12 Things You Should Know About
Hydrogen Conversion Kits

A Hydrogen Generator Buying Guide

With hydrogen conversion kits you can turn your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid, it may be easier than you realize.

This HHO buying guide will help you understand the features and characteristics you will want to look for in a hydrogen generator. The more knowledgeable you become about hydrogen generators, the better choice you will make on your purchase. Take a little time. Do not rush.

1. Hydrogen Generator Temperature

hho gas

The temperature range of the generator is very important. If you only learn one thing form this hydrogen conversion kits guide, let it be this. Because so many systems on the market are not very efficient, they have heat issues.

This is something most HHO companies will not discuss or they will shave the truth on the subject. If the voltage disbursed across the plates is not efficient, heat problems will start to occur.

Many hydrogen cells will start out with lower temperatures, but the longer they are run they begin to get hot. Many generators are designed to shut off when they get hot and then turn back on when cooled. What benefit is a hydrogen car that only saves you fuel half of the time?

Bottom Line - A hydrogen generator running at high temperatures produces steam, which is harmful to the engine.

2. AMP Draw from the HHO Generator

How Many amps does the hydrogen generator draw? This is what a HHO generator pulls from your vehicles battery. Your alternator supplies current to the battery and other electrical devices.

Too much current or amp draw taxes the alternator and will make the engine work harder, which in turn burns more gas. Some units, are like runaway freight trains, climbing in amps and heat temperature the longer they are operated.

Many systems on the market, draw to many amps and end up requiring a way to cool the system. A PWM, which stands for pulse with modulator is a device used in most generators systems to keep them from over heating by governing or throttling the amp draw. A PWM has other attributes, having to do with creating a different type of HHO gas called ortho hydrogen. However not all pulse width modulators will get you to the frequency needed to accomplish this.

3. LPM - HHO Gas

Liters Per Minute, there is a lot of debate on not only how to measure the HHO gas output of a hydrogen generator, but also how much is needed. This is very over-rated, the actual efficiency of the generator should be a much higher priority than how many liters per minute your generator is producing. For what ever reason though this seems to be where the evaluation of an HHO system is for most people.

When you see a video on the internet, voltage is usually coming from a voltage supply unit, not connected to the battery, we call it "bench testing". How many volts do they have it set on?

A vehicle's electrical system will produce anywhere from 13.6 to 14.2 volts. The point being, if the voltage is high much higher while measuring HHO gas, it's not a realistic example of what you can expect from your vehicle's battery.

Another note about bench testing, if the voltage and amps are high while doing a LPM test, the HHO generator itself will be hot and start producing steam. When this happens steam is exiting the hose(what you see usually bubbling in a jar) not just HHO gas. Not a true HHO gas output measurement, and again, steam is bad for your engine.

We have spoken to several technicians that work for companies that manufacture meters, unless it is specifically made for hydrogen gas, it is not going to be even close to an accurate reading. However a few techs said the empty liter bottle test, submerged in water, could give you an approximation of measurement, if it is done correctly. hho gasHow does the consumer know if the container is a full liter?

But remember, where is the voltage set and are they measuring HHO gas along with steam? Beware of video trickery!

As far as how much HHO gas is needed for hydrogen conversion kits depends on the size of your engine.

Is there such a thing as too much HHO Gas? There is definitely a point where after a certain amount of hydrogen gas it doesn't change the equation, in fact if you keep increasing the amount of HHO gas, you will climax and plateau at some point, and your hydrogen car MPG will actually start to decline.

4. Freezing Point of Hydrogen Conversion Kits

This is an important thing to know.hho gas Especially if you live where the temperature drops below freezing. Eventually the heat from hydrogen electrolysis will unfreeze the water, depending on how frozen it is, that could be about the time you arrive at your destination.

If your hydrogen generator freezes solid and there is not enough room for the water to expand it can easily crack your housing.

Please take heed to information stating that adding alcohol or other mixtures to your generator will prevent freezing. It will change the electrolysis process, changing your HHO gas output.

5. Computer Modification for Hydrogen Conversion Kits

Unless you have an older vehicle, that has a carburetor engine, your vehicle probably has a computer. If so, you will need to modify it for hydrogen conversion kits. Most vehicles 1996 and newer do have a computer. You really won't be able to factor the cost of this until after you have installed your hydrogen system, every engine is different, but you can figure on anywhere from 40-200 dollars. Some kits will come with a MAP or MAF Sensor Enhancer that hooks up to your MAP or MAF Sensor, and or an EFIE Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer, that controls the O2 sensors.

Another option instead of a MAP Sensor Enhancer or EFIE is a HHO Chip . This is an easier to install option with about an 80% success rate.

A lot of people who are increasing their MPG with hydrogen gas, experiment further with other sensors and little tricks to get even better MPG. To understand this further, please see Hydrogen Car Conversion.

6. Maintenance For Hydrogen Conversion Kits

This is often an over-looked consideration when buying a hydrogen generator. Do you want to check under the hood every other day or week to see where your water level is? Adding a reservoir tank may eliminate this. Do you want to worry all the time about the amps climbing, therefore installing or carrying an amp meter? Do you want to be consistently watching over your amps to make sure your system is functioning properly? How often will you need to drain the HHO generator on your hydrogen hybrid and put fresh solution in? This will depend on how much you drive, the type of catalyst being used, how much water it holds. The grade of steel and components will be a determining factor on how often the system will have to be cleaned.

7. Quality of Hydrogen Generator Parts

The heart of your generator, is the metal used to aid in hydrogen electrolysis to produce what is called "Brown's gas". The only real answer to this is 316L stainless steel, 316 stainless steel it cost about 35% more than 302 or 304 stainless steel but the difference you will see in corrosion over time is significant. Make sure they are using all 316 stainless steel, inside and out. Are all of the materials being used are resistant to the catalyst mixture? . Are they supplying good quality hose, which can bend fairly easy but will not collapse?

8. HHO Generator Dimensions for Hydrogen Conversion Kits

Some vehicles have very little room under the hood. So evaluating the space you have available is essential. We have heard of some creative places, and some rearranging of engine components, e.g. replacing an air filter with a smaller after-market unit. Moving your vehicles battery to a different location such as the trunk can get you the extra space needed. Placing your generator between your grill and radiator is a choice for many.

But, don't make it to difficult to get to it later, you will need to drain your generator ounce or twice a year. Stay away from placing your hydrogen generator near sources of high heat.

9. Pre-Conditioned and Seasoned Plates

These are 2 different processes and they should be considered when purchasing. Pre-conditioned plates should be cross-sanded and handled with gloves as not to get plates oily for maximize hydrogen production.

Seasoned plates (hardly any company does this) are when a generator is run for days or weeks continually, until plates become cleansed and coated to reach maximum efficiency and performance. The effects of this process is substantial, seasoned plates can eliminate hundreds of miles of driving your new hydrogen car engine before the generator is running at its peak performance level. It also cleanses the plates from initial debris from the steel.

10. Installation Instruction for
Hydrogen Conversion Kits

See if the company you are considering purchasing from has good instructions, high quality diagrams for installation. Do they answer their phones and provide technical support if you need it?

11. Warranty on the HHO Generator

Find out if it comes with a warranty and what exactly it covers to help you decide on your purchase. How long have they been in business? Will they still be there 6 months from now?

12. Additional HHO Generator Costs

Here is a list of things you may still need after you purchasing hydrogen conversion kits to turn your vehicle into a hydrogen hybrid. Look over this list; some are optional depending on the system you choose. Additional items can add up quick and can be hard to shop for, not to mention time consuming.

    Bullet Fuel Hose
    Bullet Hose Clamps
    Bullet Fittings -Barbed Elbows, "T" Or "Y" Connectors
    Bullet Electrical Wire
    Bullet Wire Connectors
    Bullet Wire Rings
    Bullet Wire Loom And Cable Ties
    Bullet Mounting Bracket(s) - Depending On The Placement In Your Engine
    Bullet Flashback Or Spark Arrestor (not needed if you have a bubbler)
    Bullet Catalyst e.g. Potassium Hydroxide
Additional Items You May Need Or Want For Installation
    Bullet Drill Bit and Tap (for the elbow hose fitting into air intake)
    Bullet Bucket And Stir Stick
    Bullet Funnel
    Bullet Latex Gloves And Other Protective HHO Safety Wear
    Bullet AMP Reader
    Bullet Volt Meter
    Bullet Distilled Water
    Bullet Plumbers Goop
    Bullet Various Hand Tools

Printable Hydrogen Generator Buying Guide Chart

Please Print The Comparison Chart For Hydrogen Conversion Kits Below (In PDF Form) To Help You Choose The Right Hydrogen Generator For You To Turn Your Vehicle Into A Hydrogen Hybrid.

Printable HHO Buying Guide Comparison Chart

We Hope You Have Found Ths Buying Guide For Hydrogen Conversion Kits Useful. If You Have Any Questions Please Feel Free To Call Or Email Us.

If you have a question about hydrogen conversion kits or any other question about hydrogen on demand, please click below.

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