Emissions testing and PWM controller installation

by Michael
(Silver Spring, MD)

In MD emissions testing is performed by plugging into my OBDII port. In order to run without the HHO system would simply turning off the system with the PWM and removing the FS2 HHO chip from the OBDII port return my car to running properly on just gasoline?

Is the PWM controller wireless or would it be necessary to drill through the firewall and run wires behind the dash to install it?

My vehicle is a 2011 Subaru Impreza.

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Yes,when you turn off the HHO system and disconnect the HHO Chip it will return to just running gasoline as before.

No, the PWM is not wireless, you will drill a small hole in your firewall, usually right underneath the dashboard to install the LCD controller on dash or ?

Thank You

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