 20mpg highway.

4 Stroke Engine to run on 100% HHO? 
Has anyone built or adapted a small 4 stroke engine to run on 100% HHO? I'm interested in a 150cc to 250cc carburetted engine that does precisely that …

HHO distributer 
I am engineer from Myanmar. We have many customer want to use your hho gas kits.So I like to know will we working together in Myanmar. Now we have big …

tools required for installation 
what tools do I need to install the generator? what technical expertise should I have to install it?

uninstalling the hydrogen generator 
What permanent changes are left on the engine or any of its components if I decide I want to uninstall it?

how many LPM  
How many LPM does the S-7 produce?

302 v8 windsor, lpg fueled only. 
Please advise if I can introduce hydrogen to an lpg fueled engine.

Help with ford F350 6.0 hho  
Please help lots of frustrating hours. I installed a 6lpm drycell on my 07 ford 350 diesel 6.0. I have injected right before the turbo after two tanks …

Location on injection system 
I have a toyota (4.7)v8. Where would be the best location to put a hydrogen line on toyota fuel injection system for this motor?

hho on cummins isx emission motor 
do you have anyone running one on the newer emission motors and what results are they getting?

Will it work for a honda accord 2014? 
Hi there, I have a honda accord 2014 ex model. I was wondering if this kit will work for my car or would it be too new for it? Thanks

hho gas boosting propane gas. 
Can I use hho gas to boost or help efficiency of propane burn. I am hoping to save on heating cost. Thanks Russell Struve

HHO on a classic car 
My grandfather is giving me his old 1965 mustang coupe as a college graduation gift and i want to know how to increase mpg on the car i'm going to install …

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volume of hydrogen per 1000 cc engine capacity 
how much (volume) hydrogen is required per 1000 cc engine capacity?

how many amps for 4.2 litre Toyota Landcruiser?  
I've got a 4.2 litre diesel Toyota Landcruiser. Hydrogen on demand fitted. Not getting great fuel savings. What's the best amperage level? Presently …

Hydrogen with other systems 
Is the Hydrogen compatable with Water/Methanol Injection Systems?

the amount of koh per litre of water 
what is the right amount of KOH powder to be added to one litre of water to make a perfect electrolite

I'd like to know if the addition of this kit will pass the visual and physical smog testing or will it require removal for the smog test?

HHO Fuel Line - Engine Air Intake Installation Location 
With consideration to the air flow direction into the engine, is it best to tap into the air duct ahead or after the MAF Sensor and, if so, approx. how …

Basic Suggested Recipe For NaOh Catalyst Solution 
I have been browsing all the usual places. I have the S-7 kit and FS2 chip. 1.8 litre turbo. What do you recommend per gallon for naoh? And what do …

What is the warranty on your products?

LPG Compatible 
Can you use Hydrogen with LPG Gas in Australia?

Will the car accelerate as quickly as it does when using gasoline.

Replace the contents 
Hi, how often do i have to completely replace the water in my HHO system, because after a month of use the water turns really brown?

hho kit 
Will it work on my cng 1999 e350 triton?

HHO generators work with fuel injection systems? 
Have a Ford F-150 4.9 L 6cyl fuel injection system. Was wondering if there might be any problems installing and running HHO generator? Is there a special …

How much HHO PR MIN does a 2.2 L gas engine need for best MPG increase? I was informed it should be about 1.4 L PR MIN does this sound true?

Truck computer reprogramming 
How do I get a truck computer to recognise my HHO gas entry

2002 Ford Explorer 
What is the right system configuration for my truck?

can a 14hp petrol engin run on hho only? 
I have a 220 14 hp petrol generator and would like to know if it will be possible to run it on hho only

Recomendations please 
I have a 1965 200 ci inline ford 6 cylinder, stock. It does not need smog certification. I would like to add HHO and do not know how to start with the …

Semi HHO kit 
Do semi's need efies or map enhancer's and if so how do you know which ones they need?

cell temp 
If a good temp for hho is 94 where and what do you measure?

1992 geo metro 
my car has a primitive computer that can't be tuned like newer vehicles. It also has a 1.0 liter engine Can your generator work in this case?

EFIE of FS2 
If I were to get an FS2 chip for the OBDII port, do I still need an EFIE for my 2008 Ford F 150 4.2L V6? I already ordered the latter.

Boosting my tagagi tankless water heater 
Is it possible to boost the propane run tagagi tankless water heater by injecting/adding hho gas? Thank you for your service. Russell

HHO with diesel 
Have you had any testimonials with Toyota Prado 3.0 turbo diesel and is the best way of electronic enhancement with MAF sensor enhancer. Please respond …

poor response o HHO 
Why would a perkins 250kva not respond to HHO after installation? We tested the device on the generator a year ago and saw a 35% reductionin diesel consumption …

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How much current should I use with my HHO wet cell it's pretty small I'm thinking no more than 3.5-4 amps

Do I need a pwm for my hho dry cell? 
I made a 3x8 hho dry hydrogen cell +nnnnn-nnnnn+nnnnn-nnnnn+ SS-316L-2B-20G with 1/16 gaskets but dos not work that good. Do I need to have a pwm …

Verado Outboard 
Can the system can be installed in a 250 hp 4 stroke turbocharged outboard?

92 vx lean burn 
Honda vx 92-95 federal version. Runs on a 5 wire oxygen sensor. Car can run really lean. What would be the steps to gain more mpg? Car gets avg 45 mpg. …

What is everything I would need for A 94 buick regal limited. 
It has 116,00 miles.the 3800 engine. i live in iowa

I have a V 10 ford excursion I get 10 miles to the gal, What type of increase can I possible be looking at. And is there away to convert totally to Hydrogen …

What do I need for a 94 toyota land cruiser 
What is everything I would need for A 94 toyota land cruiser.

sprinter dodge 2008 v6 3 liter 
Do you have a kit for a dodge sprinter?

only HHO gas not petrol 
how mach HHO generator can drive a 3.5L engine witout petrol i mean how much HHO should prduce in on minute thanks

1990 mb 300SE 
Naturly aspirated ,any additional componants needed- any kowlage of use in this model?

Diesel set 
Can this product be used on standby diesel generators, e.g 40 kva to 3000 kva. That is like 4.0 L to 60 L Diesel engines.

I have 2001 VW Golf 2.0 engen. What unit do I need for this Vehicle

Tuning a TDI diesel engine 
Hi I have a 1.3 ltr. TDI diesel engine. A scan guage shows only IAT and CT readings. There is no MAF or MAP, and no fuel trims. How to tune this engine …

HHO fuel cell 
Hi, do I need to trick my 2002 100 series land cruiser ECU module to prevent the computer from interfering with the possible increase in efficiency from …

Small block chevy engine 
I have a carberated 350 chevy engine in my 4x4 truck. Will this unit work?

HHO in CAT caterpillar diesel generators 
Do i need to install an FS2 chip in the OBD terminal of a CAT 1000kva generator in order to get maximum results when using a hydrogen generator with it? …

Can a diesel motor, with a relatively consistent RPM, run on 100% Hydrogen? If so do you have experience with setting this up?

Air/Fuel Ratio 
Do I need to adjust air/fuel adjustment knobs outside the carburator to make the requisite mixture?

my generator isn't working 
i was testing my generator with a 12v battery and naoh but my production slowed to almost nothing in under 1 min i have no idea why it wont work or how …

FS2 HHO Chip 
Can I use this chip with an HHO system I already have from another company or does it only fit your HHO setup?

bad mileage 
My 1994 ford has a hho system that is working perfectly but I am getting bad gas mileage. Should I get a chip or an efie?

Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 
I have a 1993 Toyota Landcruiser Amazon 4.2L Diesel. What unit do I need for this Vehicle

For a V6 Twin Turbo, is a 6cyl kit still going to produce enough 
Hello, I am buying a new 2014 Ford Explorer Sport which comes with a 3.5L twin turbo V6. Should I still get the kit which is for a 4 or 6cyl engine or …

hho on Pajero Mini 
I have pajero mini 1996 model, dohc 20 valve intercooler turbo engine. Will hho generator work on this vehicle if it is installed before turbo?

fitting hho 
hi I am currently fitting a hho system to 2003 turbo diesel landcruiser with hdj100 engine and cant find the o2 sensor to connect to would you please advise. …

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MPG Toyota Tacoma Truck 
I am totally fed up with my Toyota Tacoma Truck. I bought a new model(2013) & my fuel mileage is about 2 -3 miles per gallon less than my 2002 model. …

How do protect from freezing?

where to fit kit to 100 series Toyota landcruiser  
I bought a kit already but finding the best place to put is difficult. Also the electric connection has me baffled! it's 4.2 litre diesel (2004 model) …

GOOD DAY I would like to order from a complete HHO YOU FOR A CAR AUDI Q5 I wonder if the system EFIE must be reset every time you start the car or on …

Multi-displacement Engine 
I have a 5.7L Hemi MD engine, where the engine drops from 8 cyl to 4 cyl on the highway when there is no load on engine. Will an HHO system work on this …

HHO Dryer 
For a dry cell generator, and if u insert the gas BEFORE the existing engine's air filter, so the HHO gas goes thru the air filter,do u also need an HHO …

Why have a HHO Dryer 
Why is it necessary to have HHO dryer ?

Hi, I have an hho kit on my 2008 semi truck but can't any results, my truck has a 13 litre turbo diesel engine, the unit uses 1.25 litres of water for …

my computer 
I have a hho system on my 1998 GMC siearra 1500 sl and I have a quad digital efie and a resister for my map sensor,, can my computer be fooled in order …

Proper set up 
What would be a proper set up for a 2006 5.7L with MDS.

carburettor type of petrol engine- conversion? 
Have you got any sets for carburettor type of engine? 1.7 Renault Trafic engine.petrol. Can in be converted 100% on Hydrogen on 100%Demand? ;-)

water level 
I installed my HHO system about a week ago and water level has not moved is this ok.


As the engine vacuum increases,or decreases, how do these "on demand systems" provide enough Hydrogen for this variable need. Wouldn't they be sucked dry …

I want to make the proper mixture of Koh and other chemicals for winter time use 
what chemicals and how much do I use of each one using household chemicals I need a list how much and what kind to prevent freezing in the winter time …

fule saving 
how many save us in fule usege with this kit?

2012 toyota corolla 
Does your company offer turn key installation? And if so how much?

hho water using problum 
sir tell me plz which type of water is good for using in hho cell i am using tap water can it is write (2) i am using wet cell but i am unable to run …

Do you need to have a OBD-2? 
I have a 1993 Ford F350 7.5L 460ci gasoline powered fuel injected truck with a OBD-1 computer. Can I do this type of conversion on my vehicle? What size …

drycell h generator 
how much KOH should i put in 1 liter of water for H generation. MY electric is based on 12 watt and how many Amp should i try it? Iwant to use the generator …

Hp and mpg 
I have an 05 f250 should I expect more or less power also what should I expect in mpg gains?

Hydrogen generator 
For reliability season we must use diesel as prime combustion material, we want to add hydrogen into the engine for fuel efficiency reason and mainly for …

Hydrogen gas 
How much baking soda for one gallon of water in the homemade generator for making gas fuel for my truck???

Adding an additional 21 plate Dry Cell Generator  
I have a 21 plate HHO system in my RV now. I was surprised that I get about an additional 20% to 25% up and down the mountain in Costa Rica. So I was …

I have 2 iveco 75 hp diesel engines in a 75 ft catamaran also have a westerbek 15 kilowatt diesel generator---how many liters per minute do I need to …

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I have a high school auto shop wanting to install these, what type of hazards would be associated with handling and storage of these kits.

What about pistons 
Would I need to upgrade the pistons to a different metal , as they would combust the gas at a higher temperature?????????

what electronics do i need? 
I have a Mitsubishi pangero 2800 turbo deassel.do I need any electronics? maf map pwm or Efi

hydrogen oxygen fuel 
at what pressure is hho sent to intake manifold?

No Gas!! 
I have a 2003 Hyundai Accent 1.6L 4-cyl. engine. I don't want to use gas. At All!!! How many LPM do I need to achieve this goal?

Retarding the ignition timing 
Hi I have 2 vehicals 2001 Saturn sl1 1.9L and a 96 chev pickup 305 engine. I already have the cells to do a 100% HHO conversion. Do your chips allow the …

how can we make hydrogen cell  
sir please tell me how can v make hydrogen cell .and what the spacing between plates and how much hole we have to make in plates so that water can pass …

Bubbler required? 
Hi there, I have been playing with hydrogen for many years, actually when fooling the computers was still a tricky gambling act. Now with the FS2 HHO chips, …

hho lowered my mpg 
Hi I purchased a hho drycell on ebay about a year and half ago to work on it , finally I decided to install it in my f150 2005 v8 5.4L I'm not sure how …

wat to know why our chemical colour is change  
sir can you tell me when im using 200 grm naoh in 5 liter of distilled water and we give 25 amp current than after some hour that chemical color is change …

How much water should my vehicle need to carry? 
I have read about LPM, But I was wondering for an average family car "How much water would I need to carry?" How much water is used ? water / fuel ratio …

hho gas 
sir please tell me what chemical ur using in hydrogen cell to get max hydrogen how much amp it take to make hydrogen how can you control amp and battry …

Hydrogen System 
I want to run my vechiel 100% on hydrogen, will I need to upgrade my motor ect: titanium piston rings or sumthing to hold oil above the piston so that …

engine lite on first bank 02 sensor obd code171/lean reading  
Will efie work or does 02 sensor have to be replaced too? I have hho system on 04 tundra base model3.4l

is there a equqison for the size of generator and how many amps it will take .

Hybrid Vehicles 
Are the systems compatible with Hybrid Vehicles like my 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid.

hho gas 
sir will you please what chemical you are mixing in water so that hydrogen is comming out from ur kit.in huge ammount .

Timing adjustment 
I have a 1993 Toyota Camry 4 cyl. 2.2L engine. fuel injected. Would I need to change any of the timing on it after installing an HHO booster?

requirements MAZDA MPV V6 3.0L 2003 
What is the kit? that is required for my MAZDA MPV for optimal performance with HHO. Will you need the FS2 or MAF / MAP? thanks

Hi, the site says that 'vehicles before 1997 are narrow band.' Then: 'Toyotas have 4 wires and they are wide band.' I have a Toyota Corolla 16 valve …

1994 tbi chevy silverado 5.7 liter v8 350 
I have a 1994 Chevy Silverado completely stock and I would like do get an entire kit for my tbi.. What size and what kind of chip would I need for it

hho production? 
I have a 2007 2.2 L CHEV HHR how many L of HHO do I need to produce for the most MPG is it one half a L for every L of engine displacement one other thing …

Heat - HHO 
How do I avoid heat as Hydrogen's combustion will promote an extensive amount of heat the engine / alternator / gaskets may not be able to handle.

koh % 
How to measure KOH % in a pre-mix(Distilled water) electrolyte?

hho mix agent versus water 
hho mix how much of the agent must i use in persentage of water

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D7 HHO Kit 
Do I need any enhancers for a 6.0 Diesel?

sir i have 988cc nisdan car tel me how many. amps we need

tax credit 
Can I file for a tax credit?

Is it applicable to run a small 1.4 liter on 100% HHO, it is going to be used to run 24kw generator and will have a constant idle speed under a load of …

Does the HHO Generator work more efficient on a vehicle with a 12V or 24V Electrical System ? 
It is well known, that a 220V Electro-motor uses Electricity more efficient than a Motor, working with 110V. How does it work with a HHO system ? Stanley …

Hho fuel engancer citroen xantia 1998 
Hi there . I have a citroen xantia 2.0i 1998 with a maxxluber hho kit. How do i know witch map ot maf sensor i need. Citroen xantia 2.0i activia …


hho car  
would i need a volo fs2 chip for my nissan almera tino 2.2 diesel

Experience with alloy plates 
Hi, what is your experience with alloy plates for generators? Are they last long and practical? What is your opinion on 120V DC generator setup? Some …

hydrogen conversion 
what will i need to get for my 92 ford bronco 5.8l v8 351ci to see the best gains in mpg?

mercedes van 
What kind of kit should I think about with a Mercedes 407d with a 409d 5 Cylinder engine?

if I connect the hho gas line to the petrol pipe will it be ok

Recommendations for a 1988 Chevy Suburban 1500 
I have a 1988 Chevy Suburban with a 350. It's a 1500 and contains a carburetor as well. I am not sure what I should do in terms of the different types …

7.3 liter PowerStroke Set-Up 
I have a 2002 F350 7.3 PowerStroke with 32000 original miles. I am looking to add a programmer which I have good power success in the past but not much …

HHO Generator Installation - DFW, TX? 
Does anyone know if there's a company selling AND installing HHO generator systems in the DFW metroplex? I have a 1996 4.0 litre, 6 cyl. Ford Ranger. …

how much cost 
I have peterbilt 2004 with cat C15 single turbo I like to know what is best size will fit my truck...... will give me real fuel improvement thank you

which chip should I need 
I am working on a HH only generator. Trying to not affect the O2 sensor. Would the economy chip be the better choice over the HHO chip?

how much current does it draw off my alternator and how long does system turn on and off whan you start car and off whan you turn off the engine 
how much current does it draw off my alternator and how long does system turn on and off whan you start car and off whan you turn off the engine

Proper Inject hho 
Where to be inject hho before or after turbo manifold on diesel engine? If before....Why? If after.....Why?

Hho in cars with oxygen sensors 
How to tune the car having mp4,mp5 engines with ecm and oxygen sensors

why the one-way check valve lets water back up? 
I have built and HHO Generato and my one- way valve seems to be giving up because of pressure coming from the air intake. I like someone to explain why …

Semi HHO DOT Reguirement 
Hello' we'r interesting about your Semi Truck HHO Systemp,but we'r not sure about Department of Transport reguirement Would you please help us out?

MAP Sensor Enhancer 
I have a 1996 ford ranger 2.3 engine. Where do i hook up my MAP Sensor Enhancer If you can show me a pitchter whereit go's. Or a video. web-site Thank …

OBD1 Systems and O2 Sensors and Volo Fs2 Chips 
I have a 1988 GMC C2500 5.7L extended cab truck. I have an HHO system on the truck and it is running good. I understand that with more O2 the trucks computer …

what system? 
Which system would I need for an 1993 F-150 4x4 Lariat?

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MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer 1996 ford ranger 2.3 
What 3 wires do i use to hook up a MAP/MAF Sensor Enhancer to my 1996 ford ranger 2.3

hho / supercharger 
Hi can I put hho into my supercharged motor if so would it be best going through the intake of the supercharger as there is 5/7 psi on the out side. …

81 ford f 100 
can i install a hydrogyn system on my old truck

heating issue 
With my hho generator there is problem of heat how can I solve it my wire becomes very hot what is a solution.

my '73 VW 
Do you make a kit for this car ? I'd like to try it out first.

do they operate on 6.6 leader duramax 
I had one from S@K which didn:t work but made mpg worse. how many lpm do i need to work and how many amps thanks ron

How much will cost a complete kit for a semi truck (detroit 60s engine 14L)

effects of low ambient temperature 
do low ambient air temperatures have any negative effects on the operation of the hydrogen generator

OK, heres the deal and the question. You have been collecting data on these generators for a while. I have a 2010 dodge 2500 with the 6.7 cummins diesel. …

LCD panel percentage? 
What is the percentage read out on the LCD screen telling me. Percent of what? Also some one ask me today why I don't have to change the water is'nt the …

how to beome distributer / dealer 
Dear Sir, we are a organisation which deals in fuel additive for our diesel gen-set to produce electricity , that gives 10% saving on diesel consumption. …

D 24 
On the D24 system what voltage are we looking at across to plates, your information on the 13.8v 2v across plates. What ampage is also required to run …

Do you have any info about building a hho home furnace?

HHO for Diesel engine 
1. What kind of HHO kit will need for TOYOTA Hilux LN167R 3.0 Diesel? 2.Do I need EFIE or PWM?

I have dry cell 21 plates 4x4 and i need to know of KOH portion 
Hi would like to know if you can help me with me 21 plates they are 4x4" and I need to know how much KOH or NAOH I need to add for liter or galon of destiled …

What kit to buy 
Hello, my name is Maxx and I'm trying to find a kit that will increase my mpg. I have a 78 Ford Ltd with a 5.8L 351 windsor engine. Which kit would be …

454 engine 
What size hydrogen generator will I need to install on a 1999 2500 suburban 4 wheel drive 7.4 liter suburban to significantly reduce my fuel consumption …

How much potasium hydroxide should I mix with a gallon of water. And how often do I recharge or replace the water. Thanks your time is greatly appreciated …

volo chip does it work in international truck ? 
Does volo chip woud work in international model 9400 year 2005 isx cummins engine ,after installing a hho generator ?

engine too small? 
Dear sirs: Nissan Frontera (Frontier)is largely used by the panamanian goverment. In our faculty we have 6 of them and I would like to buy a Kit to …

running a car 
Can you run a car only on hho?

1999 Honda Odyssey LX, can i run them together??? 
I have the EFIE V041, MAP and MAF Enhancers. CTS, IAC, all hooked up. I'm using a 21 plate 3x7in Dry cell16 gauge 316L Generator 20 amps at 1.9 lpm. 35 …

3.5 liter Dodge  
what is the peak amount of hho to produce to get the best performance on my 2005 Dodge 1500 with a 3.5 liter gas motor?

Diesel engine  
Do I have to alter pump timimg when I fit HHO system?

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HHO Test kit 
Hi I am writing from Nairobi Kenya. I would like to ask if you actually have test kit samples that a potential dealer for a region that is virgin such …

how long do the plates last?? can they be replaced ?

Nissan Titan 
I have chipped my vehicle, run a Banks cat back exhaust and intake system. I have noticed approximately 15% fuel savings already. I drive approx 36000 …

HHO Production? 
Gas Production? is Titanium plates better then 316ss for negative and gas production??

ISX 14.9 Litre cummins diesel 
I have an 2006 international Prostar with a cummins ISX 14.9 liter turbo diesel. The set up also has an afterburner exhaust system called a DEF. Will …


Audi A6 2.7T 
I have an Audi A6 2.7 biturbo and strongly considering purchasing a S-7 with FS2 HHO chip. Do you have a customer who used this kit on a similar vehicle? …

install HHO into Chevy Mini Blazer S10 2.8 V6...1986  
How I can adjust the injection system after install HHO into the intake ?

MPG gains on big rigs 
Hi, what are the least and most MPG gains reporting your big rig customers? Are there O2 censors in 2012 engines (cummins isx15) with DPF/Urea? Are there …

HHO Car Kit use in the winter months 
Since the unit is probably installed under the hood. How does one keep the water used from freezing in the winter in states like Ohio?

2002 Cadilac escalade ext 6.0 what should I use on top of volo Thank you!

diesel engine 
i have a jetta tdi (diesel engine) inline 4 cylinder. the vehicle already gets 40 mpg do you have any customer reports of the vehicle getting a significant …


D-24 Hydrogen Generator Kit 
How many plates does D24 have for 24 volts?

1992 5.7L TBI SUBUBAN 
what do i need to modify my truck for hydrogen on demand... and what do i do to trick the computer?

HHO into air system 
Where is the hho best place input into the air duct of the engine?

Is the 18x24x27 the size of a D-20 generater or is this the size of the metal box for it?What are the ddimensions needed for the metal cabinet? Ken

chevy g20 1985 star craft van 350 ci engine 
I have no computer??? can this work for my old van and if so how???

well the hho work on a ford fusion hybrid 
what is need to made this unit work on a 2010 ford fusion hybrid ,is there map enhancers or o2 extenders or other maf or sensor adjuster

Ford Bronco 
I have a 6 liter per min system what computer mod should I use on a 96 Ford Bronco with the 302 motor, It is a new motor in perfect tune passed Ca Smog …

What do you recomend is the best spot to inject the hydrogen into the system? - pre turbo, pre intercooler or after intercooler?

h h o Power 
How many amps does the HHO cell draw from the battery when operating on a 2 litre car. Also the same information for a 6 Litre truck. What unit would …

HHO with aftermarket supercharger 
I have a 2.5L H4 with a raptor supercharger and top mount intercooler, all without modifying the electronics. I would like to add a HHO generator to the …

HHO application for Big Rig Trucks with SCR 
I would like to know if it's possible to apply your D24 kit for Big Rig Trucks with exhaust after treatment system like SCR. In positive case, what were …

Exhaust system concerns. 
To whom it may concern, I was talking with someone today who made their own hydrogen generator setup, and one thing he asked me, is if I had a stainless …

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HHO and a new engine 
I am considering repowering a sail boat and would like to know if the new diesel engine will need to break in first. Also, does the HHO generator know …

fuel saving 
I have a 5.7 liter gas engine and would like to know the estimate of the MPGs I would increase?

hho where to  
Where do I install the input of hho to the carburetor?

How often do you need to refill the water and what about the winter months?

State emission requirements 
I live in Atlanta metro. We have to pass an annual emissions test to renew our car tags. What has been your experience with this type of scenario where …

carberator eng. 
With a carberator engine, how do i know if the mix is right. It is a amc 232 in line 6 w/2v carb. no smog control equip. It's a 1973. How many units do …

20 psi of hho gas 
What will be the best kind of bubbler for making about 20 psi of hho gas?

diesel engines 
Do big trucks (tractor/trailers) need a computer modification?

i am in south america colombia 
do you think is posible to ship to colombia south america im interested in buyng 5000 units its posible?

V10 F350 can it use hho 
What do I need to make a dry cell work on my 2001 V10 350?

FS2 HHO Chip 
I have BMW 323i 1997 model (E36) I need FS2 HHO Chip please give me your best price including shipping charge to Jakarta, Indonesia thanks n regards …

HHO dry cell for Toyota 6 cyl turbo-diesel 
Greetings I am planning on applying a HHO dry cell to a toyota landcruiser 1989 with a straight six cylinder turbo diesel. What can you tell me regarding …

HHO KIT - 1987 Mazda, 2.0 liter carburetor engine. (camper van) 
I like your site. I have always been impressed by Bob Boyce, and his expertise. (1) Do you make a smaller generator for easer mounting in limited space? …

efie for 2003 4runner 
I just installed an hho system on my 2003 4runner 4.7 l. engine. the instractions says that I do not need an EFIE, or anything else, and that I can reset …

Will these hydrogen generators overheat? What heat temperatures can it withstand?

hho dry cell size 
Dear Sir, Good morning. I am Canadian and at the present time, I reside in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I have an idea to install a very small HHO …

hho dry cell installs no milage increase 
i have a 1995 chevy g20 van 5.7 liter engine 2 316 9 plate cells 2 oxegen extenders installed 1 map sensor enhancer with city an highway fuctions 1 70amp …

gas savings 
I have a 2.8L Audi and I would like some kind of idea on how much fuel mileage I will gain with Hydrogen Generator.

I stay in South Africa. Can I order and do you ship to South Africa?

how much suction is needed for a 5 plate dry cell

MAP/MAF Enhancer 
Do you have to modify the MAP/MAF Sensor on my Dodge cummins diesel? I've had some people say yes and some say no.

Is this system work only at 12/24V DC? 
Is this system work only at 12/24V DC or can work on higher voltage like 110V AC.

Activated Charcoal 
Has anyone used activated charcoal in the HHO dryer? Would this be recommended?

how high of a pressure will the unit make 
i plan to inject hho post turbo which reaces 25 psi.. will the unit build to that pressure or do i need a pump? what is the best injection method for …

what do i need for a 2012 6.2 gmc gas

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MAF/MAP or O2 Sensor adjuster 
I am converting a 2002 Tahoe with the 327 V8. I would like to know if the MAF/MAP adjuster is sufficient for fuel mix adjusting or do i need to go with …

volo and fs2 
hello i have a 05 f350 6ltr deisel with an edge juice chip will a volo or fs2 chip work with the programer and what effect will the hho have on my diesel …


Read your info about hydrogen generators and enhancers, wondering if available in Canada, and if there is a kit? If not available in Canada, then can …

Engine Temperature 
Will the Engine Temperature increase with the Use of HHo Injection , because HHO leans out the Fuel mixture ? Could the Engine Overheat ?

HHO for hydrogen generator 
how can i use hho generator for 1995 Toyota Land cruiser 4.5L . is it possible for my car. Use EFIE or HHO chip?

how to power my hho dry cell 
Hi I have a 10lt diesel generator, and i want to install a hho dry cell to it. I was wondering that if I power the hho cell from another power source besides …

hho starter 
do i connect my supply from hho generator, before or after my air flow sensor. can it be connect in my air box , or is this to far and need to be connected …

Where is best place to inject HHO 4.6L V8 Ford 
Where is best place to inject HHO 4.6L V8 Ford. I have it in high pressure vacuum line now and no improvement has been made to mileage or performance. …

Efie/map/hhp chip honda civic? 
i have a honda civic 1998 1,5L e-vtec do you have any experience of what I need to control the injection to the engine? Efie or what is best in my case? …

Truck converter from gas 
I have a 2007 5.7 litre Toyota Tundra. What do I need for this application? How much will it cost? Also is it going to work without blowing up engine? …

Preconditioning of HHO SS 304L plates 
Hi,Can anyone provide me step by step process to "pre-condition" the Stainless steel plates?I did the following step : 1)I put an x-pattern using 36-grade …

What type of set up should I use on a 1973 move with. 305 engine.  
I don't want to use gas but I would like to have it on a reserve. Have a heating system that I could install seasonly. Under my hood where my battery is …

I am not a mechanic - can I install this device, just reading instructions?

regarding carbon around piston rings 
Hi !!My 2.4l diesel engine has almost 200,000 miles clocked up. Would introducing a hho system cause 'cleaning' of the carbon from around the pistons …

Is small air pump needed for diesel engine 
As there is not the same amount of much vacuum on a diesel engine, is a small air pump neccessary to get the hydrgen gas into the system? Cheers

i have a 1997 f250 460 c.i.  
how munch improvement should i expect and how many litres per min.should i have avilable

100% HHO 
Dear Sir, I noticed that there are a few innovative people who are using 100% HHO on Demand to run the engine, EXCLUSIVELY. I also understand that some …

diesel intercooler 
I have a jeep 2.8 crd intercooled can i run hho on it or does it affect the intercooler please, paul

MAP, EFIE.... Does adding a VOLO chip help me after this? 
I have a Map Enhancer and an EFIE for my HHO generator set up. I read that with both you get a small gain over the VOLO chip. but I was just wondering …

Which Efie? 
I am installing a 38 cell Generator in a 15 liter Freightliner and I would like to know what type of Efie I should install if any? and do you have any …

Water Consumption 
How much water is used per tank of gas? Or how often does the water tank need to be filled? Assuming a tank of gas is 12 gallons and the water tank is …

HP gain 
Will the HHO gen affect Horsepower when towing or hauling loads ? I'm looking at using one for my Ford w/7.3 diesel. Also curious will it work in my boat …

88 F-150 
I have a 88' F-150 that I love. It has 230,000 miles on it and is still running good. I know the motor will probably go in the next year or two at which …

Why not use hydrogen only, no gasoline ? 
Why can we not use HHO only without any gasoline. I want to stop using gasoline completely.

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5.9 cummins 
I own a 1995 Dodge 4x4 5.9 Cummings auto tranny 400k miles. Is your system likely to help me much? How much?

Can I be your distributor?

LPM for 4.6 L V8? 
How many lpm of HHO will i need for my 4.6L v8 explorer? Thanks

hho generator 
witch hho generator i need to choose? i have ford sierra 2,3 diesel 1988. year

warranty information  
Would your hydrogen kit come with a warranty?

1996 Nissan Patrol Diesel GQ 
Hi, I have installed a HHO unit at considerable cost into my 1996 Nissan GQ. It is a turbo diesel model. I have not noticed any appreciable change in …

distilled water and your catalyst. 
I know about distilled water. What is a catalyst?

What I need for my vehicle 
I paid someone to put hho generator on my car but he didnt mention anything about hho chip or efie's...After about 4 months my engine blew, cracked blocked, …

HHO in winter time 
is this viable to have in the upper US area when it snows and gets under freezing?

What i need for my Jeep Commander 2006 5.7 hemi? 
For the best efficiency and simplicity what do i need for my Jeep? Ok the D-7 HHO system and after.

electronics for 13 to 15 liter diesel engines with hho 
Hello from Canada My name is Ken and I would like some electronics to help in my diesel truck engine to accept hho. My 2005 series 60 Detroit diesel …

eg hho 
If i dont get proper steel can i use disposel battry cells

ecu diesel 
non turbo 1.4 diesel engine with ecu no o2 sensor can i install hho generator ??? Do i need EFIE, MAP/MAF?

Particulate help  
I have a programmer on my 5.9. will the introduction of hho help lower the particulates in the exhaust? I am more interested in the fuel savings but this …

EFIE or Not 
We have a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban 5.3L. Can you tell us what we would need other than a basic HHO Kit? Specifically a EFIE module.

Potassium Hydroxide 
3 questions. I have a 7.3 turbo diesel F-250, what MPG increase would I expect? Also looking at other conversion units and they use Potassium Hydroxide, …

HHO Hookup Before or After MAF Sensor? 
Where is the best place to hookup the HHO generator to your intake, before or after the MAF sensor, some vacuum tube, etc?

digital map sensor for 2005 duramax diesel 
is digital map sensor what i need for 2005 duramax diesel and how to hook it up for hho?

2002 6 litre yukon denai 
do you have a complete system for the 2002 6 litre yukon? I'd like to buy something i can simply take to my mechanic and have him instal. thanks Barry …

off road use 
I would like to hook this system up to my jeep, I go four wheeling regularly and was wondering how it works on rough terrain.

witch one will i need chip or efie? 
on my 1999 gmc sierra with a 5.3 engine will i need a chip or a efie with my hho cell

need ratio 
how many liters of hydgeron to oxygen do you need to run a vehicle 5.7 liter

mileage chip instead of efie 
looking for mileage chip for 1995 f350 2011 chevy 1500

2008 explorer sport trac 
What hho system would work best for 2008 explorer sport track! EFIE WITH CCPWM, OR MAP/MAF WITH O2 extender?

what to expect 
i own a h2 hummer that is killing me in fuel but i don't want to give it up what can i expect with one of your kits

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Do I have to install all three of these devices for maximum MPG gain, or is one better than the other, or vice versa?

Maf/map, efie  
Hey, I have a 97 Tacoma, do i need both a o2 sensor efie, and a maf/map enhancer? And if so is the efie always on? This part of hho is quite confusing. …


what kind of inprovement 
on a 1991 33ft. rv with a 454 what can one expect?

Unplug the lone O2 sensor 
I have a 1990 GMC with a 5.7 L TBI with only 1 O2 sensor downstream, right on the manifold. What if I just unplug it and leave it while running the Hydrogen …

waranty on parts 
How long do the hydrogen kits last and can we get parts to replace worn ones.

I notice the systems all point to fuel injected autos. I have a carb. V8 in a 72 El Camino with a 307. I don't see a reasonable hook up for the air …

1995 ford f250 5.8L V8 windsor engine and E4OD xnsmission OBD1 
How could i use an HHO chip with my ford truck if I only have an obd1 port? I have an efie with a H on D hho kit but i don't see any improvemnt, i had …

HHO into turbo Diesel 
If I run my HHO mix into a turbo charged diesel engine via the air intake, will the mixture ignite and possibly explode in the super heated environment …

HHO generator mix with LPG converted engine 
Will hho improve the performance of my LPG converted truck?

hho chip 
Hello, 2007 expedition 5.4 liter, does the hho chip eliminate the 02 sensors completly, can the wires be cut from the o2 sensors when hho chip installed? …

what size do I need 
I have a 450 horsepower ISC Cummins Diesel in a 42 ft motorcoach. What size or model should I be purchasing? I get 9.7 to 10.5 mpg when crusing at 62 mph …

outer plate gap 
Its my understanding that hydrogen forms on the negitive , oxogen on the posotive plates ,when their next to another plate in the series . what forms …

I have 1000 CC vehile then How much amp is required for my vehicle 
Sir Kindly Suggest How Much Amp is Required to My Vehicle 1000CC.

93 ford aerostar 
ive got a 93 ford aerostar 2wd v6 3.0 and i made a hho kit that i want to try out, and then i did more reading and apparently i should check into this …

My HHO is freezing in the winter 
I there anything besides water that I can fill it so it wont freeze ? Would anitfreeze work ?

hho for my h3 2006 
how can i identify the signal on maf/map sensor and the oxygen sensor?

2003 C220 CDI turbo-diesel Mercedes-Benz 
Can you explain why can I NOT get savings from a correctly installed HHO DC at 1.5LPM and a MAP/MAF installed? I use caustic soda NaOH at about 18% solution …

HHO generators for pleasure / trawler boats 
Do you have any generators that would work for boats that have one or two diesel engines say in the 120 to 190 hp range, turbo charged or not?

Will a kit work on a 1990 Ford Tempo 
What kit components do you recommend for a 1990 Ford Tempo with a 4 cylinder 2.3 liter engine? Will a kit and a HHO Chip be the best? Thanks Ak

European Diesel Truck Renault Trafic 
Iḿ from Germany, i drive a Diesel Truck Renault Trafic,build in 2003. Is the HHO System running with this kind of engine. Where can I get a hho system …

CNG car 
does hho gas works with Compressed natural gas? if it does , do we have inject it same way as after air filter. Can we run our engine 100% on HHO? My …


hydrogen-generator water solution 
I have heard there is bottles of pre-mix to add to a certain amount of water instead of mixing baking soda with the water for hydrogen-generators.

Chip, MAP or EFIE ? 
Hi,I have a car used in United Kingdom, Nissan Almera S, Petrol 1.5 letres, Made in Year 2000. I have already purchased the HHO generator and PWN but I …

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Intercooler issues for HHO dryer 
Hi I have a Citroen C5 HDI 2litre diesel will you kit work for this. How much would a kit cost, delivered to Australia. I have been told that these …

hho bubbler 
1.if hho produced in the electrolysis tank then it goes into bubbler, what reaction can done? 2.is hho reacts with water in bubbler? and then pressure …

HHO on a gas , electric Generator ? 
Hello , my name is Allister and I would like to know if a HHO Kit would work on a larger gas generator. It is new, 10,000 watt-twin cylinder with a keyed …

In Winter also ? 
Hello , my name is allister and I am considering to purchase a HHO Kit with a Enhancement Chip for my 5.9 liter Dodge ram 1500. I would like to know if …

Amps drawn 
I have a home made generator and am having problems with it drawing too much from my battery and causing it to not charge my battery! I have checked all …

what is the best thing to use in a fuel cell to keep from freezing?

my wet cell is not drawling enough amps? 
my 1995 chevy p/u was equiped with a 4 mason jar style wet fuel cells, but am only drawling 2.4 amps. idk if my water/ baking soda mixture is wrong or …

2003 fx35 
I own 2003 infiniti fx35. Questions: 1. chip, map enhancer or efie-which is best? 2. 2 generators better than 1? 3. use 91 oct-can I use 87 oct gas …

my mpg is not changing with my hho. 
I have installed my hho on my 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee and its producing hydrogen but my gas mileage is not increasing. What else do i need to do?

fire truck applications 
Has any one put one of these on a fire truck?

Extreme weather 
I live in Canada, what type of catalyst would work best in 40 below temps? Plus what else could I do to improve operation in cold conditions?

Enhancer kit 
What are enhancers for efi trucks. Do you now if I'll have to get enhancers with my 2002 f350 7.3l diesel or is that only for new trucks?

I just made up a wet cell gen. it puts out hydrogen, i have it running to the throttle body past the sensors, i put 2 spacers in front of oxogen sensor. …

maf map efie 
What is a maf,map,efie and what are there purposes?

2006 15 liter caterpiller motors 
i work on 2006 kenworth logging trucks with 15 liter cat motors twin turbos can i put a hydrogen kit on without doing anything about the sensors and …

GMC Siera 1500 kit 
What do i need, and what kind of kit do i need for 2011 GMC siera 1500 4WD, Vortec 5.3L V8?

Analog or Frequency MAF sensor 
I have a 2006 Ford 500. Does it have an analog or frequency Maf sensor

having some problems with my cell 
hello i used 2 stainless steel spatchlers next to each other 1/4 space or smaller,the are not touching, and wing nuts on to top to connect to in a very …

hho dryer for car 
how much hho gas is required for a 1000 cc car for running long drive

detroit diesal engine 
I have a 671 detroit diesel engine with n70 injectors on a 40' boat. Will this system work thanks ken ps do you know of anybody has done this and if so …

6.7 Cummins 
I am interested in an HHO system for my 2008 Dodge 6.7 Cummins. Can you tell me where I would purchase items needed for this project? I would also be interested …

If you want less heat in generator  
I live in Tucson AZ. so if I get bigger plates to draw less heat and amp draw??? ps also do any of the generators separate the hydrogen from the oxygen …

HHO units and performace diesel programers 
How would a HHO unit work with a performance diesel engine that is currently being over fueled with a race tuner to make huge HP? If HHO acts as a catalyst …

can you hook up a hho generator to your distributor ?  
can I hook up my hho generator to my distributor for a pulse modulated circuit ?

Have these conversions been done on a Volvo? 
I have a 2004 Volvo XC70 that I would like to explore the possibility of adding a generator to. Any info, a parts list and costl

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I've seen some sites that claims they have welding machines that works on HHO.... Please advise

HHO instead of LPG for water heaters 
can we use HHO instead of LPG for water heaters?

Hello. I am thinking about installing HHO system in my car. From what I have read I guess I need to install EFIE or MAF/MAP sensor in my car in order to …

recreational boating 
Have your systems been Coast Guard approved for recreational boats?

water mix 
what do you mix to the water when filling up the system? and where do you get it? and how mush does it cost?

HHO for Diesel DI D 
My car Diesel 2.5 Di D, should i modify ECU map to using HHO?

HHO for a MAN Truck 2004  
hi would you please tell me the approximate HHO LPM for a 10.5 Liter Diesel engine for a MAN truck i am giving around 3.2 liters but no gain up to now …

Is there a course we can follow? 
Do you give courses concerning installation of your kits on different types of engines? and instructions on becoming future dealers in other countries? …

is it posible? 
to run my mitsubishi minicab (carbuerated )on straight hydrogen ? 550cc three cylinder engine

what mixture works best to prevent freezing in my fuel cell. we do get to -35 and at time colder here.

Why is my generator not producing gas? 
I want to create hho gas for my science experiment, My rig is, I have a glass jar, that has a piece of foam on the bottom. Then I stuck 2 pieces of metal …

EXPLORER 2004 4.0 L 

do i need petrol or gas with hho...... 
i need to ask that if i convert my motor bike to hho then do i need petrol that help hho to burn in engine... or i remove petrol tank and just use hho …

Caustic Soda 
How much Caustic Soda do I need to add per liter for HHO cell?

HHO for central heaters 
Is there a way to use the kit for house central heaters that uses diesel?

Genesis Generator  
Hi, I'd like to purchase a ready made genesis generator and small bubbler to experiment with on a lawnmower engine before trying the same components in …

type of hho kit and average gains for my engine 
i own a lexus gx470 2006 with the v8 4.7 litre gasoline engine which hho-kit do i need for this engine and what are the known gains in power and mileage …

Mason jar style hho gen. 
What is the length & size of the spiral wire used in the mason jar style hho gen?

Cummins 5.9 
What size unit for a 5.9 cummins diesel?

Parts replacement 
how long will the kit last before i have to start replacing Parts and what parts will they be and how often and how much per year?

the hydrogen generator for a F150  
The hydrogen generator really work in a F150 and what about the fuel economy...

Gas Mileage Data 
Where can I find quality data on gas mileage improvements with HHO systems for various types of vehicles. Has Consumer Reports or an independent agency …


Which system is better LPG gas or HHO gas? 
I was running on LPG gas, and have a bad experience I like the idea oh HHO gas, do they work on 2006 RAM 1500 gasoline V8? How much will it cost the system …

HHO Formula 
What is the formula for HHO gas consumption in vehicles?

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Waste water disposal. 
I am very interested in a unit for a diesel engine in a boat. I would like to know where the waste water goes after the process of gas creation has occurred. …

gasoline not needed to run a car 
I bought an ebook regarding that HHO.I intertwined wires in a pole inside the bottle. I saw many little bubbles coming up and i connected it into the carburetor …

Wondering if the chip's programming would suffice my bi-fuel system (gas and LPG)? I guess the chip is programmed for use with gas (petrol) system. What …

HHO with Rotary Engine 
I am unable to find much information on Rotary engines. I have an older 13b with carburetor. Will this affect or damage the Apex seals?

Hi, Which EFFIE do I need for my 2000 Chevy Suburban with a 5.3ltr engine? I have a small generator Im using but upon further research I belive I need …

neutral plates 
Do the neutral plates produce any gas?

HHO generator-How could I prevent the water suction from bubbler to electrolytic solution(water+electrolyte)reservoir? 
Dear sir/madam, I have install an hho dry cell onto my car and the described problem is appearing: After car engine turn off, the water level in the reservoir …

HHO on havey duty indstrial diesel genratoror 
i want 2 know that is it possible that this hho kit installed on fixed RPM generators engine. like caterpillar and cummins etc. there powers are like 500kva …

How to control amp draw? 
I've been reading some questions posted and have seen hot wires and melting being a popular problem. In your answers you mention to put a 20amp fuse in …

95 chevy astro van 4.3liter 
The van is in good condition but has 200k miles, so I think the timing chain is stretched, what kits do I need for it and will it help or should I get …

How often do you have to clean and/or replace your plates for a HHO dry cell?

How long would a gallon of distilled water last? 
Given distilled water costs ~$1 per gallon, it could be cost prohibitive to use this system if it uses a gallon of water every 20 miles, for example. …

1998 vw jetta 2.0L 5speed; what system do you suggest? I drive 85 miles 1 way-partial local majority highway, speeds 60-75mph currently i am getting 30-34mpg …

where in Arkansas can you get a hho kit installed an at what cost ?

diesel hho system 
Is it true that a 5.9 Diesel engine needs more HHO to Improve MPG in comparison to a equivalent size gas engine?

HHO on Preformance 
How will HHO preform in an OBD 1 system on a Hi Performance Vehicle? Like a 89 Mustang 5.0L running 12sec. in 1/4 mile.

Whatever happened to running 100% Hydrogen, and any not gasoline? 
The inventor used a 100% hydrogen car. Can't we just get a bigger system and lose the gasoline carburetor altogether? My 1980 one ton GMC stepvan only …

mass air flow 
2001 tacoma 3.4 what 2 colored wires on the mass air flow do u splice to for a performance tuner

motor oil 
if the byproduct of hho gas is water, where does the water go. Does it not leak past the piston rings and into your engine oil? This seems bad to me.

Will it hurt my car? 
I've been told that the HHO gas will cause parts on my car to rust out and go bad more quickly. Is this true? Also does the car sound different after running …

Need help 
What are hydrogen basic properties?

water instead of gasoline 
I do not understand what actualy the process of adding the hho to the gasoline actually does but seems to me the gasoline would be used to slow the burn …

generator operation 
How can I convert my lp generator to run on hho? Exactly HOW DO I adjust the timing? What do I take off, move around, etc.?

hho to completely burn gasoline 
How much HHO is needed to cause the gasoline to complete burn up?

efie and map maf enhancer 
What is the difference between map maf sensor enhancer and an efie??

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HHO with Turbo Diesel 
How would HHO gas work with a turbo charged car. Would the HHO gas form water in the intercooler or how? Do you inject the HHO before the Turbo? cause …

Hydrogen engine? 
Hydrogen gas hurt the engine?

2006 Honda Civic HHO chip? 
I have a 2006 Honda Civic EX, do you have a HHO chip for that, and if so, do you know if others have had success with it?

Question about vollo FS 2 
Have a ssangYong mysso 1997, 1998 cc HHO. And I think that I have no economy. A VOLLO chip is ok for my car ??? ( EMAIL Address Removed )

hdi have a 2005 chevy durmax 2500 diesel. its a 6.6 leader 
do i need a enhancer with the cell; and does your cell produce the right or enough gas? i am getting 18 to 19 mpg

gasoline vs HHO 
A friend of mine is building a generator running solely on HHO. He is producting 60 lpm. He is asking if there is a ratio between how much is 1 gallon …

have you had your system installed on gas inboard boats, results?

MAP Sensor Enhancer Check engine Light 
I have a 89 Ford 460 in a motorhome. I have used the enhancer previously on a Ford diesel with no problems. Now when I connect the enhancer to the 89 Ford …

HHO for Diesel  
Do we need computer modifications for Diesel Engines ? Do we need computer modifications for Gasoline engines?

Is there maintenance to the unit? 
If there is maintenance to the unit how often and with what and how much time & money?

2 kilowatt generator  
I have a 2 kilowatt generator to charge battery's. The driving engine is 4 cycle 2 cylinder old no electronics can I used pure HHO in this engine? …

Hydrogen generator Dryer 
Problem there is if you install two generators for 3000 liter turbo diesel?

EFIE or MAP/MAF for diesel 
Will the new european Renault Master require an EFIE or MAP/MAF enhancer for its new 2.3-liter cDi diesel engine? I want to install an HOD generator.

where is there a place you can get it installed 
Where is there a place you can get one installed, and do they work, I'm very interested and is there a brand or company that is better than or who has …

Can you run a diesel engine using HHO gas only? 
Can you run a diesel engine using HHO gas only and without using diesel fuel? I know you have to start the engine using diesel fuel but I have seen videos …

HHO CUMMINS 5.9 2004 
Do you suggest a VOLO CHIP FS2 for the CUMMINS 5.9 ? What do you mean by ''BEFORE THE TURBO '' ? Can you give me an estimate (LPM)for the CUMMINS …

shipping cost 
Hi, please tell me the shipping cost to Wellington city of New Zealand. I want to buy one of your HHO kit suitable for my Toyota Camry 2003, the engine …

application and use? 
I have a 2001 duramax diesel with the 6.6 ltr engine, 100,00 miles getting roughly 18 MPG highway aND 15 CITY. wHAT EXACTLY WOULD i HAVE TO PURCHASE FOR …

How much amperage is required 
Lets say you have a 7 liter diesel engine. When you start up it is running at about 800 RPM What would be a typical amperage draw at startup and does …

Is there any grants or assistance programs, for hydrogen injection systems out there?

can i use 1 tea spoon in one liter water for hho 
can i use 1 tea spoon in one liter water for hho

Will my single wire oxygen sensor work with an EFIE? 
I have a single wire oxygen sensor in my car, will this still work with your EFIE (or any EFIE) if they have 4 to 7 ports? if so how and what sort of …

Efficiency Factors? 
I am an older guy that has been reading a lot on the subject of hydrogen generation and was curious about the efficiency of any gas generation system as …

Don't know if my truck has a computer, but it is fuel injected. 
Is a 1982 Chevy with a 6.2 liter diesel V8 equipped with a computer? If so, what do I do about it? Pete

what is the best eletrolyte mix 
What is the best mix for a 15 liter caterpillar motor.

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mercedes engines 
I have a freightliner with a Mercedes engine dose this work with this engine and with needs to be done to the computer so that it does?

about my system 
I have a 5.4 L ford van 2003 and tried those home made mason jar cells I made out of 316L wire (the plexiglass towers) not enough production. I have a …

Oak Motors 
How much HHO Gas is in a gallon of water?

How toxic is the KOH to mix and how much is consumed per 100 gallons of fuel. Basically how much fussing do you have to do and how frequently?

Marine application in a Jimmy Engine 
I have a 671N Detroit diesel rated at 219 HP installed in my commercial fishing vessel. At $4.00-5.15/gal the cost per day to operate is at least $100. …

Want savings on fuel 
Hi There, Wanna look for products that saves fuel in petrol and diesel cars of 2.0 liter capacity. can you help me with your products? I want to deal …

which enhancers do i need? 
I have a 89 ford bronco can u help me get the right enhancers for my efi 5.0? maybe 4.9? its a 302

hho electricity 
I use brute force to power my HOD cells,is there any other way to manipulate the power efficiency, IE a cats whisker crystal radio got its power from the …

Dual Edge MAP Sensor Enhancer 
Hi, I have installed the HHO DC2000 from HHO-plus.com (portugal) on my car a Ford Transit 2.406cc Turbo Diesel 140T350 TCI, 4th 2008(Greece). I have installed …

Turbocharged Diesel Issue, HHO Kit 
Hi I have a question about installing HHO Cell on my big truck, Iveco Stralis (2002, 10.5 litre, 430 HP). It is turbocharged diesel, so where should …

Can you provide me with references such as the name and phone number of a trucking company maintenance manager?

civic hybrid 2006 
can I use this system on my Honda Civic hybrid 2006.

HHO production problems. 
I am using a dry cell with 16 plate four negative and two positive and the rest neutral, and purchased a CCpwm "PCU-3" and for my electrolyte I am using …

efie adjust 
Hi, can you explain me how to adjust de mlvolts of mi efie? I instal the kit on a kia sorento 2005 3.5 v6 gasoline, but the ml volts jumps all the time …

The current draw from alternator 
Will the current draw from the alternator offset the increase in fuel mileage?

how much water is used 
How much water is consumed in the process of making the gas? Also, what volume of gas is produced per liter of water?

Are hydrogen on demand kits using potassium hydrate as an electrolyte hard on the fins of turbos as they are aluminum

hho with biomass woodgas to increase combustion  
I have not been able to find anything about mixing in some hho with my producer gas that is now about 7MJ/nM3 (low value gas) (20%CO,20%H2, 2%CH4- rest …

Catalyst Choice 
Hi, Could you explain why you prefer to use Sodium Hydroxide in warmer climates rather than always using KOH please? Is there a benefit obtained by using …

do you supply blueprints 
As an owner operator. I have shop which to work on truck. Can I easily hook this unit up. Where do I hook it up. Can it be mounted to back of headache …

How much water will be used per gallon of gas?

Hot wires 
Sodium hydroxide at 10 amps the wires are to hot shouldci keep my amps about 2-5amps and cut back on the naoh?

Replenish the water? 
How often do you need to refill the water? How many miles can you get using this system on a gallon of water? Can you run on just hydrogen with no …

fs2 hho chip 
I have a 2005 toyota tacoma 4x4 v-6 engine, will the fs2 hho chip simply plug into the obd two port or does it have to be spliced into the wires behind …

Carburated Engines 
How will this unit work on a carburated 360 CI engine? What range can I expect on fuel economy?

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Running HHO on a turbo diesel intercooled 13litre truck 
I would like to know if it is possible to run a Hydrogen on demand system on a: Engine model: UD Trucks GE 13 TD Engine type: Turbocharged intercooled, …

hho installed on a diesel 3 tonnes Nisasan Truck  
hi ...i am having hard time to get my projected mileage gain on my diesel truck 3 tonnes Nissan UD 4.6 Liter engine. we install a hho generator with PWM …

Fuel Injection 1999 Camry V6 
1. How is the HHO gas introduced or injected into my fuel injection system? 2. Where are the catalysts obtained for your generator and how much is used/used …

home made generator 
I have made a generator with stainless 6mm stainless rods about 3 inches long wrapped around a central rod slightly longer for connection it works well …

Wires getting hot 
I just made and Installed my Hydrogen Generator from parts I bought at Home Depot, various car part stores and a few parts I had to have a metal shop make …

How much does an HHO con.kit cost for a Cat engine c15 475 single turbo?

HHO & chipped diesel engines... 
Hello, With all these modules and ecu flash programs that increase power tremendously on diesel engines, (mine are 2002 and 2006 vw TDi powered cars) …

Do you get instant result in mileage after installing HHO with EFIE,or after a tank full of fuel, and after switch off HHO, does it goes back to its original …

HHO diesel semi 
All newer diesels now have electronic fuel injectors. Do you know of any electronic mods to make the injectors run more lean other then setting the ECM …

Catalyst Alternative 
I know a catalyst is needed, another site is saying they have a nontoxic food grade catalyst instead of the usual caustic sodium hydroxide. Has your company …

How much hho gas do you burn for each gallon of diesel fuel so as not to damage the engine.

VW TDi HHO related question.... 
Hello, I just installed my HHO kit and flushed the ECU memory and drove the car right after to recalibrate the MAF. What does the FS2 different what …

hho wiring 
my wiring is heating up and 30amp fuse keep burnin, what am i doind wrong? my hot wire was hooked up on wiper motor, blew both wiper fuse and hho fuse, …

Heat Issues 
I have made a home made hydrogen generator and it works well. But it gets kind of hot.I have a temporary rubber top on it and it melts and also makes steam …

when combustion occurs and turns back to water will it hurt me cylinders or other parts of my truck?

HHO generator 
i would like to know about the percentage of diesel consumption how much reduce when we use the HHO kit.

I have 2005 chevy 2500 hd diesel 
What device do I need to make hho dry cell work? I tried a mindblower to inhance hho it said. But it didnt work? I use a super chip right now

Fuel Savings? 
I have a old 9.0 Liter International engine in my boat. Have you done any research on fuel savings in a boat application. Fuel cost are taking the fun …

My car is a Toyota Hilux 2.4td LN170 year manifuctured 2000 turbo diesel. Do I need any chip for this car? Thanks in advance Christos

Is there any need of carborator adjustment ? 
Is there any need of carburetor adjustment in carburetor type vehicle for getting better mileage?

Adjustment of ECU Unit 
I am working on HHO project from last 3-4 months,till now we have done many tests on my MITSUBISHI-PAJERO (2.8L-Mfg. year-2006)with 16 plates,dry cell …

Passenger Car Kit 
do the kits, s-7 and t-12, contain the pwm or is it sold separate? i am sure its on your site somewhere, but i could not find a complete list of contents …

questions on shipping 
I will purchasing the below for my toyota 1996 4 cly Bundle The S-7 Hydrogen Generator Kit and FS2 HHO Chip Is there any thing else I need to purchase? …

Hybrid Power Generation 
Instead of hydrogen generation, how easy would it be for you to make an electrical generator for hybrids so that it aids the batteries or the engine? …

Hydrogen Kit for a Yacht 
Dear sir I would like to know if your company make hydrogen kit for a yacht powerd with tow G M Detroit 1200 hp turbo 12v and what saving I could …

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Carb Tuning? 
Will I need to re-tune my carb to get the proper mixture of fuel, hydrogen, and air?

problem in 1-2 lpm production 
Sir I want 1-2 lpm hho drom my drycell but even at 300ml per min. it takes 30 amps current or otherwise it heats a lot on more amps. More amps, more hho …

wich of kind HHO I need 
which of kind of kits I need for A Chevy 1985 6 cylinder 292 motor? I so the genesis hydrogen kit but my pickup don't has map sensor and have carburetor …

hydrogen kit for a yacht 
dear sir I have a customer asking me if it possible to fix on his yacht the Hydrogen kit. The yacht has two 1200 hp detroit diesel V 12 engine. …

HHO for EFI cars 
is there any manual solution to adjust oxygen sensor in my EFI car ?

Petrol generator 
Where to connect the positive and negative wire of HHO generator to petrol generator where a string is use to start the petrol generator instead of a battery? …

FS2 HHO Chip Programming 
Hi, The car I´m planning to install the S-7 Kit is a Petrol Citroen Xantia II 2 litres 1998/1999. As in Brazil ethanol is added to the gasoline, I´d like …

Best HHO Gas In 
What is the best place to hook up HHO gas line pcv or intake?

Diesel Generator 
Can your HHO generator be used for a Diesel Generator, How much LPM of HHO would I need for 25 KW and 100KW generator? How do you install it? Is it possible …


change gas engine to E-85 
How do a gas engine need to be modified(oxygen sensor,map sensor)?

HHO gas to enter before the turbo. 
If you get the HHO gas to enter the inlet system before the turbo on a diesel engine, will the heat from the turbo not ignite the hydrogen, especially …

HHO Generator 
Hi I recently built a hydrogen generator and installed it in my car. I used a 35amps fuse and it worked for a little wile but the plates seemed to have …

availability of hho kit in india 
Is a ready made HHO kit available with Indian auto parts shops?

HHO Kit and the appropriate controls 
Hi, My car is a CITROEN Xantia II Activa 4 cylinders 8 valves 2 litters turbo and I am using it in Greece mainly on motorways . A year ago it is run on …

General questions 
Hi, I have a 3.2 ltr petrol Ssangyong Rexton 4WD & currently using a homemade water cell hydrogen kit. What differences would I expect using your system? …

1996 Nissan RX Turbo Diesel - 2.8 Litres 
I was hoping you may be able to help me out. I’m sending this from the Middle East where I work – but my car is in Australia. A few months ago while …

HHO for Diesel Engines 
How do we achieve the improvement in fuel economy as there is no feed back ,like O2 sensors.What increase can be expected. Nedu

2007 Dodge Caravan  
Ive heard that the oxygen sensors in late model cars render the hydrogen generator useless because it responds negatively and causes the engine to use …

How Much Water is Used? 
How much water is needed... That is... how often will I have to fill it or does it use the same water all the time. The water has to be distilled doesn't …

baking soda as catalyst 
What is the ratio of distilled water to baking soda used in the genesis generator ? What is a good starting mix ?

Water to Gas Ratio 
How much water is required per gallon of gas to generate the HHO?

HHO is work with CNG gas on petrol car? 
Hi I have a cng car. I want to put hho kit with it so it is possible?

Vehicle On CNG  
I have Honda Civic Exi Model 2005 1500CC (EFI engine) i am already using a CNG(Compress Natural Gas)KIT in my car. is it feasible for me to install HHO …

Gasoline free 
With the larger system. Will the car run independently from the hydrogen or will this just supplement the gasoline?

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back up pressure 
The system has too much back pressure?? only few distributors talk about it, and the same goes for the HHO dryers- like some add ons are not that important- …

Overseas Shipment 
Do you sell overseas? Europe - to be specific.


HHO Water Replacement 
How often will the water/fuel need to be replaced in a standard HHO Kit. Is there a way to have a reserve tank to keep filling it.

Diesel and electronic 
Hello, Which electronic parts(enhancer,adjuster,etc)I need for effective mileage increasing with HHO Kit? I have a Diesel 2.5l turbo charger engine …

hho chip working 
I ordered a FS2 chip programmed for my 05 dodge caravan 3.8 litre v6, i have a HHO kit producing 2.5-3 lpm. Just installed brand new last week on the 1st …

I am producing HHO Gas and have the tube running to the air intake, which on a 1997 Ford Ranger, is not pulling any vacuum. I am using the Venturi Effect …

Help to choose 
Which kit is best for Dodge Ram 2500 pick up(manufactured in 2006)? Please, recommend me.

HHO chip or EFIE/Map  
HI I have a 2003 Montero GLS Diesel, with a 2.8 liter 4M40 engine. Should I purchase the HHO chip or the EFIE/Map sensor combo for this vehicle?

1997 Chevy Blazer 
What should I use to deal with the oxygen sensor an HHO chip EFIE or what?

You mention everything you need comes in the kit other than the catalyst. What is it and what is its function and do you need one and what is its cost? …

Hydrogen System Maintenance 
1-How do I maintain the system, and how frequent? 2-How long is the specking life of the stainless steel plates? 3-We live in a Tropical Island and …

Turbo Diesels 
Do you need to have a pump to push the hydrogen into the already pressurized intake on turbo applications or is it introduced before the turbo.


4 cyl motor with turbo 
Can I install the HHO with my 4 cycl turbo charged motor? Will it damage the turbo?

Hydrogen Generator For 2010 Honda CR-V LX 
Have you or any of your customers installed your hydrogen generator system on a 2010 Honda CR-V LX? If so, what type of enhancers were required? What was …

Quantity of Gas Generated 
Once my generator is fitted is there a way I can check the output and the quantity of gas being produced?

Generator Blowing Fuses 
Why does my home made generator get hot and trip 30 amp fuses?

Where can I get the hydrogen generator PROPERLY installed by a professional?

Hello There! Is any HHO kit which can provide only hydrogen into the machine without O2?


Do I need a efie or an extension for my oxygen sensor ? 
Is an EFIE necessary or a extension for the oxygen sensor ?

High Altitude Driving??? 
Hello, I'm going to be driving through Colorado and up to 10k elevation. If I used hydrogen on demand for these higher levels do you think that I …

Where would I put the hho line from my bubbler on my 6 liter engine center head intake ?

looking to purchase. 
Looking into a fuel cell for my truck, i was looking through your website, your website is much better than your competitors. I have an 2001- 3500 dodge …

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HHO Fan 
How many amps your does uyour cell need to operate? For example i have Mercedes-benc diesel car 2.5 litres engine without turbo. I`m afraid about the acumulator …

hho gas conversion for my car 
I have a 2009 Toyota Corolla le and I am wondering if it would help with my gas mileage? I also have an 1986 ford motor-home and I am wondering if it would …

How many miles per gallon will I now get?

Hydrogen Fuel 
I have a Ford Bronco full size with a 302 motor . how many efie s do I need and what about the map sensor?


Can this work on a 2008 Chevy 2500 Durimax  
What system if any will work on the above truck and what is the cost? Does any changes need to be done to the trucks computer to accommodate the system? …

1989 Olds Custom Cruiser with Carburator 
It seems that the hydrogen generator may work partially better and with less hassle than if the same car had fuel injection ( efie wiring concerns), am …

need to prove to my self 
"The Genesis Hydrogen Kit" how much HHO will it make I have a 6cly 3.9l dodge truck that I would like to install and test before I invest more what kind …

2005 Silverado 5.3 litre Z71 reg cab stepside bed 
What kind of amp draw will your system draw on my truck and will it hurt the electrical system over time? My truck has heavy duty cooling, towing, and …

Kit for Nissan 
I came across your site and was wondering if your kit will fit a 6 cyl Nissan Murano SL (2006)?

HHO 4 Cyliner Turbo 
Will it be beneficial to use HHO on my turbo charged 4 cylinder? and if so should I go before or after my mass air flow sensor which is located before …

MAP Sensor 
What do I need to control my car MAP sensor? or something else. I drive a 1991 Chevy 350 van g20.

Drain Tube  
Hi guys, I have a 2 cell configuration in my pajero mk2, 2.8 tdi, and the drain tube is full-up in about 20 miles every time. I've extended the hose between …

I have enjoyed reading your answers to these common questions. Can I ask three questions please? 1) what connectors do you typically use to pipe the …

placement of plates 
I have two types of generators ,one is built with 7 tubes each one being smaller than the next. I first put them all in one long tube. I got 1.75 liters …

Heat vs AMP draw 
If the heat in a dry cell that has 1.9 volts between the plates can be controlled, will this keep the amp draw from climbing?

Will it work 
I have a 7.3 liter diesel SUV and I drive about 700 miles per week. At present I am getting 17 mpg. Will your generator increase the mpg as advertised? …

Engine Temp Changes 
Will the installation of a hydrogen generator and an HHO chip alter the engine operating temp. It appears you are leaning the mixture and that creates …

HHO in 1997 Town and Country 3.8L 
I Have a 1997 Town and Country with 3.8L motor, I was told it has a MAP sensor and (2) O2 sensors--> ( 1 before converter 1 after ) any ideas what would …

No Computer Diesel Engines 
Diesel engines do not use computer and everything works mechanically (injection pump) and the rest of its components. how hydrogen incremented miles on …

Power consumption from the motor 
If I install a second alternator in my car with its own battery to power my HHO cell, will that add more stress and power consumption to the motor?

HHO catalyst 
Where can I get a catalyst that will not foam?

Diesel Pickup 
What do you recommend for a 99 F-250 7.3L diesel engine? Where would you place it in the engine compartment and where would you place the reservoir and …

Can an average person install this unit and if so where can I have it installed and at what cost.

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Fuel Injection Systems and Enhancers 
What happens to a fuel injected engine when an HHO generator is used without an enhancer?

2004 Toyta Tocoma 2.7 liter prerunner 
How much would it cost to install and how much mpg would be gained aprox. thank you


Mounted Remotely  
Hi I have a 99 F350 with a diesel engine (7.3) because of were I live mount the unit under the hood or in the grill would not work, Is there a problem …

Good morning, I am an owner/operator of a semi looking to increase MPG. As I have been reading through your sight extensively, I haven't seen an warranty …

1st HHO set-up 
01 Dodge ram 1500 5.2L w/300,000mi. Want to install a 21 plate dry cell, 1.5qt reservoir, Bubbler/dryer, 55amp PWM, 40amp fuse, 80amp relay 4 prong, with …

I have a Bully Dog PMT (Performance Management Tool) for my 2007.5 (LMM engine) Chevy Silverado HD2500 Turbo Diesel. It plugs into the OBDII port. Will …

Cold weather 
OK so what are y doing to make sure ,it won't freeze in cold weather?

Hydrogen Bubbler Cell Plates 
How long do the HHO Cell Plates last? What is the cost to replace the Hydrogen Bubbler?

Why Would There Be Extra Oxygen? 
I have been doing a little research on HHO and I keep wondering how there is extra Oxygen. If water is 2 parts Hydrogen and 1 part Oxygen and it is burned, …

Suction From Bubbler 
How do I stop suction from the bubbler, when the hydrogen generator is turned off. It seems to be from heat?

Electrical Wiring 
Do you have a wiring plan for 2002 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.2 diesel recently purchased HHO chip from you recently.

Turbo Charged 
Does hydrogen work on turbocharged diesel engines and does it take more hydrogen to make it work?

Hydrogen Genertor For My Truck 
If I install a hydrogen generator on my truck do I have to mess with the computer?

How About A 2 Stroke Outboard Boat Motor? 
How to implement this technology in these older terribly inefficient outboard motors. I have 90hp Yamaha and would like to add a generator to my system …

Is it easy to install? Will it work on a 5 cyl inline engine? 
Will this work on my 2007 Hummer H3 with an inline 5cyl engine? Is it easy for any person to install?

1996 Honda Civic EX Hydrogen Generator Installation. 
I wish to get the most MPG from my 1996 Honda Civic EX, by installing the best, lowest cost DIY Hydrogen Generator Installation.

Autozone Link needed 
Hi, Pleasure speaking with you. If you could send me the link to Autozone online schematics that'd be great. Thanks again. You seem so patient and helpful. …

I'm worried about rust and buidup 
I see on some videos that water is pouring out the exhaust when utilizing hho tech. Wouldn't that make everything rust faster i.e. the entire exhaust system? …


HHO Water Temp 
It seems to me that I get better explosive power with the water in the electrolyte being hot over 100 degrees seems to produce more gas. I am either looking …

Does the hydrogen on demand work on E-85 gas engines?

I've been looking into these type of generators for a few months now and the application for these seem to be for fuel injected style fuel systems. …

Hi. I haven't seen in many sites how will be regulated the HHO gas quantity when the engine is idling(when the request of the HHO gas is low. And when …

Grease car kit with HHO kit? 
I have a 2000 VW golf tdi with a grease car kit on it. Is it possible to run a grease car kit and HHO kit together and is there a HHO kit for diesel cars …

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Hydrogen generators with three carborators 
I have a 175 Yahama out board i am installing a Hydrogen generator on it, do I have to feed each carburetor independently, or can I put it in a common …

We have several dealers throughout Canada, the USA and Mexico and have been buying from another producer of these systems. I would like talk to you about …

Oxygen Sensors 
Will the added oxygen cause my o2 sensors to see a 'lean' condition? If so, how is this problem corrected or eliminated?

FS2 HHO chip for a 2000 Dodge Ram Diesel 
I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel, Will I need the FS2 HHO chip to improve my mileage?

HHO and Lubricity 
Will hydrogen cause less lubricity for the diesel engines?

Totally Run Car on HHO 
Would it be possible to generate enough HHO gas to run a 4 liter engine at 80 MPH for an 8 hour day or more?

Backfire Condition and Lean Condition 
Say the car backfires through the intake any chance igniting the hydrogen? Also say if you have a failing fuel pump causing a lean condition can to much …

Could you provide me with pictures of a typical installation under the hood GMC Duramax 2007. Thank You

LPG and CNG converted cars 
I have an important question fron Lima, Peru; you HHO generator is suitable to be used with a gasoline car that is running with a LPG conversion kit …

What happens to the unit if it sits outside at -30 degree temp and the next day you start the truck will the water tank be a block of ice or does the potassium …

I have a 1965 mustang 302 carburetor engine,your site has plenty of info on fuel injection but nothing on carburetors is it compatible?

Point of Entry for HHO for Tubo Diesel 
Should the HHO gas enter the engine intake before or after the turbocharger?

Power and RPM gain. 
Will the RPM stay the same after the HHO gas is connected to air intake manifold of diesel engine? If not, how is it possible to gain extra MPG and power? …

High Performance 
Have you ever installed one of these of a zo6 Corvette?

Combustion Temperatures 
Are the combustion temperatures higher or lower when using hydrogen?

Where Are These Sold? 
How hard is it to install? (or)Do you have installers or a place to buy this product in Arizona? What would be the closest state it is available?

Winter Time Use 
What is the best thing to add in a water/baking soda solution in a qt jar generator to keep it from freezing.

Cold Canada 
Will the system freeze up in the winter?

Fooling a Map Sensor for HHO Gas 
How can I fool the map sensor form knowing that I have a hydrogen generator attached so I can get better gas mileage?

HHO on a LPG powered vehicle 
Is it possible to combine HHO Gas with lpg on newer vehicles? The car in question is a Hyundai Accent GT 1.6 16V, year 2004 with a BRC LPG unit. The …

HHO as an independant fuel source 
Can HHO be used as an independent fuel source to power an engine? Why or Why not?

How do you know what is the right temperature? 
Is there a good temperature, or is there a to high temperature?

Hydrogen Gas To 2 Liter Engine Car 
How much hydrogen gas is needed to work on a 2 liter engine?

1997 Chevy Suburban 
1997 Suburban Installation

How Much Water Per 1000 Miles 
How much water will it take a 33mpg car before HHO generator will go a 1000 miles after HHO gas, a 55mpg 1.9 liter engine?

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How To Measure Liters Per Min 
How do you measure liters per minute?

Turbo Charged Engine 
Will the hydrogen generator work on my turbo charged gas engine? 2.5L turbo Subaru boxer engine.

Where are you located and do you have recommended installers?

Out Board Motors 
Out-Board Motors I have a 1991, 175 hp yahama out board it is a 2 stroke and mixes oil and gas automatically. Is there a way to improve gas mileage with …

HHO Mileage 
Fit HHO Generator on mpfi engine increases torque but decreased mileage.

3.2 Litre Turbo Murano Diesel 
What needs to be done too install HHO safely on the turbo engine?

How Much Needed For The Production off H2 Gas 
I have the following cars; Mercedes Benz sprinter 3 ltr 6 cylider diesel Mercedes Benz vito 2.2 ltr 4 cylinder diesel Fiat Punto 1.4/16v 4 cylinder …

H2O Resevoir Capacity? 
How often does the 2 qt. reservoir have to be filled? Is there an electrolyte involved? If so, what is it specifically and does it have to be bought …

Only HHO Fuel 
Is it or will it ever be possible to run entirely on HHO Gas?

HHO Application For Semi-Trucks 
What is the difference between HHO and the "ortho" HHO? Could you explain to me in another way, please? I missed your original explanation. You report …

Ford F-150 Supercrew 
I have converted many cars to HHO, however, I just recently purchased a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4.6L and found it has no MAP sensor. I asked Just Answer …

Lack of improvement 
I installed a system a month ago and have not noticed any improvement with 5 tankfuls of fuel, 4 of them on a long trip. Which of your accessories should …


2001 F 250 7.3 Diesel  
What ECM related components will be needed? Looking for the most dependable system.

2005 chev durmax 
Do I need a map or maf sensor enhancer for my truck? And how many leaders a min do I need?

HHO chip; MAF or MAP Sensor Enhancer and EFIE 
I heard the HHO Kit will not work on 2010, 2011 model cars. The computer can not be fooled due to new technological advancement in the ECU. Is this true? …

2010 Honda Element Can I use a map maf sensor enhancer? 
Hi... I'm thinking use map/maf sensor for my first HHO system because, it's cheaper. ....BUT... I'm still not sure about MAP or MAF sensor enhancer …

Using FS2 HHO Chip 
Why you do not use the FS2 Volo in your systems, when not using an EFIE? How patches (deceive) the signal to the computer without an Efie ?


Who has the best water to gas system ? 
I am just looking into this water to gas on vehicles. I don't know much about this system. I see lots of companies selling. I am not sure who has the …

Who Is Certified To Install The Hydrogen Generator To Work The Best? 
Who is certified to install the equipment on my Freightliner with a 14-Liter Detroit Diesel so that it runs at its peak?

Load On Alternator? 
I've got a Freight-Liner with a 427 engine: I'm concerned about the load on my alternator. What stopped me 2 years ago was finding out I'd be burning …

How the plates connect 
I have read many things on hydrogen generators and how to build them and false promises etc. My questions is for inside the device, are the plates …

Non Computer Diesel in Excellent Condition 
Should I expect a significant increase in fuel mileage above the 15 mpg highway I now get? Thanks.

High Elevation 
What effect will high elevation have on the water4gas system?

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too much hho gas? 
I see know that I was using too much hho gas. My truck 02 toyota tacoma on idle it turns off until I run it for a couple seconds at higher idle. Did …

Diesel Conversion 
Once you have installed the Hydrogen generator on a diesel engine how do you reduce the flow of diesel to get gas savings?

diesel equiped with MAP / MAF and two 02 sensors 
Hi, my Diesel car has MAP / MAF and two 02 sensors. I have installed a HHO kit. Many sites say with diesel no enhancers are required. I have seen a decrease …

effect on cat converter 
One web site suggests that these systems should not be turned on until the converter reaches full operating temperature, ie about 10 minutes. Any comment? …

Conditioning Plates 
I've found a procedure for conditioning generator plates, adjusting generator electrolyte concentration, but did not flag it and as I am approaching start …

MAP Sensor enhancers and EFI enhancers 
With a HHO Kit do you need both MAP sensor and EFI enhancers or can you get away with juts the EFIE or vice versa? Regards Dave

MAP Sensor enhancers and EFI enhancers 
With a HHO Kit do you need both MAP sensor and EFI enhancers or can you get away with juts the EFIE or vice versa? Regards Dave

Can the Hydrogen Freeze? Obviously the Water to Generate the gas can freeze. What precautions must be taken in cold climates?

MAP or MAF Sensor 
Can your MAP/MAF sensor enhancer get the engine in trouble by leaning the air/fuel mixture out too much?

Do I need an EFIE or a MAP Enhancer? 99 Honda Civic 
I have a 1999 Honda Civic DX (D16y7 engine 1.6L), multi-port fuel injection. Do I need an EFIE to modify the voltage coming from the o2 sensors off …

My MAF plug only has 2 wires  
I have the MAF sensor enhancer ,however my unit( plug of maf sensor) only has 2 wires on it how do I hook up the enhancer to that.

You say it will not freeze until -64F. What keeps it from freezing?

Chevy Tahoe 
I have been dabbling with HHO on my Tahoe for the last 9 months. I first started my quest by building my own generator, a Smack Booster, using simple parts …

Hiring A Mechanic For HHO Installation 
Hello, I read here that if one isn't comfortable with their own HHO installation, they should hire a mechanic. In your opinion, are most mechanics …

Can I install this myself or do I need a mechanic. How long does it take to install?

EFIE vs o2 Extenders 
I bought an HHO kit that came with O2 extenders. Are the EFIEs better?

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