waranty on parts

by Mike Whetstone
(Orlando Fl)

How long do the hydrogen kits last and can we get parts to replace worn ones.

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parts etc
by: granmar

YUP! Almost any reputable HHO manufacturer of repute warranties its parts. What might not be warrantied is the installation, if "John Doe-round-the-corner" installs it and makes one or more errors!

Correctly installed generators and their relative components have extensive life, but climatic conditions, along with road and environmental conditions also play a part!

If you ran a system in a Dune Buggy only in the Sahara Desert, you might find a shortened life-span!! (Just as the British Government did in the North African vehicles (tanks half-tracks, personnel carriers, jeeps, land Rovers, etc, etc) during the latter part of the Second World War!

"1943-1945 - Because of serious conventional fuel shortage at the end of WWII, the British army used Oxy-hydrogen gas generators in their tanks, boats and other vehicles to get better mileage and to prevent engine overheating for vehicles used in Africa. Right after the war the government ordered the removal and destruction of all generators… but several generators survived, by chance!"

Using correct electrolyte (distilled water with either KOH-Potassium Hydroxide or NaOH-Sodium Hydroxide [caustic soda]) you should have a clean system capable of giving years of service. Any failed parts COULD be replaced,if necessary. Proper care of the system, as with your engine, should provide benefits and savings for years to come. Some generators have a lifetime warranty - that's a long time!

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