HHO Maintenance

The HHO maintenance to keep your hydrogen generator
system running effeiciently.

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Clean Your Dryer Filter

How: Simply rinse the filter under tap water, shake off excess water and insert back into dryer housing. No need wait until they dry.

When: This depends on how often you drive, an average passenger vehicle driver should clean the filters every 3 months. A heavy commuter, approximately every 6 weeks.

Our full time truckers and large engine customers should clean their filters every couple of weeks.

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Replenish Your Reservoir Tank

How: Using only Distilled Water, keep the electrolyte solution at least 2 inches from the top of the reservoir.

If you drive on bumpy roads you may want to hold the electrolyte level even lower, so the solution does not enter the dryer.

When: Depending on how much you drive, an average driver will need to replinish approximately every 3rd time they fill up with fuel. You will quickly get a feel for this the longer you have your hydrogen on demand system.

Our truck drivers use approximately 1 gollon for every 400 gallons of fuel.

Replenish the reservoir with distilled water when the level gets to within 1 inch from the bottom or sooner.

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Change Your Electrolyte Solution

How: Please see our hydrogen generator catalyst page.

When: Our passenger vehcile customers should change there hho electrolyte solution twice a year. One time right before winter is best, we usually tell our customers; once in fall and then again in the spring.

For heavy commuters please change your hho solution every 4 months.

For our large engine customers, like semi truck drivers, you should change your hho electrolyte every 2 months.

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Dryer Filters

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