gasoline vs HHO

by laura

A friend of mine is building a generator running solely on HHO. He is producting 60 lpm. He is asking if there is a ratio between how much is 1 gallon of gasoline equal to in liters of HHO (as a sole combustionable fuel)

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PURE HHO - no fossel fuel
by: granmar

A typical 6-cylinder engine (3-liter) will draw about 2500 litres (two thousand, five hundred) of 'air' PER MINUTE, through the engine, plus, of course, the fuel used.

According to what I have learned from Meyers info and the videos of Daniel Dingel in the Philippines, he runs his car on just electrolyzed water!

Check these equations?

There is not a special "ratio" - it depends on many factors!

Hope this helps a bit

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I would research Stan Meyers for your friends project.


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