The S-20 Hydrogen Generator Kit

This hydrogen generator kit is designed for engine sizes
up to 10 liters or 10000cc.

The commercial S-20 is built for gas or diesel engines, can be ran continuous. Popular for work trucks, farm tractors, boats, motorhomes and work vehicles pulling heavy loads.
BulletPre-Assembled BulletEasy Installation BulletQuality HHO Gas
BulletPre-Conditioned BulletPre-Sanded BulletSuperior Parts
BulletDoesn't Freeze BulletTechnical Support Bullet2 Year Warranty

Hydrogen Generator Kit HHO Gas

All of our hydrogen kits have a lot of testing, research and money behind them.

The S-20 generator has seven 16 gauge marine grade 316l stainless steel plates.

Durable 3/4" Thick Starboard material used in marine applications. Quality die cut EPDM rubber gaskets.

Comes with a stout 5 gallon reservoir tank with quality finger tight butress cap.

2 dryers that filter down to 5 micron to keep any contaminents from entering your engine.

The S-20 Hydrogen Generator Kit
Without Trucker Box

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Please Note: The S-20 is for 12 volt systems, if you have a 24 volt system please see the D-24 Hydrogen Generator Diesel Kit.

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No Freezing With Our Generators

Freezing Point Hydrogen Generator

Because of our design and the efficiency of our generators they will not freeze.

Our hydrogen generators will not start to freeze until -54 Fahrenheit or -47 Celsius

Your kit will comes with your catalyst - potassium hydroxide. Please visit our Hydrogen Generator Catalyst page for more information and video.

All Of Our Kits Includes Easy To Read Instructions With Colorful Diagrams
And Technical Support If Needed.

Hydrogen Generator Diesel Warranty

We Have Made The Installation Easy

No Mechanic Needed

The S-20 is delivered to your door assembled, pre-wired and pre-plumbed. There are some exceptions to this with this engine size category where you may not have room to install this as shown e.g. working van or maybe a motorhome. Whatever your situation we will work with you to accomadate your needs.


Quick disconnects make it easy for not only installing but for maintenance.

With 5 connections; HHO gas hose, PWM trigger wire, Cat 5 connection and Negative and Positive to the battery, you are on the road running on hydrogen.

Comes with easy installation instructions and technical support (if needed).

Superior Parts and Design

Our Design

The S-20 hydrogen generator kit is a unique design which incorporates stability with forward thinking science.

With 7 plates, which equates to maximum efficiency, we apply 13.8 volts to 7 plates and are actually running each plate at just under 2 volts.

This is not a dry cell, not by a long shot. Dry cells are inefficient and are prone to voltage leakage. Five years ago we never heard of a "dry cell". not sure where the title comes from as there is nothing dry about them.

Our flow-thru design equates to minimal voltage leakage and maximum performance.

Superior Parts

We go the extra mile on all of our parts making a reliable and durable hydrogen generator diesel system.

  • Anti-Vibration Hardware Technology - Can endure any type of punishment that is thrown its way.
  • Top Notch Electronics
  • Digital Display - Installed inside the cab with Cat 5 cable
  • 5 Gallon Reservoir Tank - Melt welded custom fittings with a quality butress cap.
  • 2 Dryers - Silicone o-rings and 2 extra filters
  • Drain Hose - with quick disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 25' Reinforced Heavy Duty Fuel Hose
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Optional "Trucker" Boxes

hydrogen conversion hydrogen conversion box
S-20 Kit with Trucker Box
NO "L" Brackets
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S-20 Kit with Trucker Box
With "L" Brackets For Side Mounting
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Hydrogen Water Cars

A Hydrogen Generator Kit Will Reduce Carbon Footprint

Not only is hydrogen on demand one of the best ways to improve gas mileage, but you can reduce carbon footprint dramatically. Tests have concluded that adding a hydrogen generator can clean emissions over 50%.

Pre-Sanded, Cleansed and Conditioned

Our thick 16 gauge 316l stainless steel plates are cross sanded.

The stainless steel plates go through a vigorous cleansing and conditioning process. We even go so far as to wear gloves to keep human oils off of the stainless steel plates.

We cleanse the plates for 2 days straight to release chromium, loose iron and debris.

After the plates are truly cleansed we begin the conditioning process. The reason for properly conditioning the stainless steel plates is to build up a layer on the plates that then begin to create magnetic energy.

This process allows the generator to create a higher percentage of ortho hydrogen. Essentially, we can run the hydrogen generator at lower amps thus producing magnetic HHO gas or as otherwise known as ortho hydrogen, a quality HHO gas.

Below is chart to show how much you can save with our hydrogen generator kit.

The chart is based on getting 6 MPG (before HHO) and driving an average of 2,400 miles a week with the cost of fuel at $3.00 a gallon.

Even at a modest percentage of 30% MPG increase, which means you went from 6 MPG to 7.8 MPG, your annual savings would be $14,404.

2400 (miles driven in a week) divided by 7.8 MPG = 307.69 (gallons of fuel) X $3.00 a gallon = $923 So $1200 (cost of fuel at 6 MPG) minus $923 = $277 (Savings)

Every week saving $277. This equates to a yearly saving on fuel costs of $14,404 (277 x 52 weeks)

Not to mention the extra horsepower you will experience when you add HHO, especially going up hills with a heavy load.

Another great benefit is that your emissions will decrease dramatically, 50% or better.

As you can see, you will easily recoup your money invested in our hydrogen kits.
Hydrogen Generator Diesel

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