Commercial Engines

Semi Trucks Hydrogen Generator Kits

Semi Truck Boxes


Commercial Fishing Boats

RVs and Working Trucks/Vans

The D-20 Hydrogen Generators
(For Up To 19 Liter Engines or 19000cc)

Twin D-20 and D-24 Hydrogen Generators
( For Over19 Liter Engines or 19000cc)

EGR Delete-Max Power Module

Passenger Vehicles

Kits For Passenger Vehicles

The S-7 - For 4 and 6 Cylinder Engines
(Up To 4.9 liters)

The D-7 - For 8 Cylinder Engines
(For 5 - 7.9 liters)

Which Kit Do I Need?

Enhancement For Passenger Vehicles

Hydrogen Car Conversion

MAP Sensor Enhancer


The FS2 HHO Chip

HHO Chip Vehicle List A-K

HHO Chip Vehicle List L-Z

Automotive Performance Chips (no HHO)

Fuel Economy Chips (no HHO)

Hydrogen Documents


Canada E.T.V.


Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act


Hydrogen On Demand

12 Things You Should Know...

Removing Carbon Buildup

Hydrogen History

Hydrogen Electrolysis

What is a PWM?

Hydrogen Cars

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

HHO Safety

Fuel Saving Tips

Car Pollution

Fossil Fuels

Auto Oxygen Sensors

Our Customers

Instructions HHO

HHO Maintenance

Hydrogen Generator Catalyst

Bragging Rights

Hydrogen Generator Warranty

Trusted Links

Privacy Policy

Return Policy

Affiliate Program

DIY Hydrogen Parts

Make A Hydrogen Generator

DIY Hydrogen Bubblers and Dryers

HHO PWM- Pulse Width Modulators

Reservoir Tanks

316 SS Fasteners and O-Rings

Check Valves

Float Sensors

Inline Fuse Holders

Relay and Harness

DIY MAP Sensor Enhancer Kit

316l Stainless Steel Wire

Electrode Towers

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