HHO on a gas , electric Generator ?

by Allister Hickey
(Sk. Canada )

Hello , my name is Allister and I would like to know if a HHO Kit would work on a larger gas generator. It is new, 10,000 watt-twin cylinder with a keyed 12 volt electric start. possibly to be used for a food concession trailer and a savings there would be great. thanks ..

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Hi Allister,

Yes, you can use this on your gas generator.

In fact I received an email this morning from a customer in Australia using it on his stationary boat generator and he is getting 29% savings.

Feel free to call and we can help figure out which kit is the right one for that size generator. Might help us if you know how many liters or Ccs it is.

Thank You
541-808-2503 Please ask for Rich

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