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My name is Doug Coke and I have worked with Hydrogen on Demand since 2010.

In 2018 I took over Hydrogen-Generators-USA. Unfortunately, Rich (the previous owner) passed away.

Together with our different perspectives, his knowledge of hydrogen and my expertise in trucks we worked feverishly making modifications and testing to improve the efficiency of HHO Gas production.

I also have a background in manufacturing automated abrasive blasting equipment, consulting and selling contracts to the Navy Department of Defense.

With over 40 years as a semi-truck mechanic and owning my own shop, I acquired firsthand experience working with hydrogen generators on the road.In the interum I also discovered the importance of electronic programming for on-board computers while working with hydrogen to enhance economic gains.

Building and racing cars all over the United States and Canada really developed my passion for innovation. If you want to win, you have to out engineer your opponents.

Internal combustion engines are incredibly inefficient only using approximately 60% of the fuel, wasting the rest. Hydrogen gas produced by a hydrogen generator burns readily and produces loads of power. It not only allows for less fuel to be consumed, but it cleans your engine, tremendously reduces emissions, and provides more horsepower.

That's why I have worked for over 10 years with a passion to find cleaner energy solutions while improving fuel consumption and reduce emissions.

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