diesel equiped with MAP / MAF and two 02 sensors

by Gary

Hi, my Diesel car has MAP / MAF and two 02 sensors. I have installed a HHO kit. Many sites say with diesel no enhancers are required. I have seen a decrease in MPG, can you please advise me how best to beat the computer? what gadgets do I need / not need?


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We don't have the Scorpio in our data base. Ford didn't start using wide band oxygen sensors until 2010, so these are definitely narrow band.

On diesels, usually you don't need EFIEs anyway. Are you sure the sensors are o2 sensors?

I would get the MAP sensor enhancer and if you are sure that they are oxygen sensors then I would also purchase a dual basic analog, or if you want the digital circuitry, the Quad EFIE.

Hope This Helps!

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