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This HHO PWM and LCD Controller serves multiple functions to accurately manage any hydrogen on demand system. Whether you are buying a system from our company, someone else, or building your own. Our PWM and LCD Disply Controller Features:

  • Capable of turning your HHO system off and on with a flip of a switch.
  • You choose current or duty cycle
  • A constant current pulse width modulator. Will not go over the maximum current the driver selects to run his HHO System on.
    When the current tries to go above the maximum current value, the duty cycle automatically reduces to maintain the current at its set maximum value. This puts a stop to current run away that has been a widespread problem with other hydrogen systems and Pulse Width Modulators.
  • Placing in the cab of your vehicle the LCD display controller allows you a continuous read out of your hydrogen on demand systems Amps, Volts and Duty Cycle.
  • A fuse to prevent an over current condition from damaging your equipment or wiring.
  • This PWM for hydrogen generaors can control multiple cells (up to it's amperage). If running your PWM over its amperage, you will need to use a larger fuse than the one we include. The 20 AMP HHO PWM should be enough for passenger vehicles. For example with our passenger vehicle kits you will not need to run more than 14 amps.
  • The LCD Display Controller can control multiple PWMs. In this way you can run multiple cells or groups of cells at a higher total amperage.
  • Safety Shut-Off - Two ways to detect when the engine is not running, and shut itself down, this is a critical safety feature.
  • Below is a video that shows you the different functions and capabilities:

    To Read More About Pulse Width modulators please read PWM HHO.

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