I have dry cell 21 plates 4x4 and i need to know of KOH portion

by David
(Las Vegas Nv)

Hi would like to know if you can help me with me 21 plates they are 4x4" and I need to know how much KOH or NAOH I need to add for liter or galon of destiled water how many tea spoon please thanks

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how much KOH?
by: granmar

First, you need to know how many liters your engine capacity is.
Next, you need to generate ⅛ LPM HHO gas for EACH 1 liter engine size. (That means a 3-liter engine needs 3 x ⅛ LPM [ liter-per-minute] HHO gas.)
Then, you have to mix a high concentration of KOH+distilled water - like a 50% solution.
In order to ADD-A-DROP-AT-A-TIME to your reservoir, so that you can accurately measure the production of HHO gas per minute (LPM).
Typically, 1LPM draws about 10-13 amps. Therefore, if you need 3 x 1/8LPM, you should need about 4-6 amps for your engine needs!
Once you determine that solution concentration, you may PRE-MIX your electrolyte in whatever quantities you like.
I hope this helps!

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