by Graham
(United Kingdom)

Hi, I have an hho kit on my 2008 semi truck but can't any results, my truck has a 13 litre turbo diesel engine, the unit uses 1.25 litres of water for 10 hours engine running is this to much water usage? if an engine requires 1/4 litre of gas per 1000cm3 of engine size then my truck would need 3.25 LPM of gas, if I used 1250ml of water that would mean 2325 litres of gas was produced (1.86 litres of gas per 1 ml of water multiply by 1250ml water = 2350 litres of gas), this would leave my engine getting 3.8 litres of gas per minute over 10 hours, would this extra 0.6 lpm of gas leave my truck getting to much gas? the unit does not overheat I can comfortably hold my hand on the cell and if I run water out of the cell into a jar I can hold my finger in the water it only feels warm not hot so I believe the unit is not producing steam. If my unit is not running hot and producing steam then can I accurately work out the gas production by the water the unit uses each day or is this not an accurate way?


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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Graham,

Very hard for us to comment on someone elses hho system. Trying to work out the hho gas production by the water usage is not the accurate way. However if you are using A Lot of water that can be warning sign. I would contact the manufacturer of your hydrogen system.

Thank You

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