Help with ford F350 6.0 hho

by Steve Green

Please help lots of frustrating hours. I installed a 6lpm drycell on my 07 ford 350 diesel 6.0. I have injected right before the turbo after two tanks of gas had no mpg gain. I just tried and installed an intake elbow thats were most people inject the nitrous and methanol and still no change that ended up blowing the cap off my bubbler. Where can I inject the hho. Thanks in advance

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Sometimes less is Better
by: Anonymous

For a 6.0 Liter Diesel Engine you do not need more than 3Lpm hho Gas, to get good fuel savings.

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Hi Steve,

The placement of the HHO Gas inlet (90° barb fitting) should be BEFORE the turbo as this allows the turbo to much more effectively atomize the molecules and equally dispense the gasses prior to injection.

First, how are you addressing your vehicle's ECU? If your not, you should consider a FS2 HHO Chip.

How many amps are you running? Too much HHO gas is, well too much. There is "sweet spot" for every vehcile.

Thank You

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