If you want less heat in generator

by ferank anderson
(tucson, az. 85711)

I live in Tucson AZ. so if I get bigger plates to draw less heat and amp draw??? ps also do any of the generators separate the hydrogen from the oxygen so you just add hydrogen???

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H, H & O!
by: granmar


I also recommend that you KEEP the 'O' as well as the 'HH.' Why? Because the HHO at the ration of exactly 66.66666 H and 33.33333 O is exactly what the Brown' Gas needs to give super combustibility. The cleaning actin of steam inside the engine provides the smoothness, and extra power, along with more torque and H2O out of the exhaust pipe.

You should keep in mind that 2v per plate will give you cool production as long as you keep your production at about 12-20 AMPS - more than that is pushing into steam.

Good luck!

by: Response From

No, your voltage back spikes will increase tremendously and cause havoc on any electrical system.

No the hydrogen generators do not separate hydrogen from oxygen.

Thank you for sharing your questions.

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