Diesel Generator

by Norman Chew
(China, Shanghai)

Can your HHO generator be used for a Diesel Generator, How much LPM of HHO would I need for 25 KW and 100KW generator? How do you install it? Is it possible to install on 2.5 KW. generator where there is no alternator? What is your model I require for all of them. Thanks

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com


Yes hydrogen generators are used for diesel generators. I can't tell you which kit you need by KW. We need to know the engine size in cc or liters. If you find that out, you can easily see which kit is right for which diesel generator.

It is easy to install, you will not need any enhancement and no you do not have to have an alternator for a diesel generator.

Hope This Helps.

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