efie for 2003 4runner

by stan

I just installed an hho system on my 2003 4runner 4.7 l. engine. the instractions says that I do not need an EFIE, or anything else, and that I can reset the O2 sensor by following certain direction.

disconect battery, key on key off press brackes and etc.
is it really true that O2 sensor memory can be cleaned, or I just need to get EFIE and be done with it

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by: Response

No, it is not true, they are full of it.

You need to address your vehicle's computer on any
fuel injected vehicle.

Your choices are FS2 HHO Chip (recommended)No performance chips can also be used.
EFIE (Wide Band )
Universal MAP Sensor Enhancer
EFIE and Universal MAP Sensor Enhancer

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