HHO in 1997 Town and Country 3.8L

by Dennis
(SE Lower Michigan)

I Have a 1997 Town and Country with 3.8L motor, I was told it has a MAP sensor and (2) O2 sensors--> ( 1 before converter 1 after ) any ideas what would be best setup for this motor? I'm getting 2.2L per min at 12v/15amps from my cells combined.

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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

I would experiment first with the Volo HHO Chip.

We don't keep a data base on every vehicle. Nor do we hear back from everyone on their progress. With Hydrogen On Demand it's funny, what what works best on one like vehicle isn't always the best for the other like vehicle.

The HHO Chip is the easiest as far as installing. But some of the best MPG gains we have seen are with a MAP Sensor Enhancer and EFIE.

Good luck with your hydrogen generator project and thanks for sharing your question.

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