Removing Carbon Buildup
with HHO Gas

All combustion engines produce carbon. Carbon accumulates in the air intake, combustion chamber and exhaust system.

It is a sticky substance of chemicals that in a short amount of time will harden, becoming carbon. The carbon will restrict proper movement and functionality of parts and passageways.

removing carbon buildup Gradually it chokes your engine, preventing it from breathing properly.

It also restricts air movement from being sucked into the engine and being expelled out of the tail pipe.

How Carbon Buildup Damages Your Engine

BulletDecreases Fuel Economy BulletRough Idle & Vibration
BulletDecreased Acceleration BulletVehicle Computer Throwing Codes
BulletEngine Noise BulletImpedes Horsepower

How HHO Gas Keeps Your Engine Clean

With a hydrogen generator you are continuously cleaning your engine.

HHO Gas is a safe and omnipotent way to remove carbon deposits from your engine.

When the fuel is ignited the gasses burn with it, The HHO gas acts as a catalyst and strips the carbon deposit from the engine. It is then displaced through your exhaust in small particles..

10 Reasons to Decarbonize Your Vehicle
by Installing a Hydrogen Generator

BulletHelps Restores Your Engine BulletSave Money on Parts & Labor
BulletHelps Pass Smog Tests BulletImproves Gas Consumption
BulletLess Vibrating & Sputtering BulletDecreases Engine Noise
BulletImproves Performance BulletExtends Engine Life
BulletRestores Horsepower BulletLowers Emissions Dramatically

Hydrogen Water Cars

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Hydrogen Safety
The D-20
Hydrogen Generator for Semi Trucks

Built For Anything on the Road

Hydrogen Safety
The D-20
Hydrogen Generator for Semi Trucks

Built For Anything on the Road

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