by royjohncurtis@ yahoo.co.uk
(Kent U/K)

Sir I have a cell that has 110X110 millimetres inside the gasket,7 plates and is drawing about 5.5 amps max. I have been told this is all i can expect?? I do not know where this cell came from ,, but was told it was used on a land rover diesel. 2.4, the owner sold his car and he gave me the unit ,, to assist my fuel consumption,, I have a Mercedes 4 cyl, compressor 2.300 cc. the unit is running,, is putting the gas into the air box,, but will not get more than 5.5 amps?? your help would be welcome.

Thanks Roy Curtis
I am in england.


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Response From
by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Roy,

Not our HHO system but sounds like you need to put more catalyst in your solution. Preferably Potassium Hydroxide.

Also, if it did not come with a PWM I recommend getting one. HHO PWM

Thank you for sharing your HHO Gas question.

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