PWM, yay or nay?

I'm just about ready to install an HHO system on my vehicle. Do I or do I not need a PWM? What are the pros and cons? If so, what type would be best for my needs? I have a Chevy Malibu 2014 LTZ.

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The PWM is a very important part for any hydrogen generator sytem.

There is more than one benefit to your electrolyzer (or hydrogen generator) using a PWM for HHO. It doesn't matter how efficient your HHO generator is, they all warm up the longer they are run. If you were to run an engine for 8 hours straight, by the end of the eight hours, your generator will probably be as much as three times warmer than when you started.

Keeping your HHO system running cool is top priority. If you don't you will start to have an array problems.

The PWM will keep your current averaged out making your HHO system run cool and smooth.

Please read PWM HHO for more information.

Also this page on hydrogen generator kits.

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