Drain Tube

by val
(United Kingdom)

Hi guys, I have a 2 cell configuration in my pajero mk2, 2.8 tdi, and the drain tube is full-up in about 20 miles every time. I've extended the hose between bubbler and air intake, lowered bubbler and reduced amount of KOH. Still does it! Any possible reasons or suggestions plz!!!

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hho problem
by: Anonymous


Are you saying the gas tube transfering the HHO gas is filling with water? Do you see water collecting in the bottom of the air filter container?

I read somewhere that if the bubbler gets too hot, the water will turn into steam verse just vaporize. I would think checking the temperature with a IR gun ($40) would be a great start. Maybe see if you have a better location that offers a cooler spot then where its currently located and or lower your amp draw if you have a current controller. If you don't have a current controller then your in danger of thermal runaway and the temp will rise until the potential of explosion.

Hope these are good leads for you.

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