Ford F-150 Supercrew

by T.C. Clark
(Houston TX)

I have converted many cars to HHO, however, I just recently purchased a 2001 Ford F-150 Supercrew 4.6L and found it has no MAP sensor. I asked Just Answer which component should be wired to the enhancer and thy said the IAT. This has not worked. The MAF has 4 wires and appears to have 2 sensor wires. I have a duel EFIE I took off my 1992 Lexus SC400. I am at a loss. Should I wire up both sensors on the MAF and add the EFIE? My HHO output is great but I am seeing no increase in mileage. At 16mpg this cannot go on. HELP!

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by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hi T.C.,

The IAT Intake Air Temperature Sensor. I don't know where you purchased your EFIE, they should be able to help you more with their product. As far as "should I wire both?" You will have to experiment to see what does work. Every vehicle is different.

Honestly if you are unable to dial the EFIE and or MAF sensor enhancer in correctly, I would get a FS2 HHO Chip, programmed specifically for your vehicle. The are easy to install and can be reprogrammed for another vehicle for $25, if you change vehicles later.

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