Hydrogen Gas Generator
Box For Diesel Engines

Designed specifically for the
D-20 Hydrogen Generator kit.

hydrogen gas generator for trucks

Super Heavy Duty
Trucker Box

Sharp looking and durable steel hydrogen gas generator box made from 14 gauge steel powder coated finish.

Customized for our hydrogen generators from a company that specializes in manufacturing boxes for commercial trucking, construction, and the agriculture indusrty.

hydrogen gas generator

Easy Durable Slide Out

With this convenient slide out rated for 200 lb. you can easily access any part of your hydrogen generator system.

Making it effortless to access your filters for cleaning and adding distilled water to your HHO reservoir tank.

hydrogen gas generator

T-Handle Key Latch

Designed and built to keep your hydrogen generator safe and secure.

Lockable stainless steel adjustable T-Handle Key Latch, which can be keyed alike.

hydrogen gas generator
HHO Financing
With the savings you can get with your hydrogen gas generator your montlhy payment will be paid for in approximately the first 4 days of each month.

Financing available through our 3rd party financing company that specializes in working with the trucking industry.

If you are interested in financing your hydrogen kit please Contact Us
or Print the Financing Application where you can Fax or Email your credit application information.

Trucker's Box Deminsions

24" Tall 25" Wide and 27" Deep

hydrogen for semi trucks

Hydrogen Water Cars
Hydrogen Water Cars

Please Call If You Have Questions

Hydrogen Water Cars

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