How Hydrogen On Demand Works

There is a misconception that Hydrogen On Demand is burning HHO Gas along with your gasoline or diesel fuel and therefore increases your miles per gallon or MPG.
HHO Gas is a supplement to your fuel system, it helps burn your gasoline or diesel more efficiently.

HHO Gas is 2 parts hydrogen gas, and 1 part of oxygen gas (by volume), it is also called oxyhydrogen or Brown's Gas, after the scientist who created it. The better the electrolyzer design, the more superior the Brown's Gas will be.

With a hydrogen generator and a small amount of electricity from your vehicles battery and you can generate a process called hydrogen electrolysis.

Hydrogen Electrolysis

Electrolysis splits the molecular structure of water,Hydrogen On Demandwhich separates into hydrogen and oxygen molecules producing HHO Gas. This hydrogen gas is then supplied to your engine through your air intake manifold. There, it increases the flame speed during the combustion process.

When the flame speed is increased, more of the fuel is burned through the power stroke and the exhaust stroke. In turn, helping you burn your fuel more efficiently. This causes a great reduction in unburned petroleum being expelled from the engine as pollution.

The added combustion of the hydrogen gives you more horsepower, and ultimately a reduction of gasoline to run your engine saving you fuel. Your engine will run calmer, smoother and cooler making your engine last longer.Hydrogen On Demand It also greatly reduces your emissions by cleaning out the carbon deposits in your engine, about 50%, sometimes more.

The combustible gas mixture produced is generated as needed and not stored on board the vehicle, hence the name "Hydrogen on Demand". Which makes it very unique from other types of alternative energy.

Because the HHO gas is being used as it is created, it is safer than vehicles that store hydrogen liquid. It is also more environmentally friendly than hydrogen fuel cell cars.

What really sets hydrogen on demand apart, is with all the millions of vehicles on the road, you can convert them into hydrogen hybrid cars now and have a hydrogen engine with just the turn of your ignition key.

This Article Is Meant To Explain The Basics Of HOD

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Hydrogen Safety
HHO Safety Rule #1 - Only On When The Engine Is RUNNING Your hydrogen generator must only operate when the vehicle's engine is running....

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