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by Chris

How much Caustic Soda do I need to add per liter for HHO cell?

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How much NaOH?
by: granmar

How much Caustic Soda do I need to add per liter for HHO cell?

Many HHO generators provide differing results, but in my experience, one can count on 1 LPM (1 liter per minute) being produced with about between 10 and 15 amps in a Dry Cell (as against a wet cell - older technology).

By adding about 1 heaped teaspoon to 1 liter of DISTILLED WATER, at about 10 amps, you should expect production of about 1 LPM - which means .66 liters hydrogen and .33 liters oxygen. I.e. a 3-liter reservoir would need 2 liters distilled water and 2 heaped teaspoons of NaOH for about 1 LPM of HHO. To increase the LPM produced, VERY SLOWLY, INCREASE THE PRE-MIXED NaOH & distilled water DROP BY DROP to the reservoir over many minutes, once the engine is warm, to gauge what the correct output is, by using an ammeter to measure the DRAW in AMPS from the battery through the generator.

The amount of HHO required is relate в to the engine size. I use a rule-of-thumb of about 1 LPM to 1.5 LPM for a 2.0 liter engine. For a 4 liter engine… about 2.0-2.5LPM and for a 6 liter, about 2.5-3.0LPM.

But, it depends on the state of repair of your engine, how much it is 'coked up' (how much carbon build-up is there). It often takes about 6 months for a well used motor to be carbon-free using HHO to clear out the gun, etc. It is NOT an overnight process!

Depending on your engine and if you have lambdas, will determine whether or not you need an EFIE… or if diesel, then whether you need a MAP/MAF device.

Good luck!
by: Response From

Hi Chris,

Your not giving much information.
It depends on how efficient your hydrogen generator system is. Ours can run a lot of catalyst because they do not over-heat. Which also allows for our generators to withstand below freezing temperatures.

Are you making your own hho generator? If so start with a very small amount and monitor your amp draw.

Thank You

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