Volo Performance Chip VP16



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Easy Plug N Play


The VP16 Progammer easily plugs right into your OBD2 Port.

It has "memory" meaning if you need to unplug it from your OBD2 port, it immediately remembers your vehicles's previous settings.

The 3.5" Touch Screen Display easily attaches magnetically to your windsheild.

Performance Gains

+10-30HP +12-40FTLB Torque +15-18%MP

Gains dependent on displacement, aspiration,
and selected tuning mode.

Want To Reprogram For A
Different Vehicle Later? - No Problem

With over 4,000+ mapped engines you can easily reprogram your VP16 Chip for another vehicle.

Customizable Display

Unlimited Chip Tuning Software

Saving You Money

  • ECO Tune Mode Increasing Efficiency Up To 18%
  • Your Avererage and Instant MPG
  • Fuel Consumption Measured Down To The Ounce
  • Trip Cost Display
  • Chart Efficiency Over Time
  • ECO Indicator helps you Save Fuel
  • Accurate Odometer & Speedometer Can Compensate For Changes In Tire Size
  • volo-chip-vp16

    Chip Tuning Software

    Unlimited Vehicle Modifications

    4 Default Guage Layouts with 12 Customizable Parameters.
    Tire Bezel

    Dyno Any Place & Anytime


    Power Tune Mode safely adjusts your vehicle's fuel delivery & timing to produce an extra 10-30HP, depending on displacement and aspiration.

    The Volo core firmware consistently and accurately measures HP and Torque in real time.

    The diagnostic tools also allow you to view and clear trouble codes.
    Easily upload and share dyno results with your PC.
    Test your 0-60 & 1/4 mile times.
    Capable of Creating and comparing unlimited dyno charts.

    Lifetime Warranty

    If you experience any defects with your VP16 Chip, we will gladly replace it at anytime.
    Satisfaction Gauranteed

    If for some reason you are not satisfied with your VP15 at any time we will send you a refund.
    fuel saving with obd chips

    The VP16 Performance Chip Includes

  • VP16 Touchscreen Power Programmer
  • V-Link Software(via Download)
  • Quick Connect OBD Cable
  • USB Adapter
  • Quickstart Guide
  • Free Firmware Updates

VP16 Touchscreen Power Programmer V-Link Software(via Download) Quick Connect OBD Cable USB Adapter Quickstart Guide Free Firmware Updates


Processor: High Speed 32-bit 48MHz Volo Core
Storage: 8GB
PWM: 5V 1-150Hz Dual Channel
Sleep Mode Current Draw: ~15mA
Screen: 3.5' Diagonal - Full Color - Resistive Touch
Size: 115x69x25mm (4.5x2.7x0.9in)
Temperature Range: -20 to 70°C

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