PWM HHO stands for pulse width modulator (or pulse width modulation)

What Is A PWM HHO?

A PWM is a relatively recent technique, made practical by recent electronic power switches. Pulse Width Modulators is engaged in a wide variety of applications, ranging from measurement and communications to power control and conversion.

A pulse width modulator works by transmitting data on a series of pulses. The information being transmitted is encoded on the width of these pulses to control the amount of power being sent to a load.

They work by switching the voltage to the load with the appropriate duty cycle; the output will maintain a voltage at the desired level. A true PWM is an electronic switch that turns on and off at an extremely quick rate of speed varying the percentage of time on vs. the time off.

To the load it appears smooth because it's so fast, just like our vision can barely detect the flicker of a fluorescent bulb even though it goes completely off and back on again 120 times a second. The duty cycle of a PWM is the percentage of on-time vs. off-time.

Benefits of PWM for Hydrogen-Generators

There is more than one benefit to your electrolyzer (or hydrogen generator) using a PWM for HHO. It doesn't matter how efficient your HHO generator is, they all warm up the longer they are run. If you were to run an engine for 8 hours straight, by the end of the eight hours, your generator will probably be as much as three times warmer than when you started.

Keeping your HHO system running cool is top priority. If you don't you will start to have an array problems.

The PWM will keep your current averaged out making your HHO system run cool and smooth.

You will also be able, with a quality PWM and electrolyzer, to achieve "Ortho" hydrogen gas. Ortho HHO gas is approximately 3 -4 times more combustible than para hydrogen. This is a much better quality of HHO gas as it provides improvement in combustion efficiency.

Where things start getting ugly is when booster quality is so poor that the energy required to produce the hho gas exceeds the amount of efficiency gained, and/or ortho hydrogen gas percentage suffers. Our PWM HHO are made with quality parts, and come with very easy to install instructions with diagrams.

Below are videos showing you how easy our PWM LCD Displays Function.

Constant Current PWM Function

Voltage Sensing PWM

Adjusting PWM Frequency

Entering Codes - Pulse Width Modulator

Please do not attempt to change codes unless you have spoken to tech support.

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