baking soda as catalyst

by wayland martin
(chiefland, FL USA)

What is the ratio of distilled water to baking soda used

in the genesis generator ? What is a good starting mix ?

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Use of bakeing soda as catalist
by: Earl

Bakeing soda creates a poisenous gas, it is better to use common lye. and very little of it. like in a quart jar? two or three flakes, by no means any where near a tea spoon, more like a 1/4 tsp. and that may be too much. Start out with just water, then add a flake at a time till you reach the amount of output you want, too much and you will cause your unit to over heat and start drawing too much current. Your only going to get about 1.5 liter per min and if you add more, you may get more for a few minutes but you will have a melt down and destroy your whole unit. SO go real easy on the lye. Don't use bakeing soda. It produces poisen.
This is a combination of experience and research.

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I want to say first that in any of our larger generator systems you cannot use baking soda.

In smaller hydrogen generators using mason jars, or wire coiled units etc. and you want to use baking soda only use about 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water.

Thank You

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