Dodge 3.8L 2005

by Rob
(Munith, MI)

What is the optimal HHO production for enhancing a 2005 Dodge Caravan 3.8L engine? I realize I also need EFIEs for each O2 sensor. Just what can I expect to spend for these components. I am willing to put in all time necessary for assembly and installation.

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by: Anonymous

Many thanks for expertise and advice. I am still interested to see if anyone else has any comments and feedback from their experiences. If you have any pertinent info for my specific application, PLEASE re:: to this post!

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Hi Rob,

For your enhancement for your Dodge Caravan you can go with an EFIE and a MAP Sensor Enhancer, however if you get the S-7 Hydrogen Car Kit Bundle with the FS2 HHO Chip I think you will do well.

If you are mechanically inclined and willing to play with the EFIE until you find the right adjustment you may get more MPG with the EFIE.
Soryy there is no set answer.

Thank You

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