HHO CUMMINS 5.9 2004

by Claude
(Montreal, QC, Canada)

Do you suggest a VOLO CHIP FS2 for the CUMMINS 5.9 ?

What do you mean by ''BEFORE THE TURBO '' ?
Can you give me an estimate (LPM)for the CUMMINS 5.9 High
Output 325 H.P. ?

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by: granmar

"Before the TURBO means installing the 90° barb and elbow that brings HHO gas to your air-intake system closer to the initial place of intake, but before it gets to the turbo unit! The turbo unit is many inches to a couple of feet or more further along the air intake system.

I would guess starting at 2LPM and slowly work up to 3LPM, but I doubt that you would require more than that. Try to use 98% or more pure crystals of either caustic soda (NaOH) or Potassium soda (KOH).

If your engine is a new one, it is possible that it might need a MAP/MAF enhancer. Check this web site for info.

Good Luck

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