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Learn how to mix your hydrogen generator catalyst solution safely & easily.
About Your HHO Catalyst solution.
Where to purchase your catalyst.

Mixing Your Hydrogen Generator Catalyst

hho electolyte

What You Will Need

1. Clean Bucket
2. Distilled Water
3. Potassium Hydroxide
4. Paint Paddle
5. Gloves & Mask
6. Spray Bottle with Disilled vinegar & Water

VERY IMPORTANRT: Never use anything other than distilled water or steamed distilled water in your hydrogen generator. Distilled or steamed distilled water is inexpensive and can be found in grocery stores and drug stores.

Do Not Use well water, tap water, reverse osmosis, spring water or purified water. The impurities disturb the electrolysis process, the minerals in tap water will attack your stainless steel plates.

Mixing HHO Electrolyte Video

The above video shows mixing catalyst for a large engine. Please see instructions for your hydrogen generator kit to determine how much catalyst to use.

Best Type of Hydrogen Generator Catalyst

We use one type of catalyst for your HHO electrolyte solution. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). 99+% Pure Sodium Hydroxide / Caustic Soda Beads

Do Not Use- Drain cleaners from home improvement stores, they contain diluted amounts and other chemicals.

Where To Buy Sodium Hydroxide

buy sodium hydroxide

Finding it Locally

If you live in a largely populated area and want to find it locally, using your search engine, input your city and state and either;

"sodium hydroxide"
"chemical companies"
"soap making companies"
"janitorial supplies"

International Customers

International We cannot ship hydrogen generator catalyst to international customers. The company mentioned above may ship to you but your shipping costs may be high.

To buy sodium hydroxide in your country try inputting into your search engine the city, state or providence and country and either:
kg to lbs Conversion

1 kg = 2.2 lbs
2 kg = 4.4 lbs
3 kg = 6.6 lbs
Solution - 1 kilograms multiplied by 2.2 = 2.2 lbs.

When To Refill The Reservoir Tank
and When To Change Out The Soution

Our passenger vehcile customers should change there hho electrolyte solution twice a year. One time right before winter is best, we usually tell our customers; once in fall and then again in the spring.

For heavy commuters please change your hho solution every 4 months.

For our large engine customers, like semi truck drivers, you should change your hho electrolyte every 2 months.

Hydrogen Water Cars

What Else is Potassium Hydroxide Used For?

Soap making Fertilizers Biodiesel production Alkaline batteries
Dyes Cleaning breweries Softening olives Glazing pretzels
Used in the production of aluminum Paper making to separate lignin from cellulose fibers Washing or chemical peeling of fruits and vegetables Caramel color production
Chocolate and cocoa processing Scalding poultry Unclogging drains Used in chemical analysis to measure the concentration of acids

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