HHO Water Temp

by Frank Giammatei
(Newburgh Ny. USA)

It seems to me that I get better explosive power with the water in the electrolyte being hot over 100 degrees seems to produce more gas. I am either looking at steam or hydrogen gas but it seems to work much better when hot.

Also how do I take the moisture out of the gas being produced and take any koh out of the gas going into the engine? My car seemed to run better when I injected the hydrogen ahead of the air cleaner. But I read that I should inject it before the throttle body so I moved it after the MAP Sensor, seems to run worse because there is more moisture in the mix. Can someone answer all my questions here.

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HHO Design and Temp.
by: Steve H

I have been experimenting with HHO since 2012 and find that the water temp is most efficient at around 90c=Hot cup of tea) at around 12psi= 0.8=bar (less than 1 bar) if the pressure is raised the boiling point is lowered and steam will slow or stop the production of HHO and defeat the object.

Ideally keep the Amps down to between 16 to 24A and the volts between 10 to 13.5v depending on the design and size of your hho generator. It only takes 2v to seperate water into hho so make the amount of plates based on 12v to 14v divided by 2=6 or 7 plates per electrode.

My own choice of design.

I used 2 x 316L Stainless Steel 6in x 3/8in bolts, nuts; and washers, 1 Anode and 1 Cathode with 7 x 1 & 1/2 inch HQ SS WASHERS x 7 on the Anode + 7 (washers) on the Cathode spaced with standard 3/8 in nuts.

Many people use way to many plates or place them to close together=good production; but overheat quickly due to huge Amps. idealy 225 watts is very good =18 amps x 12.5v. you need a voltage/amp control unit.

Always use a bubbler to stop a flashback reaching the generator, and if connected to run an Engine use flashback arrestors between the AIR INTAKE and Bubbler.

HHO is safe and clean when used properly.

Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Frank,

Well, you don't want steam, if that were the case we would all be driving steam machines. Steam is not good for your engine.

How you take the moisture out? You will not have the moisture if you are not producing the steam.

You probably need a HHO PWM to keep your amps in line.

To keep any excess vapors from the KOH out, you should have a Dryer and maybe a Hydrogen Bubbler. Please see our DIY Hydrogen page.

Good Luck With Your Hydrogen Generator Project.

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