Multi-displacement Engine

by J

I have a 5.7L Hemi MD engine, where the engine drops from 8 cyl to 4 cyl on the highway when there is no load on engine. Will an HHO system work on this type of engine?

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Yes, an engine's an engine!
by: Anonymous

There's no reason why not. You have different options. One being going with a smaller unit with lesser gains, going with a bigger unit (which I doubt would produce too much HHO) The alternator doesn't change with cylinder deactivation, so it won't draw too many amps even in 4cylinder mode. BTW, Your vehicle is rarely In 4cylinder mode. Another option, but most expensive would be to order 2 small units. One stays on all the time, and the other activates when the other 4 cylinders activate. I'd go with 1 large unit when I get my c7 Corvette with the same technology. Too little (1 Small unit) won't hurt your mileage either, as I have a wet cell system In a massive motorhome with a Chevy Vortec 454. Could use more HHO, But I still see a decent increase in fuel mileage and torque.

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Unfortunately we don't have any experience through our customers or knowledge for multi-cylinder engines. So, we do not have an answer for you on this.

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