LPG and CNG converted cars

by Miguel J Chavez Azalia
(Lima, Peru, South America)

I have an important question fron Lima, Peru; you HHO generator is suitable to be used with a gasoline car that is running with a LPG conversion kit or CNG conversion kit?

Your answer is very important because I am planning to start an pilot testing operation, and looking for a future expansion and commercialization over here that we can discuss later, after our first trial, that could be and Honda Civic 1.6 Liters year 1992, best regards. Miguel J Chavez Azalia

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HHO gas mixes with all fuels, so yes you can use with CNG or LPG conversions.

For your Honda, you will want the Nebulyzer Kit this is the kit you want.

Look forward to doing business with you.


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