2001 F150 regular cab 4x4 sport 5.4L

by Daniel
(Midland Texas U.S)

What do kit i need for my truck is 5.4L v8 regular cab 4x4 and i travel i have a average 12 mpg and i want improve but i don't want loose power what kit i need to buy for have the most mpg and not loose power and how many miles i get with that kit you recommend tnks

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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

You will Gain Horsepower & Torque, not loose it.

Every vehicle will get different results,
even the same year, make, and model.
The reason is that there are many variables
involved e.g. state of the engine before installing,tire pressure, how you drive, where you drive, oil
changes etc.

Our average customer for passenger vehicles
are saving 25-35%. Some do even better.

The right kit for your truck is the D-7 Hydrogen Generator Kit

You don't state what year, make or model so I am not sure what type of enhancement is needed?.

Please feel free to contact us directly with that information.

Ph: 541-808-2503
Email: hho@hydrogen-generators-usa

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