Don't know if my truck has a computer, but it is fuel injected.

by Peter Nightingale
(Powers, OR 97466)

Is a 1982 Chevy with a 6.2 liter diesel V8 equipped with

a computer? If so, what do I do about it? Pete

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82 Chevy Diesel
by: BigScaryTrux

That truck has no EFI or MAP on it so enhancers would be unusable. Clearly Pete, you have the perfect vehicle for an HHO add on. It's the simplest of configurations and I look forward to hearing about how it works if you do it. I'm jealous. I wish I could find one of those trucks to convert. Matt (BST).

82 Chevy Diesel
by: BigScaryTrux

An 82 has no computers, and no electronic sensors that I recall. These trucks run on purely mechanical injection pumps and old school technology. If you have an A/T, then there's a throttle position switch on the inj. pump and the start system has an electronic glow plug controller but these shouldn't affect an HHO system. You should be good to go directly into the air filter housing, preferably before the air filter from what I'm reading here.

Response Fro,m

Hi Peter,

You don't say if you have installed a Hydrogen generator system on your vehicle yet or not.
You may not need anything on your 1982 Chevy. If you have HHO gas injection already and you are not seeing the MPG gains and you have an Oxygen Sensor or MAP/MAF Sensor you can use an EFIE or MAP Sensor Enhancer.

Hope This Helps!

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