Hydrogen Generator Diesel

The D-20
Hydrogen Generator Diesel Kit

The D-20 hydrogen generator diesel kit was designed for semi trucks and commercial engines over 10 liters (10000cc) and up to 19 liters (19000cc).

This flow through design is a very efficient HHO system, and is designed to maintain lower operating temperatures at maximum HHO gas production.

Built For Engines Up To 19 Liters (19000cc)

12 or 24 volts

BulletEasy Installation BulletPre-Assembled
BulletSuperior Parts BulletQuality HHO Gas
BulletDoesn't Freeze Bullet2 Year Warranty
BulletTop Notch Electronics BulletTechnical Support
BulletPre-Conditioned BulletPre-Sanded

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The D-20 Hydrogen Generator Diesel Kit

The D-20 Hydrogen Generator Kit
The D-20 Hydrogen Generator Kit with Trucker Box

Please Call 480-388-4028 To Order and Get Your Questions Answered

D-20 Trucker Box
hydrogen generators for semi trucks

Please Call
Doug Coke

We've Made The Installation Easy

No Mechanic Needed

The D-20 HHO Kit is delivered to your door:


Only 5 Connections To Make
& Your Running On Hydrogen

1. Negative to Battery
2. Positive to Battery
3. HHO Gas Hose
4. PWM Trigger Wire
5. LCD Controller Cat 5 Wire

Quick-Disconnects Quick disconnects make it simple.

Comes with easy installation instructions and technical support (if needed).

Quality Electronics

The Dynamic PWM

pwm hho
More Efficient and Better MPG Results

This commercial grade savvy PWM is the latest in PWM technology. Changes the AMPs output according to your RPMs.

Whats that mean? The HHO Gas output varies with your engines needs. This maintains the right HHO gas to air ratio entering your engine.

RPMs If you have high engine RPMs, you need more HHO gas injection. If you have low RPMs or when your Idling you need a lot less HHO gas. The Dynamic PWM will set the right amperage at your cruise RPMs, however it will change its HHO gas output based on the engine RPMs.

LOAD This Dynamic PWM has a MAP signal so it can monitor your load. The amount of fuel your engine needs changes, even at the same RPMs. For example, when you are traveling down a grade you can have high RPMs but low demand. As well as when you are under heavy load, like traveling up a grade but your RPMs are relatively low.

Driver Demand It also has a communicates with the throttle position as the driver requests various amounts of power.


The LCD Display will allow you to manage your hydrogen generator system from your cab. You will have continuous readings on:



Duty Cycle


It will also tell you any errors, if they come up.

With our trucker kits you will only be using between 22 - 28 amps from your battery.

The frequency can be controlled from 65 Hz to 10 Kha.

The duty cycle is controlled automatically from 0% to 100%.

Master On/Off Switch - Capable of turning your entire HHO generator system on and off.

Safety Switch - An essential safety feature, there are two ways of detect when your engine is not running and Shuts your hho system down. You don't want to be creating hydrogen when you are not using it, that is why it is called hydrogen on demand.

To learn more about pulse width modulators please see our PWM HHO page.

No Freezing With Our Generators

Freezing Point Hydrogen Generator

Because of our design and the efficiency of our hydrogen generator diesel kits, they will not freeze.

The D-20 HHO Generator Kits are made to run with potassium hydroxide.

Our hydrogen generators will not start to freeze until -54 Fahrenheit or -47 Celsius Please visit our Hydrogen Generator Catalyst page for more information and video.

Superior Parts and Design

Hydrogen Generator Design

These hydrogen generator diesel kits unique design incorporates stability with forward thinking science.

This is not a dry cell, not by a long shot. Dry cells are inefficient and are prone to voltage leakage.

Our flow-thru hydrogen generator design equates to minimal voltage leakage and maximum performance.

pwm hho

pwm hho

Superior Parts

We go the extra mile on all of our parts making a reliable and durable hydrogen generator diesel system.

  • Anti-Vibration Hardware Technology - Can endure any type of punishment that is thrown its way.
  • Top Notch Electronics
  • Digital Display - Installed inside the cab with Cat 5 cable
  • 5 Gallon Reservoir Tank - Melt welded custom fittings with a quality butress cap.
  • 2 Dryers - Silicone o-rings and 2 extra filters
  • Drain Hose - with quick disconnects
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • 25' Reinforced Heavy Duty Fuel Hose

Pre-Sanded, Cleansed and Conditioned

Our thick 16 gauge 316l stainless steel plates are cross sanded.

The stainless steel plates go through a vigorous cleansing and conditioning process. We even go so far as to wear gloves to keep human oils off of the stainless steel plates.

We cleanse the plates for 2 days straight to release chromium, loose iron and debris.

After the plates are truly cleansed we begin the conditioning process. The reason for properly conditioning the stainless steel plates is to build up a layer on the plates that then begin to create magnetic energy.


HHO Financing

With the savings you can get with your hydrogen generator diesel system your monthly payment will be paid for in approximately the first 4 days of each month.

Financing available through our 3rd party financing company that specializes in working with the trucking industry.

If you are interested in financing your hydrogen kit please Contact Us
or Print the Finanacing Application where you can Fax, Email or Contact them with your credit application information.

Hydrogen Generator Diesel Savings Chart

Below is chart to show how much you can save with our hydrogen generators.

The chart is based on getting 6 MPG (before HHO) and driving an average of 2,400 miles a week with the cost of fuel at $3.00 a gallon.

Even at a modest percentage of 30% MPG increase, which means you went from 6 MPG to 7.8 MPG, your annual savings would be $14,404.

2400 (miles driven in a week) divided by 7.8 MPG = 307.69 (gallons of fuel) X $3.00 a gallon = $923 So $1200 (cost of fuel at 6 MPG) minus $923 = $277 (Savings)

Every week saving $277. This equates to a yearly saving on fuel costs of $14,404 (277 x 52 weeks)

Not to mention the extra horsepower you will experience when you add HHO, especially going up hills with a heavy load.

Another great benefit is that your emissions will decrease dramatically, up to 85%.

As you can see, you will easily recoup your money invested in our hydrogen kits for your trucking business. Most of our customers recoup their investment in 40 days as they are saving up to $75 to $150 a day in fuel.
Hydrogen Generator Diesel

Hydrogen Water Cars

Hydrogen Safety
The D-20
Hydrogen Generator for Semi Trucks

Built For Anything on the Road

hydrogen generator financing

Large Engine Financing
Please See Near Bottom of Page For More Information.

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