Marine application in a Jimmy Engine

by Carl Peterson
(Sitka, Alaska)

I have a 671N Detroit diesel rated at 219 HP installed in my commercial fishing vessel. At $4.00-5.15/gal the cost per day to operate is at least $100. I am unsure how to convert the HP to liters. Most of the time we operate the engine at low RPM as I am a troller. Can you steer me the right direction as to sizing etc.

Carl Peterson
f/v Last Dance

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jimmy engine retrofit
by: capt ken

dear carl would like to know if you installed the unit on a 671 jimmy engine. please e-mail me on this . thanks

Response From

Hi Carl,

Okay that cc can't be right (that works out to half of a liter) but that is okay.

The generator I would install the S-12 Hydrogen Generator Kit, this is our smallest commercial grade generator.

If you have more questions, please email, we will see it faster. Or call 541-759-1090.

Thank You

Size of the 671 engine
by: Carl

The engine is 426 cc which I believe coverts to 7 liters.


Response From

Hi Carl,

I tried to Google your engine, but it is still unclear to me how many liters your engine is for sure.

Please try to do this also, maybe including the year, serial number and any other info that might bring up your engine. A mechanic might be able to tell you.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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