My MAF plug only has 2 wires

by vince
(Hamilton, MI)

I have the MAF sensor enhancer ,however my unit( plug of maf sensor) only has 2 wires on it how do I hook up the enhancer to that.

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Hydrogen Water Cars
by: Anonymous

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Hello Vince
by: Hydrogen Water Cars

Hello Vince,

Our instructions you will receive with your MAP or MAF Sensor enhancer are well written and come with a colorful wiring diagram.
You will determine which of those two wires coming out your MAF sensor is the one to use by using a volt meter. You want to find the one that fluctuates the most at idle and higher RPM's. This is the wire that sends information to your vehicle's computer, talking in voltage.
Hope that helps, you can always call when trying to install for help, if needed.
Thank you for your interest in our products.

- Tracey

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