HHO with Turbo Diesel

by Amie de Witt
(South Africa)

How would HHO gas work with a turbo charged car. Would the HHO gas form water in the intercooler or how? Do you inject the HHO before the Turbo? cause after the turbo you have positive pressure?

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by: Granmar

With a turbo unit, MAKE SURE NO CONDENSATE ENTERS THE TURBO! With a properly installed system, whether gas or diesel, make sure that you have a flame arrester and/or bubbler. Also, I would place the bubbler LOWER than the air-intake system, so no liquid can run uphill, as turbos have quite an induction power (suction).

The position of the HHO inlet 90° barb should be BEFORE the turbo as this allows t turbo to much more effectively atomize the molecules and more evenly spread the gasses prior to injection.

Hope this helps.

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