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Hydrogen Generator

Diesel Mileage

Our Hydrogen Generator Kits Are Commercial Grade Quailty.

The price of diesel fuel getting you down? Are you tired of all the diesel fuel additives on the market that don't deliver? We can help. Our kits are specifically designed to improve your semi engine diesel fuel economy.

Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generator Diesel Kit For Anything On The Road

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The D-20 Hydrogen Generator Kit
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Increase Miles Per Gallon

Our customers report 10-35% increase in diesel mileage from the very first tank. Our hydrogen conversion kits offer better gas mileage percentages then our competitors because of one thing our hydrogen generator design.

So if your concerned about investing money on gas saving products to increase MPG, then invest in our products and experience you will be glad you did.

Gained Horsepower

Hydrogen powered truck owners not only experience substantial increase in miles per gallon, but significant gains in horsepower are also reported with no damage to the engine.

As a matter of fact all test and data on hydrogen for semi trucks has shown hydrogen to increase the longevity of engine life. Just one more way our diesel conversion kits will save you money.

Will HHO Generators Work On Diesel Trucks?

Absolutely! Because diesel engines ignite at top dead center, the hydrogen for semi trucks mixes with the diesel fuel and creates more combustion to drive the piston down, and effectively eliminates wasted fuel.

HHO Gas Generators Are Truly A Green Product

Not only is hydrogen on demand one of the best ways to improve gas mileage, but you can reduce carbon footprint dramatically. Test have shown up to 85% cleaner emissions.

Simple To Install - No Mechanic Needed!

Our trucker kits come preassembled. Pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy installation, all your wiring and connections are done for you. You will shipped a pre-package right away to run your HHO gas fuel hose and wire in your LCD controller. With our quality quick connects you will make 3 connections when your hydrogen generator arrives. Installation Easy!

Hydrogen Generator Design

Engine size and temperature conditions play a heavy factor in determining which hydrogen generator design is right for you . All of our HHO fuel cell designs have been tested for efficiency and durability.

Our diesel generators have impressive track records for reliability, we put them through the most rigorous testing we could find, on the road! Real life endurance testing.

These generators ran almost everyday of the week, for almost 2 years with no failures. Our cutting edge designs are not only more efficient then any other generators on the market but they also are the forerunners in ortho HHO gas production.

These efficient cells are producing in the range of 75% ortho HHO gas. Ortho HHO gas is 3 1/2 times more explosive then para HHO gas. One liter of ortho HHO gas is equal to 3 1/2 liters of para hydrogen. This is one of the reasons our clients get better gas mileage gains than other generators on the market. Our S and D series cells are awaiting a patent and come with one of the industry's most generous warranties.

Amp Draw and Liters Per Minute Production

We measure liters per minute with an Alicat, this special designed flow meter observes and measures temperature and calculates into a formula that precisely measures the HHO gas production. made especially for HHO gas taking into account temperature, not oxygen, this makes a substantial difference. Most videos shown measuring HHO gas from a hydrogen cell are using oxygen flow meters, which are around 30% off. Lets say the meter shows 4 LPM, the actual measurement is 2.8 LPM. Let the buyer beware!

Our testing is also performed after the HHO gas has been filtered through a bubbler and dryer as to give us a more precise measurement. Voltage supplied for testing can also skew results. The higher the voltage the better the results.

We measure our production at 13.8 volts which is what a typical vehicles electrical system will supply. With that said to calculate how many liters per minute our hydrogen cells will produce the ratio is 1 LPM at 12 amps.

Temperature Conditions

What good are gas savers that only work during the warmer months? Our unique hydrogen generator design allows you to get the best fuel savings all year round.

All of our hydrogen generator kits can withstand very cold temperatures down to -54 Degrees Fahrenheit or -47 Degrees Celsius. These temperature thresholds are standing ratings, no heater pads or electricity is needed to prevent our system from freezing.

Let Us Earn Your Business

At Hydrogen Water Cars our goal since February 2008 is to bring you the best of the best.

  • The best fuel saving technology money can buy.
  • The best in dependability and durability.
  • The best in efficiency
  • The best MPG gains.

You can buy hydrogen conversion kits for less, anyone can make a hydrogen generator, but no other hydrogen generator at any price can deliver better gas mileage gains at the same amount of amps then our line of commercial grade generators.

So when it comes to investing your hard earned income on a HHO kit, put your money into our knowledge and experience. You will be glad you did.

How To Determine The Size Of Your Engine.
Either by Liters (L) or Cubic Centimeters (cc).

There are a few ways to determine this:

  1. Under your hood check for a sticker.
  2. Look in your owner's manual.
  3. Type your year, make and model into a search engine. e.g. Google
  4. Call your dealer.
  5. If it is not a stock motor, get the serial number and try Googling it that way.

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