Engine Temp Changes

by Fred Greenwald
(Queen Creek,AZ US)

Will the installation of a hydrogen generator and an HHO chip alter the engine operating temp. It appears you are leaning the mixture and that creates more engine coolant temp increases. I may be not thinking correctly, but I am sure a leaner burning engine runs hotter.

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by: Hydrogen-Generators-USA.com

Hi Fred,

Good question, we get asked this quite a bit.
Your engine is going to run about 10 degrees cooler with HHO gas. We are leaning the fuel but not the engine, we are using less fuel with the HHO gas.

It leans the fuel but still equals to the same parameters as before the HHO gas was injected. Because we are replacing some of the fuel with hydrogen.

Leaning The Fuel But Not The Engine! Hope this helps.

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