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Our goal since February 2008 is to bring you the best of the best when it comes to a hydrogen injection with a HHO generator system.

  • The best fuel saving technology money can buy.
  • The best in dependability and durability.
  • The best in efficiency.
  • The best MPG gains.

Oh sure, you can buy hydrogen conversion kits for a lot less, anyone can make a HHO cell, but no other HHO generator at any price can deliver better gas mileage gains at the same amount of amperage than our line of commercial grade generators - Guaranteed.

Customers using our hydrogen generators for semi trucks are consistently seeing 15 - 35% gains. Our hydrogen injection conversion kits offer better gas mileage percentages then our competitors because of one thing our hydrogen generator design.

So if your concerned about investing money on gas saving products to increase MPG, then invest in our products and experience, you will be glad you did.

Hydrogen Generator Design

Engine size and temperature conditions play a heavy factor in determining which kit is right for you. All of our HHO fuel cell designs utilize industry leading technology and have been tested for efficiency and durability.

Our commercial grade generators have impressive track records for reliability, we put them through the most rigorous testing we could find, on the road. Real life endurance testing. Our cutting edge hydrogen injection designs are not only more efficient but they also are the forerunners in ortho HHO production. These efficient cells are producing in the range of 75% Ortho Hydrogen. Ortho HHO gas is 3 1/2 times more explosive then para hydrogen. One liter of ortho hydrogen is equal to 3 1/2 liters of para hydrogen. This is one of the reasons our clients see better gas mileage gains than other HHO generators on the market.

Hydrogen Injection Amp Draw and Liters Per Minute

We measure liters per minute (LPM) with a flow meter designed to measure HHO gas, not oxygen, this is a lot more accurate. Most videos displaying measured HHO gas are using oxygen flow meters, which are around 30% off. Lets say the meter shows 4 LPM, the actual measurement is 2.8 LPM. Let the buyer beware!

Our testing is also performed after the HHO gas has been filtered through a bubbler and a dryer. The temperature of the gas flow is then calculated through formulas as to give us a precise measurement of actual hydrogen production.

Voltage supplied for testing can also skew results. The higher the voltage the better the results. We measure our production at 13.8 volts which is what a typical vehicles electrical system will supply. With that said to calculate how many liters per minute our generators will produce the ratio is 1 LPM at 12 Amps.

Hydrogen Generator Kits

Hydrogen on Demand burns beautifully for both gasoline and diesel engines with or without turbo. All of our HHO kits are great gas savers, run very efficient and can be installed in just hours. Easy to understand instructions and colorful diagrams and pictures. Technical support if needed by phone, email or Skype. Each hydrogen injection generator is backed with a 2 year warranty.

Which Hydrogen Injection Kit Is Right For My Engine?

This Is Established By The Size Of Your Engine
Either by Liters (L) or Cubic Centimeters (cc)
please click here for help finding your engine size
(takes you to the bottom of this page)

Hydrogen Generator

Engine Size

Commercial Kits

Up To 10 Liters
(or 10000cc)

Hydrogen Generator Kit

Up To 19 Liters
(or 20000cc)

D-20 and D-24
Hydrogen Generator Diesel

20 Liters or More
(20000cc or More)

Twin D-20 and D-24
Diesel Fuel Saver

Hydrogen Cells For Motor Homes

Increase Miles Per Gallon With
Hydrogen Injection Generators

Whether you travel all year round or occasionally in a motorhome the high cost of fuel can be very burdensome on your finances. Lets face it, fuel costs are not going to get any better in the near future.

When its comes to running your motorhome with a hydrogen injection generator, fuel costs are cut considerably. A motorhome fitted with a hydrogen injection system, will experience 20% to 50% better gas mileage, works with diesel and gasoline engines.

We only sell commercial grade HHO kits for our motorhome clients, so you can spend your time enjoying your trip, not in the engine compartment fixing an inferior product.

Installing A Gas Saver Hydrogen Generator

An assembled kit can be installed in 1 hour. The S-12 available un-assembled can be installed in an afternoon.

Is HHO Fuel Safe?

Many people that hear the word hydrogen have visions of the Hindenburg exploding with great fire balls in the sky. The skin of the Hindenburg was highly flammable plus there was a high volume of hydrogen being stored. Our hydrogen generator system often referred to as hydrogen on demand only makes HHO gas when the engine is running. No extra fuel stored or under pressure. You may want to read HHo Safety

For Commercial Working Vehicles Be Sure To Check Out Fuel Saving Tips and Diesel Fuel Economy Tips

Useful Tips Section

RV Fuel Economy Tips

Some of these suggestions don't offer a huge percentage in savings by themselves. But, together they will have a significant impact on your biggest expense in operating a recreational vehicle, fuel costs.

Check Your Tires

This is probably the most over looked fuel saving tip. Proper tire pressure can save 3% on your fuel costs. It also prevents tire failure, premature wear and blowouts from occurring. Use a good quality tire pressure gauge and check them when they are cold, even when they look okay they can be under inflated.

Watch Your Speed

After 60 miles per hour every 5 miles per hour increase will cost you 10 cents more per gallon.

Overdrive and Cruise Control

Using the overdrive decreases speed. As long as you are driving on a fairly flat road, using your cruise control helps save fuel by driving at a constant speed rather than variable speeds.

The Right Gas

Use regular gas for gasoline engines when you fill up unless your owner's manual specifies a higher octane.

Tune Up and Maintenance

Save 10-20% when your engine is properly tuned and maintenced. Oxygen sensors that need to be replaced can cause a 40% reduction fuel economy. A clean air filter can save you up to 10%. Follow your owners manual and do the scheduled maintenance. Use the recommended grade of oil, synthetic oil will increase your fuel economy by 2%. You can read more about this on our fuel saving tips page.


Reduce your fuel costs by eliminating weight that you do not need!

Planning Ahead

If you have planned ahead before departing this saves a lot of unnecessary driving, not to mention your time. A GPS system might be a good investment. If may also benefit you before you leave to do some research on gas prices, so you will know where to fill up.

No Excessive Iding

If you know the engine will be running more than a couple of minutes, turn the engine off.

Air Conditioning

You can save a significant amount by only using your A/C when necessary.

How To Determine The Size Of Your Engine.
Either by Liters (L) or Cubic Centimeters (cc).

There are a few ways to determine this:

  1. Under your hood check for a sticker.
  2. Look in your owner's manual.
  3. Type your year, make and model into a search engine. e.g. Google
  4. Call your dealer.
  5. If it is not a stock motor, get the serial number and try Googling it that way.

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