LCD panel percentage?

What is the percentage read out on the LCD screen telling me. Percent of what? Also some one ask me today why I don't have to change the water is'nt the Hydrogen being used up? I did not have an answer for them. I recently installed the s-7 in my Toyota. Thanks, Wendell Wells

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Hi Wendell,

The percentage you see on your LCD screen is your duty cycle.

When you say "isn't the hydrogen being used up", I think you mean the catalyst. No, it is analogous
to placing a glass of salt water in the dessert and the water will dry up the salt stays in the glass.

However, you will want to change out your solution. Depending on how much you drive, usually an average/light driver on passenger vehicles should change their solution at least once a year, preferably right before winter.

Thanks for sharing your question.

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