need to prove to my self

by joseph
(locustgrove ga usa)

"The Genesis Hydrogen Kit" how much HHO will it make I have a 6cly 3.9l dodge truck that I would like to install and test before I invest more what kind of fuel mileage would be expected it now gets 13 city 19 highway .

Just a comment there has been some question about total running an engine on hydrogen in the late 90's I attended a alt fuels course in California and we were playing with a Ford Ranger running on hydrogen so it can be done. We had a few issues with server intake back fires

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Hi Joseph,

Yes, running a vehicle on just HHO gas can be done. Hydrogen history and Stan Meyer may interest you. However, that is not we are trying to do here. We concentrate on supplementing your fuel.

The Genesis Hydrogen Kit is for smaller engines, labs and senior projects. But, also for people like yourself to prove that is works before installing a more efficient and a less maintenance system. It is hard to say how much, every vehicle is different. There are too many variables, what shape your car is in, tire pressure, how you drive, where you drive etc.

Thanks For Sharing Your Question. We have a new product line up, it will be on the website by Sunday night (hopefully).

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