Older vehicles

by Tarry Mayhew
(Augusta, MI USA )

Can your kits work on older vehicles and motor homes that have a carburetor? Or TPI and throttle body injections? And if it's carbureted and has no chip will your kit still work?

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Peter,

Yes, you can use the nipple into the air intake.

You will need 2 PWM so you can tune each engine individually.

Where to feed the gas hose
by: Peter

On a 4.3 L engine on a boat with carburetor and flame arrestor where do you connect the gas hose
and is it possible to connected directly into the intake manifold where already is nipple available.
Also the average RPM 3500 what kit do you recommend
Can the PWM work on two engines at the same time.

Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Yes, our kits will work with all of those injections and if it has a carburetor with no chip.

Please contact us with more information on your vehicle and we can help you with the best set up.


Thank You

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