placement of plates

by Earl W. Fisher
(Paragould Arkansas)

I have two types of generators ,one is built with 7 tubes each one being smaller than the next. I first put them all in one long tube. I got 1.75 liters of gas per min. I used about 1/8th teaspoon of lye, any more lye and the water got hot. The other one is used stainless discs, separated with an old inter tube disc between each. the container was a large stainless pot, it was the positive the disc were all negative charge. Each system I used a bubbler and a flash back arrestor. I only got about 3/4 liter a min from this.

my next attempt will be shorter tubes, each one in it's own chamber, the electrical charge kept separate from each electrolyzer, the idea is that keeping them separate from each other I will increase the amount of gas, I will use an old battery box, cutting the top off with band saw, the water level will be controlled by float valves (plastic) to keep the electrical charge separate, the parts will all be put in place inside, then the top will be replaced, using a hot glue made from the battery plastic, each chamber will then have a hose running separately to a collector, then the HHO bubbler, the snap back valve then the breather into the engine. I expect to get 1 1/2 liter from each chamber, a twelve volt battery would thus produce 9 liters. I built one like this before, but did not put a snap back valve on it and tested a torch with it, I thought that the large flow would not need that (very important part) the explosion brought all the neighbors from a 1/4 mile to my shop, I was standing there, luckily I had my back turned to the generator, I could see their lips moving but could not hear what they were saying, it took about two days for my hearing to come back to me fully. My question? Since I am using a carburetor engine do I need to fuss with any kind of electronic (PWC) or a ECU fooler unit.

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Well Earl, I am glad you are okay from your explosion. No, but you might need to adjust your timing.

Be Safe!

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