by Dave b
(Portland OR)

How often does the system need refilled?

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Your not giving us enough information to help guide you in making a decision on how much catalyst to use or how big or a reservoir tank.

However, never use baking soda for your hydrogen generator catalyst. There are a few reasons but the main one is that it will cause sludge in you hydrogen cell. Use Potassium Hydroxide Flake Form Food Grade 90% Purity.
You can purchase it here or form chemical or soap companies.
buy potassium hydroxide

by: Lou

Was wondering more about the water container size I should use? I'm more so looking to build my own generator, how much water and baking soda to use?

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For our semi truck drivers, they go through appox. 1 Gallon of distilled water for every 400 gallons of fuel.

For passenger vehicles you will be replenishing the reservoir tank about every 3rd time you fill up on fuel.

So, the answer in short - Not Much.

Thank You

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